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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Enhancing Topic-to-Essay Generation with External Commonsense KnowledgeYang, Pengcheng; Li, Lei; Luo, Fuli; Liu, Tianyu; Sun, Xu
2021EQG-RACE: Examination-Type Question GenerationJia, Xin; Zhou, Wenjie; Sun, Xu; Wu, Yunfang
2013Exploring representations from unlabeled data with co-training for Chinese word segmentationZhang, Longkai; Wang, Houfeng; Sun, Xu; Mansur, Mairgup
2021Exploring the Vulnerability of Deep Neural Networks: A Study of Parameter CorruptionSun, Xu; Zhang, Zhiyuan; Ren, Xuancheng; Luo, Ruixuan; Li, Liangyou
2017Exposure and health impact evaluation based on simultaneous measurement of indoor and ambient PM2.5 in Haidian, BeijingQi, Meng; Zhu, Xi; Du, Wei; Chen, Yilin; Chen, Yuanchen; Huang, Tianbo; Pan, Xuelian; Zhong, Qirui; Sun, Xu; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
2012Fast online training with frequency-adaptive learning rates for chinese word segmentation and new word detectionSun, Xu; Wang, Houfeng; Li, Wenjie
2014Feature-Frequency-Adaptive On-line Training for Fast and Accurate Natural Language ProcessingSun, Xu; Li, Wenjie; Wang, Houfeng; Lu, Qin
2018Global Encoding for Abstractive SummarizationLin, Junyang; Sun, Xu; Ma, Shuming; Su, Qi
2019Guidance for the Treatment of Femoral Neck Fracture with Precise Minimally Invasive Internal Fixation Based on the Orthopaedic Surgery Robot Positioning SystemWu, Xin-bao; Wang, Jun-qiang; Sun, Xu; Han, Wei
2019Guidance for Treatment of Pelvic Acetabular Injuries with Precise Minimally Invasive Internal Fixation Based on the Orthopaedic Surgery Robot Positioning SystemWu, Xin-bao; Wang, Jun-qiang; Sun, Xu; Zhao, Chun-peng
2018A hierarchical end-to-end model for jointly improving text summarization and sentiment classificationMa, Shuming; Sun, Xu; Lin, Junyang; Ren, Xuancheng
2022Hierarchical Inductive Transfer for Continual Dialogue LearningFeng, Shaoxiong; Ren, Xuancheng; Li, Kan; Sun, Xu
2019A Hierarchical Reinforced Sequence Operation Method for Unsupervised Text Style TransferWu, Chen; Ren, Xuancheng; Luo, Fuli; Sun, Xu
2016High carrier concentration ZnO nanowire arrays for binder-free conductive support of supercapacitors electrodes by Al dopingZheng, Xin; Sun, Yihui; Yan, Xiaoqin; Sun, Xu; Zhang, Guangjie; Zhang, Qian; Jiang, Yaru; Gao, Wenchao; Zhang, Yue
2019Imitation Learning for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine TranslationWei, Bingzhen; Wang, Mingxuan; Zhou, Hao; Lin, Junyang; Sun, Xu
2019Key Fact as Pivot: A Two-Stage Model for Low Resource Table-to-Text GenerationMa, Shuming; Yang, Pengcheng; Liu, Tianyu; Li, Peng; Zhou, Jie; Sun, Xu
2021KNAS: Green Neural Architecture SearchXu, Jingjing; Zhao, Liang; Lin, Junyang; Gao, Rundong; Sun, Xu; Yang, Hongxia
2013Large-Scale Personalized Human Activity Recognition Using Online Multitask LearningSun, Xu; Kashima, Hisashi; Ueda, Naonori
2013Latent Structured Perceptrons for Large-Scale Learning with Hidden InformationSun, Xu; Matsuzaki, Takuya; Li, Wenjie
2013Learning abbreviations from Chinese and English terms by modeling non-local informationSun, Xu; Okazaki, Naoaki; Tsujii, Jun&apos;ichi; Wang, Houfeng