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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Adrenomedullin 2 Enhances Beiging in White Adipose Tissue Directly in an Adipocyte-autonomous Manner and Indirectly through Activation of M2 MacrophagesLv, Ying; Zhang, Song-Yang; Liang, Xianyi; Zhang, Heng; Xu, Zhi; Liu, Bo; Xu, Ming-Jiang; Jiang, Changtao; Shang, Jin; Wang, Xian
2016Adrenomedullin 2 Improves Early Obesity-Induced Adipose Insulin Resistance by Inhibiting the Class II MHC in AdipocytesZhang, Song-Yang; Lv, Ying; Zhang, Heng; Gao, Song; Wang, Ting; Feng, Juan; Wang, Yuhui; Liu, George; Xu, Ming-Jiang; Wang, Xian; Jiang, Changtao
Sep-2021FXR in the dorsal vagal complex is sufficient and necessary for upper small intestinal microbiome-mediated changes of TCDCA to alter insulin action inZhang, Song-Yang; Li, Rosa J. W.; Lim, Yu-Mi; Batchuluun, Battsetseg; Liu, Huiying; Waise, T. M. Zaved; Lam, Tony K. T.
2017HIF1 alpha-Induced Glycolysis Metabolism Is Essential to the Activation of Inflammatory MacrophagesWang, Ting; Liu, Huiying; Lian, Guan; Zhang, Song-Yang; Wang, Xian; Jiang, Changtao
2015Mammalian target of rapamycin signaling inhibition ameliorates vascular calcification via Klotho upregulationZhao, Yang; Zhao, Ming-Ming; Cai, Yan; Zheng, Ming-Fei; Sun, Wei-Liang; Zhang, Song-Yang; Kong, Wei; Gu, Jun; Wang, Xian; Xu, Ming-Jiang
2017Metabolomics analysis reveals that benzo[a]pyrene, a component of PM2.5, promotes pulmonary injury by modifying lipid metabolism in a phospholipase A2-dependent manner in vivo and in vitroZhang, Song-Yang; Shao, Danqing; Liu, Huiying; Feng, Juan; Feng, Baihuan; Song, Xiaoming; Zhao, Qian; Chu, Ming; Jiang, Changtao; Huang, Wei; Wang, Xian