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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Deep Reinforced Sequence-to-Set Model for Multi-Label ClassificationYang, Pengcheng; Luo, Fuli; Ma, Shuming; Lin, Junyang; Sun, Xu
May-2022The Effects of Attention on the Syllable-Induced Prepulse Inhibition of the Startle Reflex and Cortical EEG Responses against Energetic or Informational Masking in HumansYang, Xiaoqin; Liu, Lei; Yang, Pengcheng; Ding, Yu; Wang, Changming; Li, Liang
2019Enhancing Topic-to-Essay Generation with External Commonsense KnowledgeYang, Pengcheng; Li, Lei; Luo, Fuli; Liu, Tianyu; Sun, Xu
Mar-2023High Visual Perceptual Load Reduces Prepulse Inhibition Induced by Task-Unrelated and Task-Related SoundChen, Liangjie; Yang, Xiaoqin; Ge, Zhongshu; Liu, Lei; Yang, Xiaodong; Yang, Pengcheng; Li, Liang
2021Inductively Representing Out-of-Knowledge-Graph Entities by Optimal Estimation Under Translational AssumptionsDai, Damai; Zheng, Hua; Luo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2019Key Fact as Pivot: A Two-Stage Model for Low Resource Table-to-Text GenerationMa, Shuming; Yang, Pengcheng; Liu, Tianyu; Li, Peng; Zhou, Jie; Sun, Xu
2019Learning to Control the Fine-grained Sentiment for Story Ending GenerationLuo, Fuli; Dai, Damai; Yang, Pengcheng; Liu, Tianyu; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang; Sun, Xu
2019MAAM: A Morphology-Aware Alignment Model for Unsupervised Bilingual Lexicon InductionYang, Pengcheng; Luo, Fuli; Chen, Peng; Liu, Tianyu; Sun, Xu
20-Nov-2020Memorized sparse backpropagationZhang, Zhiyuan; Yang, Pengcheng; Ren, Xuancheng; Su, Qi; Sun, Xu
13-Feb-2023Negative emotion-conditioned prepulse induces the attentional enhancement of prepulse inhibition in humansYang, Xiaoqin; Chen, Liangjie; Yang, Pengcheng; Yang, Xiaodong; Liu, Lei; Li, Liang
Jul-2022Perceptual spatial position induces the attentional enhancement of prepulse inhibition and its neural mechanismChen, Langjie; Liu, Lei; Ge, Zhongshu; Yang, Xiaodong; Yang, Pengcheng; Li, Liang
2021Rethinking Denoised Auto-Encoding in Language Pre-TrainingLuo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Li, Shicheng; Ren, Xuancheng; Sun, Xu; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2016The role of the temporal pole in modulating primitive auditory memoryLiu, Zhiliang; Wang, Qian; You, Yu; Yin, Peng; Ding, Hu; Bao, Xiaohan; Yang, Pengcheng; Lu, Hao; Gao, Yayue; Li, Liang
2019Towards Comprehensive Description Generation from Factual Attribute-value TablesLiu, Tianyu; Luo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Wu, Wei; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2019Towards Fine-grained Text Sentiment TransferLuo, Fuli; Li, Peng; Yang, Pengcheng; Zhou, Jie; Tan, Yutong; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang; Sun, Xu