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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201818F-FDG PET/CT Findings in a Patient With IgG4-Related Sclerosing MesenteritisFu, Zhanli; Chen, Guoqian; Liu, Meng; Li, Ziao; Li, Qian
1-Jun-2022Assessment of concentrated solar power generation potential in China based on Geographic Information System (GIS)Chen, Fuying; Yang, Qing; Zheng, Niting; Wang, Yuxuan; Huang, Junling; Xing, Lu; Li, Jianlan; Feng, Shuanglei; Chen, Guoqian; Kleissl, Jan
1999Asymptotic similarity of axisymmetric thermalChen, Guoqian; Lee, J.H.W.
2019Bilateral Adrenal Extremely Intense Metabolic Activity on 18F-FDG PET/CT in a Patient With PheochromocytomasChen, Xueqi; Chen, Guoqian; Fu, Zhanli; Li, Qian
20-May-2021Can constructed wetlands be more land efficient than centralized wastewater treatment systems? A case study based on direct and indirect land useFan, Ying; Wu, Xudong; Shao, Ling; Han, Mengyao; Chen, Bin; Meng, Jing; Wang, Ping; Chen, Guoqian
Apr-2021China?s forest land use change in the globalized world economy: Foreign trade and unequal household consumptionKan, Siyi; Chen, Bin; Han, Mengyao; Hayat, Tasawar; Alsulami, Hamed; Chen, Guoqian
1992Compact second-order upwind finite difference schemes for the convection-diffusion equationsChen, Guoqian; Yang, Zhifeng
2018Consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions accounting with capital stock change highlights dynamics of fast-developing countriesChen, Zhan-Ming; Ohshita, Stephanie; Lenzen, Manfred; Wiedmann, Thomas; Jiborn, Magnus; Chen, Bin; Lester, Leo; Guan, Dabo; Meng, Jing; Xu, Shiyun; Chen, Guoqian; Zheng, Xinye; Xue, JinJun; Alsaedi, Ahmed; Hayat, Tasawar; Liu, Zhu
2018Contaminant transport from point source on water surface in open channel flow with bed absorptionGuo, Jinlan; Wu, Xudong; Jiang, Weiquan; Chen, Guoqian
Jan-2022Cross-channel distribution and streamwise dispersion of micro-swimmers in a vertical channel flow: A study on the effects of shear, particle shape, and convective inertial torqueWang, Bohan; Jiang, Weiquan; Chen, Guoqian
2019Dispersion of active particles in confined unidirectional flowsJiang, Weiquan; Chen, Guoqian
25-Apr-2020Dispersion of gyrotactic micro-organisms in pipe flowsJiang, Weiquan; Chen, Guoqian
2014Economic development and coastal ecosystem change in ChinaHe, Qiang; Bertness, Mark D.; Bruno, John F.; Li, Bo; Chen, Guoqian; Coverdale, Tyler C.; Altieri, Andrew H.; Bai, Junhong; Sun, Tao; Pennings, Steven C.; Liu, Jianguo; Ehrlich, Paul R.; Cui, Baoshan
Feb-2022Effect of ring-source release on dispersion process in Poiseuille flow with wall absorptionDebnath, Sudip; Jiang, Weiquan; Guan, Mingyang; Chen, Guoqian
Oct-2020Energy perspective of Sino-US trade imbalance in global supply chainsLi, Yilin; Chen, Bin; Li, Chaohui; Li, Zhi; Chen, Guoqian
20-Oct-2021Energy use flows in the supply chains of the world economy: A full account of both primary and intermediate inputsWu, Xudong; Guo, Jinlan; Chen, Guoqian; Wu, Xiaofang; Meng, Jing; Alhodaly, Mohammed; Wakeel, Muhammad
2011Environmental dispersivity in free-water-surface-effect dominated wetland: multi-scale analysisWu, Zi; Li, Zhi; Zeng, Li; Shao, Ling; Tang, Hansong; Yang, Qing; Chen, Guoqian
25-Jun-2021Extended carbon footprint and emission transfer of world regions: With both primary and intermediate inputs into accountWu, Xudong; Li, Chaohui; Guo, Jinlan; Wu, Xiaofang; Meng, Jing; Chen, Guoqian
Feb-2020An extended overview of natural gas use embodied in world economy and supply chains: Policy implications from a time series analysisKan, Siyi; Chen, Bin; Meng, Jing; Chen, Guoqian
Aug-2020F-18-FDG PET/CT Findings in a Patient With NeurosarcoidosisChen, Xueqi; Chen, Guoqian; Fu, Zhanli; Li, Qian