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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Abiotic processes controlling the fate of phenylarsenic compounds in soil and aquatic environmentCheng, Hefa; Xie, Xiande; Zhao, Wei
25-Feb-2021Adsorption and desorption of phenylarsonic acid compounds on metal oxide and hydroxide, and clay mineralsXie, Xiande; Cheng, Hefa
Jan-2023Adsorption behavior and mechanism of p-arsanilic acid on a Fe-based frameworkGao, Mengwei; Li, Bing; Liu, Jue; Hu, Yuanan; Cheng, Hefa
2019Association of maternal chronic arsenic exposure with the risk of neural tube defects in Northern ChinaWang, Bin; Zhu, Yibing; Yan, Lailai; Zhang, Jingxu; Wang, Xilong; Cheng, Hefa; Li, Zhiwen; Ye, Rongwei; Ren, Aiguo
Feb-2021Associations between exposure to heavy metals and the risk of chronic kidney disease: a systematic review and meta-analysisJalili, Cyrus; Kazemi, Maryam; Cheng, Hefa; Mohammadi, Hamed; Babaei, Atefeh; Taheri, Ensiyeh; Moradi, Sajjad
15-Jan-2021Atmospheric mercury pollution caused by fluorescent lamp manufacturing and the associated human health risk in a large industrial and commercial cityLuo, Qing; Ren, Yuxuan; Sun, Zehang; Li, Yu; Li, Bing; Yang, Sen; Zhang, Wanpeng; Hu, Yuanan; Cheng, Hefa
1-Dec-2022Autocatalytic effect of in situ formed (hydro)quinone intermediates in Fenton and photo-Fenton degradation of non-phenolic aromatic pollutants and chemical kinetic modelingLi, Yu; Cheng, Hefa
Aug-2021Bioaccessibility and public health risk of heavy Metal(loid)s in the airborne particulate matter of four cities in northern ChinaRen, Yuxuan; Luo, Qing; Zhuo, Shaojie; Hu, Yuanan; Shen, Guofeng; Cheng, Hefa; Tao, Shu
Sep-2021Biochars and Engineered Biochars for Water and Soil Remediation: A ReviewIslam, Tariqul; Li, Yanliang; Cheng, Hefa
2015Birnessite (delta-MnO2) Mediated Degradation of Organoarsenic Feed Additive p-Arsanilic AcidWang, Lingling; Cheng, Hefa
Mar-2023Catalytic performance and mechanism of bismuth molybdate nanosheets decorated with platinum nanoparticles for formaldehyde decomposition at room temperatureQin, Lifan; Huang, Shengnan; Cheng, Hefa
2016The Challenges and Solutions for Cadmium-contaminated Rice in China: A Critical ReviewHu, Yuanan; Cheng, Hefa; Tao, Shu
1-Sep-2022Characterization of the vertical variation in indoor PM2.5 in an urban apartment in ChinaAiniwaer, Subinuer; Chen, Yilin; Shen, Guofeng; Shen, Huizhong; Ma, Jianmin; Cheng, Hefa; Tao, Shu
Jun-2021Chemical kinetic modeling of organic pollutant degradation in Fenton and solar photo-Fenton processesLi, Yu; Cheng, Hefa
1-Jun-2021Coal Is Dirty, but Where It Is Burned Especially MattersYun, Xiao; Meng, Wenjun; Xu, Haoran; Zhang, Wenxiao; Yu, Xinyuan; Shen, Huizhong; Chen, Yilin; Shen, Guofeng; Ma, Jianmin; Li, Bengang; Cheng, Hefa; Hu, Jianying; Tao, Shu
2017Collecting Particulate Matter and Particle-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Using a Cylindrical Thermal PrecipitatorSu, Shu; Wang, Bin; Lin, Nan; Zhuo, Shaojie; Liu, Junfeng; Wang, Xilong; Cheng, Hefa; Chen, Da-Ren; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
2017Comparison of soil heavy metal pollution caused by e-waste recycling activities and traditional industrial operationsHe, Kailing; Sun, Zehang; Hu, Yuanan; Zeng, Xiangying; Yu, Zhiqiang; Cheng, Hefa
10-Dec-2020Composition and diversity of soil microbial communities in the alpine wetland and alpine forest ecosystems on the Tibetan PlateauWang, Xiaojie; Zhang, Zhichao; Yu, Zhiqiang; Shen, Guofeng; Cheng, Hefa; Tao, Shu
1-Nov-2022Comprehensive assessment of estrogenic activities of parabens by in silico approach and in vitro assaysWei, Fang; Cheng, Hefa; Sang, Nan
1-Oct-2021Contributions of biomass burning to global and regional SO2 emissionsRen, Yu'ang; Shen, Guofeng; Shen, Huizhong; Zhong, Qirui; Xu, Haoran; Meng, Wenjun; Zhang, Wenxiao; Yu, Xinyuan; Yun, Xiao; Luo, Zhihan; Chen, Yilin; Li, Bengang; Cheng, Hefa; Zhu, Dongqiang; Tao, Shu