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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2022Inquisitive logic as an epistemic logic of knowing howWang, Haoyu; Wang, Yanjing; Wang, Yunsong
2013Knowing that, knowing what, and public communication: Public announcement logic with Kv operatorsWang, Yanjing; Fan, Jie
2017Knowing Values and Public Inspectionvan Eijck, Jan; Gattinger, Malvin; Wang, Yanjing
2016KNOWING YOUR ABILITYLau, Tszyuen; Wang, Yanjing
2011Logic of Information Flow on Communication ChannelsWang, Yanjing; Sietsma, Floor; van Eijck, Jan
2015A Logic of Knowing HowWang, Yanjing
2014Logical Dynamics of Information and InteractionWang, Yanjing
May-2022Model Theoretical Aspects of Weakly Aggregative Modal LogicLiu, Jixin; Ding, Yifeng; Wang, Yanjing
2017More for free: a dynamic epistemic framework for conformant planning over transition systemsLi, Yanjun; Yu, Quan; Wang, Yanjing
May-2021Neighborhood semantics for logic of knowing howLi, Yanjun; Wang, Yanjing
2017A new modal framework for epistemic logicWang, Yanjing
2014Not all those who wander are lost: Dynamic epistemic reasoning in navigationWang, Yanjing; Li, Yanjun
2011On Axiomatizations of PALWang, Yanjing
2013On axiomatizations of public announcement logicWang, Yanjing; Cao, Qinxiang
Mar-2022<p>Quantifier-free epistemic term-modal logic with assignment operator</p>Wang, Yanjing; Wei, Yu; Seligman, Jeremy
Jul-2021Planning-based knowing how: A unified approachLi, Yanjun; Wang, Yanjing
2013Reasoning About Agent Types and the Hardest Logic Puzzle EverLiu, Fenrong; Wang, Yanjing
2011Reasoning about protocol change and knowledgeWang, Yanjing
2015Representing imperfect information of procedures with hyper modelsWang, Yanjing