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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A 0.05pJ/p-mV 5th-derivative pulse generator for full-band IRUWB transceiver in 0.18m CMOSWang, X.; Fan, S.; Qin, B.; Lin, L.; Fang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Tang, H.; Liu, J.; Shi, Z.; Wang, A.; Yang, L.; Cheng, Y.
2009Alkali-heat treatment of a low modulus biomedical Ti-27Nb alloyZhou, Y.; Wang, Y. B.; Zhang, E. W.; Cheng, Y.; Xiong, X. L.; Zheng, Y. F.; Wei, S. C.
2013Biomass burning contribution to Beijing aerosolCheng, Y.; Engling, G.; He, K.B.; Duan, F.K.; Ma, Y.L.; Du, Z.Y.; Liu, J.M.; Zheng, M.; Weber, R. J.
2014Cell response of nanographene platelets to human osteoblast-like MG63 cellsZhang, X.; Li, M.; Wang, Y. B.; Cheng, Y.; Zheng, Y. F.; Xi, T. F.; Wei, S. C.
2005Characterization of differentially expressed genes in ovarian cancer by cDNA microarraysZhang, X.; Feng, J.; Cheng, Y.; Yao, Y.; Ye, X.; Fu, T.; Cheng, H.
2007Characterization of TiN, TiC and TiCN coatings on Ti-50.6 at.% Ni alloy deposited by PIII and deposition techniqueCheng, Y.; Zheng, Y. F.
2009Classical Aspects in Above-Threshold Ionization with a Midinfrared Strong Laser FieldQuan, W.; Lin, Z.; Wu, M.; Kang, H.; Liu, H.; Liu, X.; Chen, J.; Liu, J.; He, X. T.; Chen, S. G.; Xiong, H.; Guo, L.; Xu, H.; Fu, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Xu, Z. Z.
2011Comparative study on the corrosion behavior of Ti-Nb and TMA alloys for dental application in various artificial solutionsBai, Y. J.; Wang, Y. B.; Cheng, Y.; Deng, F.; Zheng, Y. F.; Wei, S. C.
2009Cooling effect in emissions of Rh-103m excited by bremsstrahlungCheng, Y.; Xia, B.; Chen, C. P.
2014Corrigendum to Tantalum coated NiTi alloy by PIIID for biomedical application [Surf. Coat. Technol., 228, (2013), S2-S6]Zhou, Y.; Li, M.; Cheng, Y.; Zheng, Y.F.; Xi, T.F.; Wei, S.C.
2011Corrosion fatigue behavior of two typical biomedical Mg alloys-AZ91D and WE43 in simulated body fluid (vol 6, pg 4605, 2010)Gu, X. N.; Zhou, W. R.; Zheng, Y. F.; Cheng, Y.; Wei, S. C.; Zhong, S. P.; Xi, T. F.; Chen, L. J.
2010Corrosion fatigue behaviors of two biomedical Mg alloys-AZ91D and WE43-In simulated body fluidGu, X. N.; Zhou, W. R.; Zheng, Y. F.; Cheng, Y.; Wei, S. C.; Zhong, S. P.; Xi, T. F.; Chen, L. J.
2009Corrosion performances of a Nickel-free Fe-based bulk metallic glass in simulated body fluidsWang, Y. B.; Li, H. F.; Cheng, Y.; Wei, S. C.; Zheng, Y. F.
2013Corrosion resistance and cytotoxicity of a MgF2 coating on biomedical Mg-1Ca alloy via vacuum evaporation deposition methodLi, N.; Li, Y. D.; Wang, Y. B.; Li, M.; Cheng, Y.; Wu, Y. H.; Zheng, Y. F.
2006Deposition of TiN coatings on shape memory NiTi alloy by plasma immersion ion implantation and depositionCheng, Y.; Zheng, Y. F.
2010Design optimization of adjustable triggering dual-polarity ESD protection structuresLiu, Jian; Lin, L.; Wang, X.; Shi, Z.; Fan, S.; Tang, H.; Wang, A.; Cheng, Y.; Zhao, B.
2010Dicarboxylic acids, ketocarboxylic acids, alpha-dicarbonyls, fatty acids, and benzoic acid in urban aerosols collected during the 2006 Campaign of Air Quality Research in Beijing (CAREBeijing-2006)Ho, K. F.; Lee, S. C.; Ho, Steven Sai Hang; Kawamura, Kimitaka; Tachibana, Eri; Cheng, Y.; Zhu, Tong
2013Effect of sterilization process on surface characteristics and biocompatibility of pure Mg and MgCa alloysLiu, X. L.; Zhou, W. R.; Wu, Y. H.; Cheng, Y.; Zheng, Y. F.
2013Electrochemistry properties of multilayer TiN/Ti coatings on NiTi alloy for cardiac occluder applicationShao, A. L.; Cheng, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Li, Ni.; Xi, T. F.; Zheng, Y. F.; Wei, S. C.; Zhang, D. Y.
2011Enhanced corrosion resistance and cellular behavior of ultrafine-grained biomedical NiTi alloy with a novel SrO-SiO2-TiO2 sol-gel coatingZheng, C. Y.; Nie, F. L.; Zheng, Y. F.; Cheng, Y.; Wei, S. C.; Ruan, Liqun; Valiev, R. Z.