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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017P ET/CT显像用于脊柱转移瘤Tomita评分李欣欣; 张志山; 张燕燕; 张卫方
2016P I3 Kp110α在乳腺癌组织中的表达及其临床意义熊焰; 司婧文; 李东; 王颖; 曲琳琳; 张虹; 张波; 李挺
2015P value estimation for a dead time distorted Poisson distribution measured using a nuclear radiation counting systemLee, Chih-Hao; Wang, Ceming
2011P 波极性数据所揭示的台湾地区三维应力结构的初步结果万永革; 吴逸民; 盛书中; 沈正康
2016P 物质在子宫内膜异位症所致慢性盆腔疼痛患者子宫骶韧带中的表达胡艳; 李环; 古漪玲; 魏蔚霞; 吴瑞芳
2003P(St-co-MAA)乳液体系对CaCO3结晶的调控陈亚坤; 赵莹; 王笃金; 徐怡庄; 沈强; 王家君; 郑爱国; 吴瑾光; 徐端夫
2016p,p &apos;-DDE Induces Gonadal Intersex in Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes) at Environmentally Relevant Concentrations: Comparison with o,p &apos;-DDTSun, Jianxian; Wang, Chen; Peng, Hui; Zheng, Guomao; Zhang, Shiyi; Hu, Jianying
2015P-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance of Charge-Density-Wave Transition in a Single Crystal of RuPFan Guo-Zhi; Chen Rong-Yan; Wang Nan-Lin; Luo Jian-Lin
2006p-adic modular symbols and Lambda-adic modular formsWang, FZ
2010p-Aminoacetophenonic Acids Produced by a Mangrove Endophyte Streptomyces sp (strain HK10552)Wang, Fangfang; Xu, Minjuan; Li, Qingshan; Sattler, Isable; Lin, Wenhan
2005p-aminoacetophenonic acids produced by a mangrove endophyte: Streptomyces griseus subsp.Guan, SH; Sattler, I; Lin, WH; Guo, DA; Grabley, S
2014A P-Based Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time WindowsNiu, Yunyun; He, Juanjuan; Wang, Zhongyu; Xiao, Jianhua
2011P-channel depletion mode metal oxide semiconductor transistor preparation includes injecting boron ion with determined dosage from area which is not covered by field oxidization layer above N-type substrate.MA W PAN G ZHANG L
2018p-Coumaric Acid Protects Human Lens Epithelial Cells against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis by MAPK Signaling.Peng, Jiao Zheng, Ting-Ting Liang, Yue Duan, Li-Fang Zhang, Yao-Dong Wang, Li-Jun He, Guang-Ming Xiao, Hai-Tao
2008P-cycle-based strategy for adaptive PWCE designZhang, Zhenrong; Li, Zhengbin; He, Yongqi; Xu, Anshi
2015P-frame-based multi-hypothesis motion compensation method, involves performing joint motion estimation on image block, and performing weighted averaging on first and second prediction blocks to obtain final prediction block of image block.WANG R CHEN L WANG Z MA S GAO W HUANG T WANG W DONG S
2006P-GaN/Au欧姆接触的研究成彩晶; 司俊杰; 鲁正雄; 赵鸿燕; 赵岚; 丁嘉欣; 孙维国; 陈志忠; 张国义