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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022An Enhanced Span-based Decomposition Method for Few-Shot Sequence LabelingWang, Peiyi; Xu, Runxin; Liu, Tianyu; Zhou, Qingyu; Cao, Yunbo; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2007Ensemble of RFR_SUM unigram and bigram for Chinese WSDQu, Weiguang; Yu, Jingsong; Zhou, Junsheng; Shao, Yanqiu; Li, Sujian; Sui, Zhifang
2015ERSOM: A structural ontology matching approach using automatically learned entity representationXiang, Chuncheng; Jiang, Tingsong; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2014Event schema induction based on relational co-occurrence over multiple documentsJiang, Tingsong; Sha, Lei; Sui, Zhifang
2013Event-based time label propagation for automatic dating of news articlesGe, Tao; Chang, Baobao; Li, Sujian; Sui, Zhifang
2012Experiment research on automated essay scoring for nonnative Chinese speakersHan, Jie; Li, Sujian; Sui, Zhifang
2013Exploiting collaborative filtering techniques for automatic assessment of student free-text responsesGe, Tao; Sui, Zhifang; Chang, Baobao
2008Extracting hyponymy relation between Chinese termsHu, Yongwei; Sui, Zhifang
2009Extracting hyponymy relation between Chinese terms based on term types&apos;commonality and sequential patternsSui, Zhifang; Liu, Yao; Hu, Yongwei
2015Formal Schema of Diagrammatic Chinese Syntactic AnalysisPeng, Weiming; Song, Jihua; Sui, Zhifang; Guo, Dongdong
2022Formalized Chinese Sentence Pattern Structure and Its Hierarchical AnalysisPeng, Weiming; Wei, Zuntian; Song, Jihua; Yu, Shiwen; Sui, Zhifang
2022Hierarchical Curriculum Learning for AMR ParsingWang, Peiyi; Chen, Liang; Liu, Tianyu; Dai, Damai; Cao, Yunbo; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2019Hierarchical Encoder with Auxiliary Supervision for Neural Table-to-Text Generation: Learning Better Representation for TablesLiu, Tianyu; Luo, Fuli; Xia, Qiaolin; Ma, Shuming; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2012A hybrid pattern-based method of extracting concept instances and concept attributesLi, Wenjie; Sui, Zhifang
2018Incorporating Glosses into Neural Word Sense DisambiguationLuo, Fuli; Liu, Tianyu; Xia, Qiaolin; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2009Inducting concept hierarchies from text based on FCASui, Zhifang; Zhao, Qingliang; Liu, Yao
2021Inductively Representing Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entities by Optimal Estimation Under Translational AssumptionsDai, Damai; Zheng, Hua; Luo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2009An integrated approach for concept learning and relation extractionZhao, Qingliang; Sui, Zhifang
2009An Integrated Approach for Concept Learning and Relation ExtractionZhao, Qingliang; Sui, Zhifang
2011An integrated strategy for Chinese semantic role labelingZheng, Peixiang; Zhao, Jun; Sui, Zhifang; Zhao, Ruilian