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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Alcohol consumption and risks of more than 200 diseases in Chinese menIm, Pek Kei; Wright, Neil; Yang, Ling; Chan, Ka Hung; Chen, Yiping; Guo, Yu; Du, Huaidong; Yang, Xiaoming; Avery, Daniel; Wang, Shaojie; Yu, Canqing; Lv, Jun; Clarke, Robert; Chen, Junshi; Collins, Rory; Walters, Robin G.; Peto, Richard; Li, Liming; Chen, Zhengming; Millwood, Iona Y.; China Kadoorie Biobank Collab Grp
15-Dec-2023Characterising personal, household, and community PM<sub>2.5</sub> exposure in one urban and two rural communities in ChinaChan, Ka Hung; Xia, Xi; Liu, Cong; Kan, Haidong; Doherty, Aiden; Yim, Steve Hung Lam; Wright, Neil; Kartsonaki, Christiana; Yang, Xiaoming; Stevens, Rebecca; Chang, Xiaoyu; Sun, Dianjianyi; Yu, Canqing; Lv, Jun; Li, Liming; Ho, Kin-Fai; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert; Chen, Zhengming
2018Excess risk of major vascular diseases associated with airflow obstruction: a 9-year prospective study of 0.5 million Chinese adultsKurmi, Om P.; Li, Liming; Davis, Kourtney J.; Wang, Jenny; Bennett, Derrick A.; Chan, Ka Hung; Yang, Ling; Chen, Yiping; Guo, Yu; Bian, Zheng; Chen, Junshi; Wei, Liuping; Jin, Donghui; Collins, Rory; Peto, Richard; Chen, Zhengming
27-Mar-2023Long-term ambient air pollution exposure and cardio-respiratory disease in China: findings from a prospective cohort studyWright, Neil; Newell, Katherine; Chan, Ka Hung; Gilbert, Simon; Hacker, Alex; Lu, Yan; Guo, Yu; Pei, Pei; Yu, Canqing; Lv, Jun; Chen, Junshi; Li, Liming; Kurmi, Om; Chen, Zhengming; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert; Kartsonaki, Christiana
Aug-2022Long-Term Exposure to Ambient Fine Particulate Matter and Incidence of Major Cardiovascular Diseases: A Prospective Study of 0.5 Million Adults in ChinaLiu, Cong; Chan, Ka Hung; Lv, Jun; Lam, Hubert; Newell, Katherine; Meng, Xia; Liu, Yang; Chen, Renjie; Kartsonaki, Christiana; Wright, Neil; Du, Huaidong; Yang, Ling; Chen, Yiping; Guo, Yu; Pei, Pei; Yu, Canqing; Shen, Hongbing; Wu, Tangchun; Kan, Haidong; Chen, Zhengming; Li, Liming
Jul-2021Long-term solid fuel use and risks of major eye diseases in China: A population-based cohort study of 486,532 adultsChan, Ka Hung; Yan, Mingshu; Bennett, Derrick A.; Guo, Yu; Chen, Yiping; Yang, Ling; Lv, Jun; Yu, Canqing; Pei, Pei; Lu, Yan; Li, Liming; Du, Huaidong; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert; Chen, Zhengming
Jan-2021Regional and seasonal variations in household and personal exposures to air pollution in one urban and two rural Chinese communities: A pilot study to collect time-resolved data using static and wearable devicesChan, Ka Hung; Xia, Xi; Ho, Kin-fai; Guo, Yu; Kurmi, Om P.; Du, Huaidong; Bennett, Derrick A.; Bian, Zheng; Kan, Haidong; McDonnell, John; Schmidt, Dan; Kerosi, Rene; Li, Liming; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert; Chen, Zhengming
Mar-2024Reproductive factors and risk of lung cancer among 300,000 Chinese female never-smokers: evidence from the China Kadoorie Biobank studyElbasheer, Marwa M. A.; Bohrmann, Bastian; Chen, Yiping; Lv, Jun; Sun, Dianjianyi; Wu, Xia; Yang, Xiaoming; Avery, Daniel; Li, Liming; Chen, Zhengming; Kartsonaki, Christiana; Chan, Ka Hung; Yang, Ling
Feb-2020Solid fuels for cooking and tobacco use and risk of major chronic liver disease mortality: a prospective cohort study of 0.5 million Chinese adultsChan, Ka Hung; Bennett, Derrick A.; Kurmi, Om P.; Yang, Ling; Chen, Yiping; Lv, Jun; Guo, Yu; Bian, Zheng; Yu, Canqing; Chen, Xiaofang; Dong, Caixia; Li, Liming; Chen, Zhengming; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert
Dec-2022Tobacco smoking and risks of more than 470 diseases in China: a prospective cohort studyChan, Ka Hung; Wright, Neil; Xiao, Dan; Guo, Yu; Chen, Yiping; Du, Huaidong; Yang, Ling; Millwood, Iona Y.; Pei, Pei; Wang, Junzheng; Turnbull, Iain; Gilbert, Simon; Avery, Daniel; Kartsonaki, Christiana; Yu, Canqing; Chen, Junshi; Lv, Jun; Clarke, Robert; Collins, Rory; Peto, Richard; Li, Liming; Wang, Chen; Chen, Zhengming
Mar-2022Tobacco smoking and solid fuels for cooking and risk of liver cancer: A prospective cohort study of 0.5 million Chinese adultsWen, Qiaorui; Chan, Ka Hung; Shi, Kexiang; Lv, Jun; Guo, Yu; Pei, Pei; Yang, Ling; Chen, Yiping; Du, Huaidong; Gilbert, Simon; Avery, Daniel; Hu, Weijie; Chen, Junshi; Yu, Canqing; Chen, Zhengming; Li, Liming
2017Trans-generational changes and rural-urban inequality in household fuel use and cookstove ventilation in China: A multi-region study of 0.5 million adultsChan, Ka Hung; Lam, Kin Bong Hubert; Kurmi, Om P.; Guo, Yu; Bennett, Derrick; Bian, Zheng; Sherliker, Paul; Chen, Junshi; Li, Liming; Chen, Zhengming