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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Image Tag Completion and Refinement by Subspace Clustering and Matrix CompletionHou, Yuqing; Lin, Zhouchen
2015Image tag completion and refinement by subspace clustering and matrix completionHou, Yuqing; Lin, Zhouchen
2020Implicit Euler Skip Connections: Enhancing Adversarial Robustness via Numerical StabilityLi, Mingjie; He, Lingshen; Lin, Zhouchen
2016Integrated Low-Rank-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for RecognitionZhou, Pan; Lin, Zhouchen; Zhang, Chao
Oct-2022Invertible Rescaling Network and Its ExtensionsXiao, Mingqing; Zheng, Shuxin; Liu, Chang; Lin, Zhouchen; Liu, Tie-Yan
1-Dec-2022Investigating Bi-Level Optimization for Learning and Vision From a Unified Perspective: A Survey and BeyondLiu, Risheng; Gao, Jiaxin; Zhang, Jin; Meng, Deyu; Lin, Zhouchen
2018Joint Dictionary Learning and Semantic Constrained Latent Subspace Projection for Cross-Modal RetrievalWu, Jianlong; Lin, Zhouchen; Zha, Hongbin
2018Joint Sub-bands Learning with Clique Structures for Wavelet Domain Super-ResolutionZhong, Zhisheng; Shen, Tiancheng; Yang, Yibo; Zhang, Chao; Lin, Zhouchen
2022Kill a Bird with Two Stones: Closing the Convergence Gaps in Non-Strongly Convex Optimization by Directly Accelerated SVRG with Double Compensation and SnapshotsLiu, Yuanyuan; Shang, Fanhua; An, Weixin; Liu, Hongying; Lin, Zhouchen
2019l(1)-Norm Heteroscedastic Discriminant Analysis Under Mixture of Gaussian DistributionsZheng, Wenming; Lu, Cheng; Lin, Zhouchen; Zhang, Tong; Cui, Zhen; Yang, Wankou
2014L1-norm global geometric consistency for partial-duplicate image retrievalLin, Yang; Xu, Chen; Yang, Li; Lin, Zhouchen; Zha, Hongbin
2014L1-Norm Kernel Discriminant Analysis via Bayes Error Bound Optimization for Robust Feature ExtractionZheng, Wenming; Lin, Zhouchen; Wang, Haixian
2017Label Information Guided Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised LearningZhuang, Liansheng; Zhou, Zihan; Gao, Shenghua; Yin, Jingwen; Lin, Zhouchen; Ma, Yi
2016Laplacian Regularized Low-Rank Representation and Its ApplicationsYin, Ming; Gao, Junbin; Lin, Zhouchen
2021Learned Extragradient ISTA with Interpretable Residual Structures for Sparse CodingLi, Yangyang; Kong, Lin; Shang, Fanhua; Liu, Yuanyuan; Liu, Hongying; Lin, Zhouchen
Nov-2021Learning Deep Sparse Regularizers With Applications to Multi-View Clustering and Semi-Supervised ClassificationWang, Shiping; Chen, Zhaoliang; Du, Shide; Lin, Zhouchen
2014Learning Markov random walks for robust subspace clustering and estimationLiu, Risheng; Lin, Zhouchen; Su, Zhixun
2015Learning Semi-Supervised Representation Towards a Unified Optimization Framework for Semi-Supervised LearningLi, Chun-Guang; Lin, Zhouchen; Zhang, Honggang; Guo, Jun
2016Learning to Diffuse: A New Perspective to Design PDEs for Visual AnalysisLiu, Risheng; Zhong, Guangyu; Cao, Junjie; Lin, Zhouchen; Shan, Shiguang; Luo, Zhongxuan
2021Leveraged Weighted Loss for Partial Label LearningWen, Hongwei; Cui, Jingyi; Hang, Hanyuan; Liu, Jiabin; Wang, Yisen; Lin, Zhouchen