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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A 0.05pJ/p-mV 5th-derivative pulse generator for full-band IRUWB transceiver in 0.18m CMOSWang, X.; Fan, S.; Qin, B.; Lin, L.; Fang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Tang, H.; Liu, J.; Shi, Z.; Wang, A.; Yang, L.; Cheng, Y.
2007Adsorption and porosity properties of carbon-covered alumina surfacesBlachnio, M.; Staszczuk, P.; Grodzicka, G.; Lin, L.; Zhu, Y. X.
2011Advance in vertical buffered electropolishing on niobium for particle acceleratorsWu, A.T.; Jin, S.; Lu, X.Y.; Rimmer, R.A.; Zhao, K.; Lin, L.; Mammosser, J.; Reece, C.E.
2010Comparison of different methods for detecting epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in peripheral blood as a predictor of response to gefitinibWu, J.; Bai, H.; Zhu, G.; Xu, J.; Jiang, W.; Lin, L.; Xue, C.; Zhang, L.
2010Design optimization of adjustable triggering dual-polarity ESD protection structuresLiu, Jian; Lin, L.; Wang, X.; Shi, Z.; Fan, S.; Tang, H.; Wang, A.; Cheng, Y.; Zhao, B.
2008Different dispersion behavior of glucose and sucrose on alumina and silica surfacesWang, Y.; Lin, L.; Zhu, B. S.; Zhu, Y. X.; Xie, Y. C.
2013Effect of cathode shape on vertical buffered electropolishing for niobium SRF cavitiesJin, S.; Wu, A. T.; Lu, X. Y.; Rimmer, R. A.; Lin, L.; Zhao, K.; Mammosser, J.; Gao, J.
2007Effects of junction temperature and its variations on the performance of GaN-based high power flip-chip LEDsLin, L.; Chen, Z. Z.; Pan, H. P.; Qi, S. L.; Liu, P.; Qin, Z. X.; Yu, T. J.; Zhang, B.; Tong, Y. Z.; Zhang, G. Y.
1999Femtosecond optically heterodyned optical Kerr effect studies of C60-metal filmsZou, Y.H.; Qian, W.; Lin, L.; Xia, Z.J.; Qian, S.X.; Ma, G.H.; Lin, Y.H.; Cai, R.F.; Chen, Y.; Huang, Zu-En
2000Femtosecond studies of coherent phonons in metallic nanoparticles embedded in dielectric filmsZou, Y.H.; Qian, W.; Lin, L.; Xia, Z.J.; Wong, G.K.L.
2012Field programmable SONOS ESD protection designLiu, J.; Shi, Z.T.; Wang, X.; Zhao, H.; Wang, L.; Zhang, C.; Dong, Z.; Lin, L.; Wang, A.; Cheng, Y.; Zhao, B.
2012HLA-DQ association and allele competition in Chinese narcolepsyHan, F.; Lin, L.; Li, J.; Dong, S. X.; An, P.; Zhao, L.; Liu, N. Y.; Li, Q. Y.; Yan, H.; Gao, Z. C.; Faraco, J.; Strohl, K. P.; Liu, X.; Miyadera, H.; Mignot, E.
2007Junction temperature and reliability of high-power flip-chip light emitting diodesChen, Z. Z.; Liu, P.; Qi, S. L.; Lin, L.; Pan, H. P.; Qin, Z. X.; Yu, T. J.; He, Z. K.; Zhang, G. Y.
2001Low-frequency AC susceptibility due to the interplay of loss mechanisms in HTSWang, W.; Qi, Z.; Wang, Y.; Li, C.; Chen, K.; Lu, G.; Yin, D.; Xiao, L.; Lin, L.; Song, N.
2010Manufacturing of the main accelerator with TESLA-like 9-cell SRF cavity at Peking UniversityHe, F.S.; Quan, S.W.; Lu, X.Y.; Zhu, F.; Xu, W.C.; Lin, L.; Jin, S.; Hao, J.K.; Zhang, B.C.; Liu, K.X.; Dai, J.; Li, Y.M.; Zhao, K.
2012Narcolepsy: a disorder of imbalance between sleep-and wakefulness-promoting substanceHan, F.; Dong, X. S.; Li, J.; Shang, Y.; An, P.; Liu, Y. N.; Yan, H.; Zhang, X. Z.; Lin, L.; Mignot, E.; Pollmaecher, T.; Huang, Z. L.; Urade, Y.; Strohl, K.
2010Non-virus-mediated transfer of siRNAs against Runx2 and Smad4 inhibit heterotopic ossification in ratsXue, T.; Mao, Z.; Lin, L.; Hou, Y.; Wei, X.; Fu, X.; Zhang, J.; Yu, C.
2001Nonlinear current-voltage characteristics of HTS conductor and its application to the operation of SFCLWang, Y.; Qi, Z.; Wang, W.; Li, C.; Yin, D.; Lin, L.; Xiao, L.; Song, N.
1999Observation of coherent phonons in silver nanoparticles embedded in BaO thin filmsZou, Y.H.; Qian, W.; Yan, H.; Wang, J.J.; Lin, L.; Wu, J.L.
2007Photocatalytic properties of phosphor-doped titania nanoparticlesLin, L.; Lin, W.; Xie, J. L.; Zhu, Y. X.; Zhao, B. Y.; Xie, Y. C.