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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Biodegradable chitin conduit tubulation combined with bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation for treatment of spinal cord injury by reducing glial scar and cavity formationXue, Feng; Wu, Er-jun; Zhang, Pei-xun; A, Li-ya; Kou, Yu-hui; Yin, Xiao-feng; Han, Na
2015Biological conduit small gap sleeve bridging method for peripheral nerve injury: regeneration law of nerve fibers in the conduitZhang, Pei-xun; A, Li-ya; Kou, Yu-hui; Yin, Xiao-feng; Xue, Feng; Han, Na; Wang, Tian-bing; Jiang, Bao-guo
Oct-2021Combining CUBIC Optical Clearing and Thy1-YFP-16 Mice to Observe Morphological Axon Changes During Wallerian DegenerationYuan, Yu-song; Yu, Fei; Niu, Su-ping; Lu, Hao; Kou, Yu-hui; Xu, Hai-lin
2015Comparison of commonly used retrograde tracers in rat spinal motor neuronsYu, You-lai; Li, Hai-yan; Zhang, Pei-xun; Yin, Xiao-feng; Han, Na; Kou, Yu-hui; Jiang, Bao-guo
2015Electrical stimulation does not enhance nerve regeneration if delayed after sciatic nerve injury: the role of fibrosisHan, Na; Xu, Chun-gui; Wang, Tian-bing; Kou, Yu-hui; Yin, Xiao-feng; Zhang, Pei-xun; Xue, Feng
2015Local administration of icariin contributes to peripheral nerve regeneration and functional recoveryChen, Bo; Niu, Su-ping; Wang, Zhi-yong; Wang, Zhen-wei; Deng, Jiu-xu; Zhang, Pei-xun; Yin, Xiao-feng; Han, Na; Kou, Yu-hui; Jiang, Bao-guo
2015Neural regeneration after peripheral nerve injury repair is a system remodelling process of interaction between nerves and terminal effectorZhang, Pei-xun; Yin, Xiao-feng; Kou, Yu-hui; Xue, Feng; Han, Na; Jiang, Bao-guo
2017Short-term observations of the regenerative potential of injured proximal sensory nerves crossed with distal motor nervesZhang, Xiu-xiu; Kou, Yu-hui; Yin, Xiao-feng; Jiang, Bao-guo; Zhang, Pei-xun
2015Sleeve bridging of the rhesus monkey ulnar nerve with muscular branches of the pronator teres: multiple amplification of axonal regenerationKou, Yu-hui; Zhang, Pei-xun; Wang, Yan-hua; Chen, Bo; Han, Na; Xue, Feng; Zhang, Hong-bo; Yin, Xiao-feng; Jiang, Bao-guo
Jul-2022Vertebroplasty with high-viscosity cement versus conventional kyphoplasty for osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures: a meta-analysisKou, Yu-hui; Zhang, Dian-ying; Zhang, Jin-dong; Han, Na; Yang, Ming