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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 0.8V CMOS bandgap voltage reference designZhang, Bolun; Cui, Xiaole; Zhang, Yifan; Yang, Chun; Xiao, Ying; Lin, Xinnan
2013A 1.8ppm/��C Low Temperature Coefficient Curvature Compensated Bandgap for the Low Voltage ApplicationYang, Chun; Cui, Xiaole; Wang, Bo; Lee, Chung Len
2014A 2.34-3.29GHz CMOS LC VCO with low phase noise and low powerWang, Hao; Cui, Xiaole; Lee, Chung Len; Cheng, Zuolin
2015A 250MHz Programmable Gain Amplifier for low power UWB receiversLi, Binbin; Cui, Xiaole; Wang, Hao; Xiao, Ying; Lin, Xinnan
25-Oct-202128 nm asynchronous area-saving AES processor with high Common and Machine learning side-channel attack resistanceZou, Qingyun; Cui, Xiaoxin; Dai, Zhenhui; Kuang, Yisong; Zhong, Yi; Zou, Chenglong; Cui, Xiaole
2013AHardware implementation of des with combined countermeasure against DPACui, Xiaoxin; Li, Rui; Wei, Wei; Gu, Juan; Cui, Xiaole
2016An Algorithm of Training Sample Selection for Integrated Circuit Device Modeling Based on Artificial Neural NetworksZhang, Zhiyuan; Cui, Xiaole; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Lining
2005Analysis on a Game Model for Software Test Process Based on ROICui, Xiaole; Wang, Xinan; Zhang, Xing; Cui, Xiaoxin
2021The ANN Based Modeling Attack and Security Enhancement of the Double-layer PUFCui, Xiaole; Chen, Yongliang; Ye, Wenqiang; Cui, Xiaoxin
2023An Anti-removal-attack Hardware Watermarking Method based on Polymorphic GatesChen, Yongliang; Cui, Xiaole; Yang, Pengyuan; Qu, Gang
2006Application of high-level design of hardware with timed CSPCui, Xiaoxin; Yu, Dunshan; Cui, Xiaole; Sheng, Shimin
2024The area-efficient gate level information flow tracking schemes of digital circuit with multi-level security latticeChen, Yongliang; Cui, Xiaole; Cui, Xiaoxin; Zhang, Xing
Dec-2023An Area-Efficient In-Memory Implementation Method of Arbitrary Boolean Function Based on SRAM ArrayZhang, Sunrui; Cui, Xiaole; Wei, Feng; Cui, Xiaoxin
2020Calibration of the Pressure Sensor Device with the Extreme Learning MachineChang, Yucheng; Cui, Xiaole; Hou, Guanting; Jin, Yufeng
Dec-2021Channel doping effects in negative capacitance field-effect transistorsLiu, Baoliang; Huang, Xiaoqing; Jiao, Yanxin; Feng, Ning; Chen, Xuhui; Rong, Zhao; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Lining; Cui, Xiaole
2013A combined countermeasure against DPA and implementation on desLi, Rui; Cui, Xiaoxin; Wei, Wei; Wu, Di; Liao, Kai; Liao, Nan; Ma, Kaisheng; Yu, Dunshan; Cui, Xiaole
2012A Compact Implementation of Masked AES S-BoxWei, Wei; Cui, Xiaoxin; Wu, Di; Li, Rui; Ma, Kaisheng; Yu, Dunshan; Cui, Xiaole
Jan-2020A Compact Phase Change Memory Model With Dynamic State VariablesHu, Huifang; Liu, Dayong; Chen, Xuhui; Dong, Deqi; Cui, Xiaole; Liu, Ming; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Lining; Chan, Mansun
2012Contact size scaling of a W-contact phase-change memory cell based on numerical simulationWei, Yiqun; Lin, Xinnan; Jia, Yuchao; Cui, Xiaole; Zhang, Xing; Song, Zhitang
2015Context-Adaptive Fast Motion Estimation of HEVCLi, Xufeng; Wang, Ronggang; Cui, Xiaole; Wang, Wenmin