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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A 0.05pJ/p-mV 5th-derivative pulse generator for full-band IRUWB transceiver in 0.18m CMOSWang, X.; Fan, S.; Qin, B.; Lin, L.; Fang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Tang, H.; Liu, J.; Shi, Z.; Wang, A.; Yang, L.; Cheng, Y.
2010Multicenter Investigation of Melamine Associated Urolithiasis in Young ChildrenGuan, N.; Ding, J.; Fan, Q.; Zhao, Y.; Huang, S.; Fang, Q.; Zhang, D.; Hu, B.; Yao, C.; Zhu, S.; Xu, G.; Ai, Y.
2011THE MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF CARDIOPULMONARY DYSPNEAHan, J.; Xiong, C.; Yiao, W.; Fang, Q.; Zhu, Y.; Cheng, X.; Van De Woestijne, K.
Nov-2020A RANDOMIZED TRIAL OF DIRECT ENDOVASCULAR THROMBECTOMY VERSUS THROMBECTOMY PRECEDED BY INTRAVENOUS ALTEPLASE IN ACUTE ISCHEMIC STROKEYang, P.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, Y.; Treurniet, K.; Chen, W.; Peng, Y.; Han, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, S.; Yin, C.; Liu, S.; Wang, P.; Fang, Q.; Shi, H.; Yang, J.; Wen, C.; Li, C.; Jiang, C.; Sun, J.; Yue, X.; Lou, M.; Zhang, M.; Shu, H.; Sun, D.; Liang, H.; Li, T.; Guo, F.; Ke, K.; Yuan, H.; Wang, G.; Yang, W.; Shi, H.; Li, T.; Li, Z.; Xing, P.; Zhang, P.; Zhou, Y.; Wang, H.; Xu, Y.; Huang, Q.; Wu, T.; Zhao, R.; Li, Q.; Fang, Y.; Wang, L.; Lu, J.; Li, Y.; Fu, J.; Zhong, X.; Wang, Y.; Wang, L.; Goyal, M.; Dippel, D. W.; Hong, B.; Deng, B.; Roos, Y.; Majoie, C.; Liu, J.
2017RCN1 suppresses ER stress-induced apoptosis via calcium homeostasis and PERK-CHOP signalingXu, S.; Xu, Y.; Chen, L.; Fang, Q.; Song, S.; Chen, J.; Teng, J.
2012Stacked-spiral RF inductors with vertical nano-particle-magnetic-mediumYang, C.; Zhan, J.; Wang, X.; Fang, Q.; Shi, Z.; Yang, Y.; Ren, T.-L.; Wang, A.; Cheng, Y.; Li, X.
2013Stacked-spiral RF inductors with vertical nanoparticle magnetic core for radio-frequency integrated circuits in CMOSZhan, J.; Yang, C.; Wang, X.; Fang, Q.; Shi, Z. T.; Yang, Y.; Ren, T.L.; Wang, A.; Cheng, Y. H.; Liu, L.T.
2018Updating China's input-output tables series using MTT method and its comparisonZheng, H.; Fang, Q.; Wang, C.; Jiang, Y.; Ren, R.