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20102.6 s isomer of Nd-129Xu, S.W.; Xie, Y.X.; Ma, F.; Zhou, X.H.; Li, Z.K.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, L.; Lei, X.G.; Zhang, Y.H.; Lui, H. L.; Xu, F. R.
2013460 mu W 32 dB image rejection ratio second-order active-RC complex filter with improved power efficient opampWang, J.; Ye, L.; Chen, L.; Liu, J.; Liao, H.
2018Accurate Location Tracking from CSI-based Passive Device-free Probabilistic FingerprintingShi, S.; Sigg, S.; Chen, L.; Ji, Y.
2019Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Chinese adults: A 10-year prospective study of 0.5 million peopleZhu, N.; Liu, F.; Lu, Y.; Ma, L.; Tang, A.; Zhang, S.; Jin, J.; Liu, J.; Tang, Z.; Chen, N.; Huang, Y.; Li, M.; Chen, J.; Meng, J.; Pan, R.; Jiang, Q.; Lan, J.; Liu, Y.; Wei, L.; Zhou, L.; Wang, N.C.P.; Meng, F.; Qin, Y.; Chen, Z.; Wang, S.; Wu, X.; Zhang, N.; Chen, X.; Zhou, W.; Luo, G.; Li, J.; Zhong, X.; Liu, J.; Sun, Q.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Ge, P.; Ren, X.; Dong, C.; Zhang, H.; Mao, E.; Wang, X.; Wang, T.; Zang, X.; Zhang, D.; Zhou, G.; Li, L.; Feng, S.; Chang, L.; Fan, L.; Gao, Y.; He, T.; Sun, H.; He, P.; Hu, C.; Zhang, X.; Wu, H.; Clarke, R.; Yu, M.; Hu, R.; Wang, H.; Qian, Y.; Wang, C.; Xie, K.; Chen, L.; Zhang, Y.; Pan, D.; Gu, Q.; Collins, R.; Huang, Y.; Chen, B.; Yin, L.; Liu, H.; Fu, Z.; Xu, Q.; Xu, X.; Zhang, H.; Long, H.; Li, X.; Peto, R.; Zhang, L.; Qiu, Z.; Walters, R.; Avery, D.; Yu, C.; Boxall, R.; Bennett, D.; Chang, Y.; Gilbert, S.; Hacker, A.; Hill, M.; Holmes, M.; Iona, A.; Kartsonaki, C.; Kerosi, R.; Guo, Y.; Kong, L.; Kurmi, O.; Lancaster, G.; Lewington, S.; Lin, K.; McDonnell, J.; Millwood, I.; Nie, Q.; Radhakrishnan, J.; Ryder, P.; Bian, Z.; Sansome, S.; Schmidt, D.; Sherliker, P.; Sohoni, R.; Stevens, B.; Turnbull, I.; Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Wright, N.; Yang, X.; Han, Y.; Han, X.; Hou, C.; Pei, P.; Liu, C.; Pang, Z.; Gao, R.; Li, S.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Du, R.; Yang, L.; Yang, L.; Zang, Y.; Cheng, L.; Tian, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhai, Y.; Ning, F.; Sun, X.; Li, F.; Lv, S.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hou, W.; Zeng, M.; Jiang, G.; Zhou, X.; Yang, L.; He, H.; Yu, B.; Li, Y.; Xu, Q.; Kang, Q.; Du, H.; Du, H.; Guo, Z.; Wang, D.; Hu, X.; Chen, J.; Fu, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wang, X.; Weng, M.; Guo, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, H.; Li, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wu, M.; Zhou, Y.; Zhou, J.; Tao, R.; Yang, J.; Su, J.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Y.
May-2020Adverse skin reactions among healthcare workers during the coronavirus disease 2019 outbreak: a survey in Wuhan and its surrounding regionsLin, P.; Zhu, S.; Huang, Y.; Li, L.; Tao, J.; Lei, T.; Song, J.; Liu, D.; Chen, L.; Shi, Y.; Jiang, S.; Liu, Q.; Xie, J.; Chen, H.; Duan, Y.; Xia, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Mei, Y.; Zhou, X.; Wu, J.; Fang, M.; Meng, Z.; Li, H.
Dec-2020Age, parity and prolapse: interaction and influence on levator bowl volumeCheng, W.; Chen, L.; DeLancey, J. O.; Swenson, C. W.
Aug-2020Anomalous spectral weight transfer in the nematic state of iron-selenide superconductor*Cai, C.; Han, T. T.; Wang, Z. G.; Chen, L.; Wang, Y. D.; Xin, Z. M.; Ma, M. W.; Li, Yuan; Zhang, Y.
2018The anti-corrosion behavior under multi-factor impingement of Hastelloy C22 coating prepared by multilayer laser claddingChen, L.; Bai, S.-L.
2018Assessing air-quality in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region: The method and mixed tales of PM2.5 and O3Chen, L.; Guo, B.; Huang, J.; He, J.; Wang, H.; Zhang, S.; Chen, S.X.
2018Association between tea drinking and stroke in adults in Zhejiang province: A Prospective studyWang, H.; Du, H.; Hu, R.; Qian, Y.; Wang, C.; Xie, K.; Chen, L.; Pan, D.; Bian, Z.; Guo, Y.; Yu, M.; Li, L.; Chen, Z.
2018Asteroseismology of KIC 7107778: A binary comprising almost identical subgiantsLi, Y.; Bedding, T.R.; Li, T.; Bi, S.; Murphy, S.J.; Corsaro, E.; Chen, L.; Tian, Z.
2013Auditory gap transfer modulates perception of visual apparent motionChen, L.
2018Author Correction: RNA cytosine methylation and methyltransferases mediate chromatin organization and 5-azacytidine response and resistance in leukaemia (Nature Communications (2018) DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-03513-4)Cheng, J.X.; Chen, L.; Li, Y.; Cloe, A.; Yue, M.; Wei, J.; Watanabe, K.A.; Shammo, J.M.; Anastasi, J.; Shen, Q.J.; Larson, R.A.; He, C.; Le Beau, M.M.; Vardiman, J.W.
24-Aug-2020Band insulator to Mott insulator transition in 1T-TaS2Wang, Y. D.; Yao, W. L.; Xin, Z. M.; Han, T. T.; Wang, Z. G.; Chen, L.; Cai, C.; Li, Yuan; Zhang, Y.
2019Blood-Brain Barrier- A nd Blood-Brain Tumor Barrier-Penetrating Peptide-Derived Targeted Therapeutics for Glioma and Malignant Tumor Brain MetastasesChen, L.; Zeng, D.; Xu, N.; Li, C.; Zhang, W.; Zhu, X.; Gao, Y.; Chen, P.R.; Chen, P.R.; Lin, J.
2014Cab45S inhibits the ER stress-induced IRE1-JNK pathway and apoptosis via GRP78/BiPChen, L.; Xu, S.; Liu, L.; Wen, X.; Xu, Y.; Chen, J.; Teng, J.
2013Calumenin-15 facilitates filopodia formation by promoting TGF-beta superfamily cytokine GDF-15 transcriptionFeng, H.; Chen, L.; Wang, Q.; Shen, B.; Liu, L.; Zheng, P.; Xu, S.; Liu, X.; Chen, J.; Teng, J.
2019Changes in HCFC Emissions in China During 2011-2017Fang, X.; Yao, B.; Vollmer, M. K.; Reimann, S.; Liu, L.; Chen, L.; Prinn, R. G.; Hu, J.
2017Characterization of retroviral infectivity and superinfection resistance during retrovirus-mediated transduction of mammalian cellsLiao, J.; Wei, Q.; Fan, J.; Zou, Y.; Song, D.; Liu, J.; Liu, F.; Ma, C.; Hu, X.; Li, L.; Yu, Y.; Qu, X.; Chen, L.; Yu, X.; Zhang, Z.; Zhao, C.; Zeng, Z.; Zhang, R.; Yan, S.; Wu, T.; Wu, X.; Shu, Y.; Lei, J.; Li, Y.; Zhang, W.; Wang, J.; Reid, R. R.; Lee, M. J.; Huang, W.; Wolf, J. M.; He, T-C; Wang, J.