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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2022Experimental Study on Proppant Transport within Complex FracturesLv, Mingkun; Guo, Tiankui; Qu, Zhanqing; Chen, Ming; Dai, Caili; Liu, Xiaoqiang
2014The Investigation of a New Moderate Water Shutoff Agent: Cationic Polymer and Anionic PolymerDai, Caili; Zhao, Guang; You, Qing; Zhao, Mingwei
2012Preparation of Dispersed Particle Gel (DPG) through a Simple High Speed Shearing MethodDai, Caili; Zhao, Guang; Zhao, Mingwei; You, Qing
Jun-2022Probing the Interaction Mechanism between Alkanes and Hydrophobic Substrate Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics SimulationZhao, Guang; Chu, Zhongzhong; Wang, Fengchao; Xu, Ke; Wu, Yining; Dai, Caili
Aug-2023Proppant transport law in multi-branched fractures induced by volume fracturingGuo, Tiankui; Lyu, Mingkun; Chen, Ming; Xu, Yun; Weng, Dingwei; Qu, Zhanqing; Dai, Caili; Hou, Jian; Liu, Xiaoqiang
2011Research on a new profile control agent: Dispersed particle gelYou, Qing; Tang, Yongchun; Dai, Caili; Shuler, Patrick; Lu, Zayne; Zhao, Fulin
2011Study and application of anionic and cationic polymers alternative injection for in-depth profile control in low permeability sandstone reservoirDai, Caili; You, Qing; Fan, Xiqun; Peng, Yuandong; Zhao, Guang; Wang, Ping; Wang, Xiuying; Zhao, Fulin
2012Study and field application of organic/inorganic cross-linking blocking agent for high temperature reservoirDai, Caili; You, Qing; Liu, Xuezhe; Wu, Wenming; He, Long; Zhao, Fulin
2013Study on formation of gels formed by polymer and zirconium acetateZhao, Guang; Dai, Caili; You, Qing; Zhao, Mingwei; Zhao, Jianhui
2013Study on Performance Evaluation of Dispersed Particle Gel for Improved Oil RecoveryYou, Qing; Dai, Caili; Tang, Yongchun; Guan, Ping; Zhao, Guang; Zhao, Fulin