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20175-Hydroxytryptamine inhibits neuronal high-voltage-activated calcium currents in the preoptic anterior hypothalamus via 5-hydroxytryptamine 1A and 7 receptorsChen, Xing; Sun, Yu; Mao, Lele; Li, Lin; Cui, Guangxia; Bai, Wenpei; Qin, Lihua
29-Jun-2022Analysis of Fertility Preservation by Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation in Pediatric Children in ChinaRuan, Xiangyan; Cheng, Jiaojiao; Du, Juan; Jin, Fengyu; Gu, Muqing; Li, Yanglu; Ju, Rui; Wu, Yurui; Wang, Huanmin; Yang, Wei; Cheng, Haiyan; Li, Long; Bai, Wenpei; Kong, Weimin; Yang, Xin; Lv, Shulan; Wang, Yuejiao; Yang, Yu; Xu, Xin; Jiang, Lingling; Li, Yanqiu; Mueck, Alfred O.
2019Antifibrotic Effects of Decellularized and Lyophilized Human Amniotic Membrane Transplant on the Formation of Intrauterine AdhesionChen, Xing; Sun, Jingtao; Li, Xiaoyu; Mao, Lele; Zhou, Yingfang; Cui, Lei; Bai, Wenpei
2015Association between Menopausal Symptoms and Overactive Bladder: A Cross-Sectional Questionnaire Survey in ChinaZhu, Lingping; Cheng, Xiaoxia; Sun, Jiaxin; Lv, Shiyi; Mei, Suzhen; Chen, Xing; Xi, Sisi; Zhang, Jin; Yang, Mukun; Bai, Wenpei; Yan, Xiaoyan
2016Black Cohosh Ameliorates Metabolic Disorders in Female Ovariectomized RatsSun, Yu; Yu, Qiuxiao; Shen, Qiyang; Bai, Wenpei; Kang, Jihong
2017Changes in cardiovascular function based on adrenalin and norepinephrine metabolism in ovariectomized ratsJiang, Hai; Bai, Wenpei; Wang, Wenjuan; Zhang, Jing; Wang, Ke; Liu, Yao; Liu, Shuya; Jia, Jing; Qin, Lihua
Apr-2020Changes in skin temperature of ovariectomized rats under different incubation temperaturesSun, Yanrong; Yang, Qiyue; Bai, Wenpei; Wang, Wenjuan; Li, Yao; Luo, Xiaofeng; Wang, Sinan; Jia, Jing; Wang, Ke; Qin, Lihua
Nov-2020Changes in TRPV1 expression in the POA of ovariectomized rats regulated by NE-dependent alpha 2-ADR may be involved in hot flashesSun, Yanrong; Wang, Wenjuan; Zhou, Changman; Ma, Xiaoyan; Bai, Wenpei; Zhang, Jing; Yang, Qiyue; Wang, Ke; Jia, Jing; Liu, Gaiwen; Qin, Lihua
2014Effect of Isopropanolic Cimicifuga racemosa Extract on Uterine Fibroids in Comparison with Tibolone among Patients of a Recent Randomized, Double Blind, Parallel-Controlled Study in Chinese Women with Menopausal SymptomsXi, Sisi; Liske, Eckehard; Wang, Shuyu; Liu, Jianli; Zhang, Zhonglan; Geng, Li; Hu, Lina; Jiao, Chunfeng; Zheng, Shurong; Zepelin, Hans-Heinrich Henneicke-von; Bai, Wenpei
2014Effect of low estrogen on neurons in the preoptic area of hypothalamus of ovariectomized ratsWang, Wenjuan; Wang, Zhiyuan; Bai, Wenpei; Zhang, Hui; Ma, Xiaoyan; Yang, Mukun; Wang, Ke; Zhu, Sainan; Jia, Jing; Qin, Lihua
Jan-2023Effects of a ketogenic diet on reproductive and metabolic phenotypes in mice with polycystic ovary syndrome(dagger)Liu, Shihe; Yao, Qiyang; Li, Xiaolian; Wu, Haowen; Sun, Changwei; Bai, Wenpei; Kang, Jihong
2011Effects of an isopropanolic-aqueous black cohosh extract on central body temperature of ovariectomized ratsMa, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Hui; Wang, Ke; Yang, Liyuan; Qin, Lihua; Bai, Wenpei; Guan, Youfei; Jia, Jing; Kang, Jihong; Zhou, Changman
2017The effects of estradiol valerate and remifemin on liver lipid metabolismJin, Biao; Wang, Wenjuan; Bai, Wenpei; Zhang, Jing; Wang, Ke; Qin, Lihua
2017Effects of oestrogen and Cimicifuga racemosa on the cardiac noradrenaline pathway of ovariectomized ratsLiu, Yao; Zhang, Jing; Liu, Shuya; Wang, Wenjuan; Chen, Xing; Jiang, Hai; Li, Junlei; Wang, Ke; Bai, Wenpei; Zhang, Haicheng; Qin, Lihua
2014Effects of physical exercise on health-related quality of life and blood lipids in perimenopausal women: a randomized placebo-controlled trialZhang, Jing; Chen, Guiping; Lu, Weiwei; Yan, Xiaoyan; Zhu, Sainan; Dai, Yue; Xi, Sisi; Yao, Chen; Bai, Wenpei
2013Effects of Remifemin Treatment on Bone Integrity and Remodeling in Rats with Ovariectomy-Induced OsteoporosisCui, Guangxia; Leng, Huijie; Wang, Ke; Wang, Jianwei; Zhu, Sainan; Jia, Jing; Chen, Xing; Zhang, Weiguang; Qin, Lihua; Bai, Wenpei
2018Effects of standardized isopropanolic black cohosh and estrogen on salivary function in ovariectomized ratsLiu, Shuya; Niu, Kaiyu; Da, Yunmeng; Liu, Yao; Zhang, Jing; Wang, Wenjuan; Zhang, Yi; Jiang, Hai; Wang, Ke; Bai, Wenpei; Qin, Lihua; Jia, Jing
2007Efficacy and tolerability of a medicinal product containing an isopropanolic black cohosh extract in Chinese women with menopausal symptoms: A randomized, double blind, parallel-controlled study versus tiboloneBai, Wenpei; Zepelin, Hans-Heinrich Henneicke-Von; Wang, Shuyu; Zheng, Shurong; Liu, Jianli; Zhang, Zhonglan; Geng, Li; Hu, Lina; Jiao, Chunfeng; Liske, Eckehard
2013Efficacy of black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) medicines for treatment of menopausal symptoms - comments on major statements of the Cochrane Collaboration report 2012 "black cohosh (Cimicifuga spp.) for menopausal symptoms (review)"Beer, Andre-M.; Osmers, Ruediger; Schnitker, Joerg; Bai, Wenpei; Mueck, Alfred O.; Meden, Harald
2016Estradiol Valerate and Remifemin ameliorate ovariectomy-induced decrease in a serotonin dorsal raphe-preoptic hypothalamus pathway in ratsWang, Wenjuan; Cui, Guangxia; Jin, Biao; Wang, Ke; Chen, Xing; Sun, Yu; Qin, Lihua; Bai, Wenpei