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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2020177Lu-labeled alpha PD-L1 antibody synergizes with an immune checkpoint inhibitor for colorectal tumorsRen, Jingyun; Xu, Mengxin; Chen, Junyi; Li, Jiyuan; Wang, Peipei; Ding, Jie; Huo, Li; Li, Fang; Liu, Zhibo
2019[18F]tBQ-C2 as a metabolically stable glutamine derivative for cancer imagingChen, Junyi; Liu, Zhibo
Aug-202286Y-Labeled Albumin-Binding Fibroblast Activation Protein Inhibitor for Late-Time-Point Cancer DiagnosisDing, Jie; Xu, Mengxin; Chen, Junyi; Zhang, Pu; Huo, Li; Kong, Ziren; Liu, Zhibo
1-May-2021Albumin Binders for Tumor Enhanced FAPI Radioligand RetentionXu, Mengxin; Ding, Jie; Zhang, Pu; Chen, Junyi; Liu, Zhibo
2019BF3-Gln-C2 as a stable F-18-labeled glutamine derivative for imaging tumorChen, Junyi; Li, Cong; Li, Jiyuan; Liu, Zhibo
1-May-2021The Cyclotron Production of Actinium-225 in CYCIAE-100Chen, Junyi; Liu, Zhibo
10-Feb-2021Desilylation Induced by Metal Fluoride Nanocrystals Enables Cleavage Chemistry In VivoDuan, Dongban; Dong, Hao; Tu, Zhiyu; Wang, Chunhong; Fu, Qunfeng; Chen, Junyi; Zhong, Haipeng; Du, Ping; Sun, Ling-Dong; Liu, Zhibo
May-2022Development of FAP targeted radiopharmaceuticalsXu, Mengxin; Liu, Zhibo; Chen, Junyi; Zhang, Pu
Feb-2021F-18-Boramino acid PET/CT in healthy volunteers and glioma patientsLi, Zhu; Kong, Ziren; Chen, Junyi; Li, Jiyuan; Li, Nan; Yang, Zhi; Wang, Yu; Liu, Zhibo
Nov-2021Fatty acid-conjugated radiopharmaceuticals for fibroblast activation protein-targeted radiotherapyZhang, Pu; Xu, Mengxin; Ding, Jie; Chen, Junyi; Zhang, Taiping; Huo, Li; Liu, Zhibo
Jul-2022Isolation of Pb-212 from natural thorium for targeted alpha-therapyChen, Junyi; Xu, Mengxin; Liu, Yu; Duan, Dongban; Han, Yuxiang; Liu, Zhibo
18-Apr-2022Larger F-18-fluoroboronotyrosine (FBY) active volume beyond MRI contrast enhancement in diffuse gliomas than in circumscribed brain tumorsKong, Ziren; Li, Zhu; Chen, Junyi; Ma, Wenbin; Wang, Yu; Yang, Zhi; Liu, Zhibo
May-2022Novel boron-containing amino acid analogs for tumor positron tomography and boron neutron capture therapyChen, Junyi; Liu, Zhibo; Xu, Mengxin
Mar-2022<p>Metabolic characteristics of [F-18]fluoroboronotyrosine (FBY) PET in malignant brain tumors</p>Kong, Ziren; Li, Zhu; Chen, Junyi; Liu, Sirui; Liu, Delin; Li, Jiyuan; Li, Nan; Ma, Wenbin; Feng, Feng; Wang, Yu; Yang, Zhi; Liu, Zhibo
Aug-2020PET-CT/FACS platform to detect the biodistribution of radioisotope 89Zr PD-1 inhibitor in syngeneic tumor modelsTang, Xuzhen; Wang, Fuyang; Chen, Junyi; Zeng, Xuanming; Liu, Zhibo; Ji, Qunsheng
15-Feb-2021Upper Motor Neuron Signs in the Cervical Region of Patients With Flail Arm SyndromeXu, Yingsheng; Chen, Junyi; Zhang, Shuo; Fan, Dongsheng