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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Fast Semantic Role Labeling for Chinese Based on Semantic ChunkingDing, Weiwei; Chang, Baobao
2022Focus on the Target's Vocabulary: Masked Label Smoothing for Machine TranslationChen, Liang; Xu, Runxin; Chang, Baobao
2022From Dense to Sparse: Contrastive Pruning for Better Pre-trained Language Model CompressionXu, Runxin; Luo, Fuli; Wang, Chengyu; Chang, Baobao; Huang, Jun; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2021Generating Math Word Problems from Equations with Topic Consistency Maintaining and Commonsense EnforcementCao, Tianyang; Zeng, Shuang; Zhao, Songge; Mansur, Mairgup; Chang, Baobao
2015Graph-Based Dependency Parsing with Recursive Neural NetworkHuang, Pingping; Chang, Baobao
2022Hierarchical Curriculum Learning for AMR ParsingWang, Peiyi; Chen, Liang; Liu, Tianyu; Dai, Damai; Cao, Yunbo; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2019Hierarchical Encoder with Auxiliary Supervision for Neural Table-to-Text Generation: Learning Better Representation for TablesLiu, Tianyu; Luo, Fuli; Xia, Qiaolin; Ma, Shuming; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2008Improving Chinese semantic role classification with hierarchical feature selection strategyDing, Weiwei; Chang, Baobao
2018Incorporating Glosses into Neural Word Sense DisambiguationLuo, Fuli; Liu, Tianyu; Xia, Qiaolin; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2021Inductively Representing Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entities by Optimal Estimation Under Translational AssumptionsDai, Damai; Zheng, Hua; Luo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2014A joint model for unsupervised Chinese word segmentationChen, Miaohong; Chang, Baobao; Pei, Wenzhe
2018Jointly Extracting Event Triggers and Arguments by Dependency-Bridge RNN and Tensor-Based Argument InteractionSha, Lei; Qian, Feng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2022Knowledge Neurons in Pretrained TransformersDai, Damai; Dong, Li; Hao, Yaru; Sui, Zhifang; Chang, Baobao; Wei, Furu
2019Learning to Control the Fine-grained Sentiment for Story Ending GenerationLuo, Fuli; Dai, Damai; Yang, Pengcheng; Liu, Tianyu; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang; Sun, Xu
2016Learning Word Sense Embeddings from Word Sense DefinitionsLi, Qi; Li, Tianshi; Chang, Baobao
2014Max-margin tensor neural network for Chinese word segmentationPei, Wenzhe; Ge, Tao; Chang, Baobao
2010A method of automatic translation of words of multiple affixes in scientific literatureWang, Lei; Chang, Baobao; Harkness, Janet
2022Mining Clues from Incomplete Utterance: A Query-enhanced Network for Incomplete Utterance RewritingSi, Shuzheng; Zeng, Shuang; Chang, Baobao
2015Multi-label text categorization with joint learning predictions-as-features methodLi, Li; Chang, Baobao; Zhao, Shi; Sha, Lei; Sun, Xu; Wang, Houfeng
2018A Multi-View Fusion Neural Network for Answer SelectionSha, Lei; Zhang, Xiaodong; Qian, Feng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang