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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008X Chromosome Inactivation in Rett Syndrome and Its Correlations With MeCP2 Mutations and PhenotypeBao, Xinhua; Jiang, Shengling; Song, Fuying; Pan, Hong; Li, Meirong; Wu, Xi-Ru
2006X chromosome inactivation patterns in patients with Rett syndrome and their mothers and the parental origin of the priority inactive X chromosomeJiang Sheng-ling; Bao Xin-hua; Song Fu-ying; Pan Hong; Li Mei-rong; Wu Xi-ru
2010X line distribution determined from earthward and tailward convective bursty flows in the central plasma sheetZhang, L. Q.; Liu, Z. X.; Ma, Z. W.; Baumjohann, W.; Pu, Z. Y.; Dunlop, M. W.; Reme, H.; Wang, J. Y.
2007X(1576) and the final state interaction effectLiu, Xiang; Zhang, Bo; Shen, Lei-Lei; Zhu, Shi-Lin
2006X(1835): A possible baryonium?Zhu Shi-Lin; Gao Chong-Shou
2006X(1835): Natural candidate of eta(&apos;)&apos;s second radial excitationHuang, T; Zhu, SL
2013X(3872) and Its Production at Hadron Colliders孟策; 韩浩; 赵光达
2010X(3915) and X(4350) as New Members in the P-Wave Charmonium FamilyLiu, Xiang; Luo, Zhi-Gang; Sun, Zhi-Feng
2012X(5) critical-point symmetries in 138GdProcter, M.G.; Cullen, D.M.; Ruotsalainen, P.; Braunroth, T.; Dewald, A.; Fransen, C.; Grahn, T.; Greenlees, P.T.; Hackstein, M.; Hauschild, K.; Jakobsson, U.; Jones, P.M.; Julin, R.; Juutinen, S.; Ketelhut, S.; Lopez-Martens, A.; Leino, M.; Litzinger, J.; Mason, P.J.R.; Nieminen, P.; Peura, P.; Rahkila, P.; Reed, M.W.; Rice, S.; Rinta-Antilla, S.; Rother, W.; Sandzelius, M.; Sar??n, J.; Scholey, C.; Sorri, J.; Taylor, M.J.; Uusitalo, J.; Vitturi, A.; Fortunato, L.; Shi, Y.
2008“X+非洲峰会”:一个新的国际外交模式韦民; 王春燕
2006X-12季节调整与单位根检验王健; 杜勇宏; 王汝芳
2008An x-axis micromachined gyroscope with doubly decoupled oscillation modesLiu, X. S.; Yang, Z. C.; Chi, X. Z.; Cui, J.; Ding, H. T.; Guo, Z. Y.; Lv, B.; Yan, G. Z.
2008An x-axis micromachined gyroscope with doubly decoupled oscillation modesLiu, X.S.; Yang, Z.C.; Chi, X.Z.; Cui, J.; Ding, H.T.; Guo, Z.Y.; Lv, B.; Yan, G.Z.
2013X-linked markers in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene associated with oral cleftsPatel, Poorav J.; Beaty, Terri H.; Ruczinski, Ingo; Murray, Jeffrey C.; Marazita, Mary L.; Munger, Ronald G.; Hetmanski, Jacqueline B.; Wu, Tao; Murray, Tanda; Rose, Margaret; Redett, Richard J.; Jin, Sheng C.; Lie, Rolv T.; Wu-Chou, Yah-Huei; Wang, Hong; Ye, Xiaoqian; Yeow, Vincent; Chong, Samuel; Jee, Sun H.; Shi, Bing; Scott, Alan F.
1997X-ray absorption and resonance raman spectroscopy of human myeloperoxidase at neutral and acid pHYue, KT; Taylor, KL; Kinkade, JM; Sinclair, RB; Powers, LS
2010X-ray absorption spectroscopy of ultramarine pigments: A new analytical method for the polysulfide radical anion S(3)(-) chromophoreFleet, Michael E.; Liu, Xi
1996X-ray analysis of PLZT solid solution formed under hydrothermal conditionsCheng, HM; Jiao, J; Ma, JM; Zhao, ZG; Qi, LM