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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2022Aboveground biomass and its biotic and abiotic modulators of a main food bamboo of the giant panda in a subalpine spruce-fir forest in southwestern ChinaXiong, Xinyu; Zhu, Jiangling; Li, Sheng; Fan, Fan; Cai, Qiong; Ma, Suhui; Su, Haojie; Ji, Chengjun; Tang, Zhiyao; Fang, Jingyun
2017Anatomical responses of leaf and stem of Arabidopsis thaliana to nitrogen and phosphorus additionCai, Qiong; Ji, Chengjun; Yan, Zhengbing; Jiang, Xingxing; Fang, Jingyun
Apr-2020Changes in carbon storages of Fagus forest ecosystems along an elevational gradient on Mt. Fanjingshan in Southwest ChinaCai, Qiong; Ji, Chengjun; Zhou, Xuli; Bruelheide, Helge; Fang, Wenjing; Zheng, Tianli; Zhu, Jiangling; Shi, Lei; Li, Haibo; Zhu, Jianxiao; Fang, Jingyun
May-2020Changes in China's water resources in the early 21st centuryTao, Shengli; Zhang, Heng; Feng, Yuhao; Zhu, Jiangling; Cai, Qiong; Xiong, Xinyu; Ma, Suhui; Fang, Leqi; Fang, Wenjing; Tian, Di; Zhao, Xia; Fang, Jingyun
2011Design and implementation of the simulation system for underwater bionic robotsLi, You-Bing; Cai, Qiong; Chen, Peng-Hui; Zhu, Yun-Hang; Xie, Guang-Ming
Aug-2023The Effects of Thinning on Tree Growth and Stand Biomass in a Chronosequence of Pinus tabulaeformis Plantations in the Loess Plateau of ChinaLi, Yuanchun; Li, Huipeng; Zhang, Wei; Chen, Baolin; Yang, Lei; Li, Mengfan; Zhu, Jianxiao; Cai, Qiong
Jul-2023Elevational Patterns of Tree Species Richness and Forest Biomass on Two Subtropical Mountains in ChinaCai, Qiong; Ma, Suhui; Sun, Lijuan; Chen, Guoping; Xiao, Jian; Fang, Wenjing; Ji, Chengjun; Tang, Zhiyao; Fang, Jingyun
Jul-2022High-Performance Rechargeable Aluminum-Ion Batteries Enabled by Composite FeF3 @ Expanded Graphite Cathode and Carbon Nanotube-Modified SeparatorZhang, Juyan; Zhang, Lan; Zhao, Yunlong; Meng, Jiashen; Wen, Bohua; Muttaqi, Kashem M.; Islam, Md. Rabiul; Cai, Qiong; Zhang, Suojiang
Jan-2024Large and thin leaves are compromised more by chewersZhu, Jiangling; Sun, Lijuan; He, Chenqi; Cai, Qiong; Zhu, Jianxiao; Ji, Chengjun
20-Apr-2022Loss of soil microbial residue carbon by converting a tropical forest to tea plantationMa, Suhui; Zhu, Biao; Chen, Guoping; Ni, Xiaofeng; Zhou, Luhong; Su, Haojie; Cai, Qiong; Chen, Xiao; Zhu, Jiangling; Ji, Chengjun; Li, Yide; Fang, Jingyun
Mar-2021The relationship between niche breadth and range size of beech (Fagus) species worldwideCai, Qiong; Welk, Erik; Ji, Chengjun; Fang, Wenjing; Sabatini, Francesco M.; Zhu, Jianxiao; Zhu, Jiangling; Tang, Zhiyao; Attorre, Fabio; Campos, Juan A.; Carni, Andraz; Chytry, Milan; Coban, Suleyman; Dengler, Juergen; Dolezal, Jiri; Field, Richard; Frink, Jozsef P.; Gholizadeh, Hamid; Indreica, Adrian; Jandt, Ute; Karger, Dirk N.; Lenoir, Jonathan; Peet, Robert K.; Pielech, Remigiusz; De Sanctis, Michele; Schrodt, Franziska; Svenning, Jens-Christian; Tang, Cindy Q.; Tsiripidis, Ioannis; Willner, Wolfgang; Yasuhiro, Kubota; Fang, Jingyun; Bruelheide, Helge
15-Nov-2020The relationships among structure variables of larch forests in ChinaFang, Wenjing; Zhao, Qing; Cai, Qiong; Eziz, Anwar; Chen, Guoping; Feng, Yuhao; Zhang, Heng; Zhu, Jiangling; Ji, Chengjun; Tang, Zhiyao; Fang, Jingyun
Apr-2020Size- and age-dependent increases in tree stem carbon concentration: implications for forest carbon stock estimationsMa, Su-Hui; Eziz, Anwar; Tian, Di; Yan, Zheng-Bing; Cai, Qiong; Jiang, Min-Wei; Ji, Cheng-Jun; Fang, Jing-Yun
2017Soil respiration and its partitioning in different components in tropical primary and secondary mountain rain forests in Hainan Island, ChinaJiang, Lai; Ma, Suhui; Zhou, Zhang; Zheng, Tianli; Jiang, Xingxing; Cai, Qiong; Li, Peng; Zhu, Jianxiao; Li, Yide; Fang, Jingyun
Nov-2023Spatial Distribution and Determinants of Aboveground Biomass in a Subalpine Coniferous Forest in Southwestern ChinaNi, Xiaofeng; Xiong, Xinyu; Cai, Qiong; Fan, Fan; He, Chenqi; Ji, Chengjun; Li, Sheng; Shen, Xiaoli; Zhu, Jiangling
Jun-2021Temperature sensitivity of plant litter decomposition rate in China's forestsZhang, Fan; Feng, Yuhao; Song, Shanshan; Cai, Qiong; Ji, Chengjun; Zhu, Jianxiao
Jul-2022Variation and determinants of leaf anatomical traits from boreal to tropical forests in eastern ChinaNi, Xiaofeng; Sun, Lijuan; Cai, Qiong; Ma, Suhui; Feng, Yuhao; Sun, Yuanfeng; An, Lihua; Ji, Chengjun