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2019Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Chinese adults: A 10-year prospective study of 0.5 million peopleZhu, N.; Liu, F.; Lu, Y.; Ma, L.; Tang, A.; Zhang, S.; Jin, J.; Liu, J.; Tang, Z.; Chen, N.; Huang, Y.; Li, M.; Chen, J.; Meng, J.; Pan, R.; Jiang, Q.; Lan, J.; Liu, Y.; Wei, L.; Zhou, L.; Wang, N.C.P.; Meng, F.; Qin, Y.; Chen, Z.; Wang, S.; Wu, X.; Zhang, N.; Chen, X.; Zhou, W.; Luo, G.; Li, J.; Zhong, X.; Liu, J.; Sun, Q.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Ge, P.; Ren, X.; Dong, C.; Zhang, H.; Mao, E.; Wang, X.; Wang, T.; Zang, X.; Zhang, D.; Zhou, G.; Li, L.; Feng, S.; Chang, L.; Fan, L.; Gao, Y.; He, T.; Sun, H.; He, P.; Hu, C.; Zhang, X.; Wu, H.; Clarke, R.; Yu, M.; Hu, R.; Wang, H.; Qian, Y.; Wang, C.; Xie, K.; Chen, L.; Zhang, Y.; Pan, D.; Gu, Q.; Collins, R.; Huang, Y.; Chen, B.; Yin, L.; Liu, H.; Fu, Z.; Xu, Q.; Xu, X.; Zhang, H.; Long, H.; Li, X.; Peto, R.; Zhang, L.; Qiu, Z.; Walters, R.; Avery, D.; Yu, C.; Boxall, R.; Bennett, D.; Chang, Y.; Gilbert, S.; Hacker, A.; Hill, M.; Holmes, M.; Iona, A.; Kartsonaki, C.; Kerosi, R.; Guo, Y.; Kong, L.; Kurmi, O.; Lancaster, G.; Lewington, S.; Lin, K.; McDonnell, J.; Millwood, I.; Nie, Q.; Radhakrishnan, J.; Ryder, P.; Bian, Z.; Sansome, S.; Schmidt, D.; Sherliker, P.; Sohoni, R.; Stevens, B.; Turnbull, I.; Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Wright, N.; Yang, X.; Han, Y.; Han, X.; Hou, C.; Pei, P.; Liu, C.; Pang, Z.; Gao, R.; Li, S.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Du, R.; Yang, L.; Yang, L.; Zang, Y.; Cheng, L.; Tian, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhai, Y.; Ning, F.; Sun, X.; Li, F.; Lv, S.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hou, W.; Zeng, M.; Jiang, G.; Zhou, X.; Yang, L.; He, H.; Yu, B.; Li, Y.; Xu, Q.; Kang, Q.; Du, H.; Du, H.; Guo, Z.; Wang, D.; Hu, X.; Chen, J.; Fu, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wang, X.; Weng, M.; Guo, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, H.; Li, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wu, M.; Zhou, Y.; Zhou, J.; Tao, R.; Yang, J.; Su, J.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Y.
2015Blow-up rate of the unique solution for a class of one-dimensional equations with a weakly superlinear nonlinearityFu, Z.; Liu, B.; Mi, L.
May-2021Characteristics and classification of medial malleolar fractures A STUDY BASED ON CT FRACTURE MAPPINGLiu, Y.; Lu, H.; Xu, H.; Xie, W.; Chen, X.; Fu, Z.; Zhang, D.; Jiang, B.
2009The clinical diagnostic valuation of F-18-FDG SPECT coincidence detection imaging in pulmonary neoplasmWang, R.; Lu, X.; Fan, Y.; Fu, Z.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, J.; Wang, Y.; Tian, H.; Guo, F.; Zhao, G.; Li, Q.; Zhang, M.
2009Clinical value of renal dynamic imaging to evaluate and predict the renal function of living donorsWang, R.; Fan, Y.; Xu, X.; Fu, Z.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, J.; Tian, H.
2019Congruent audiovisual speech enhances auditory attention decoding with EEGFu, Z.; Wu, X.; Chen, J.
2019Contrasting stratospheric?Ctropospheric multi-fractal behaviors in NAM variabilityNian, D.; Fu, Z.
2019The effect of increased frequency of hemodialysis on vitamin C concentrations: an ancillary study of the randomized Frequent Hemodialysis Network (FHN) daily trialRaimann, Jochen G.; Abbas, Samer R.; Liu, Li; Larive, Brett; Beck, Gerald; Kotanko, Peter; Levin, Nathan W.; Handelman, Garry; Kliger, A.; Eggers, P.; Briggs, J.; Hostetter, T.; Narva, A.; Star, R.; Augustine, B.; Mohr, P.; Beck, G.; Fu, Z.; Gassman, J.; Greene, T.; Daugirdas, J.; Hunsicker, L.; Larive, B.; Li, M.; MacKrell, J.; Wiggins, K.; Sherer, S.; Weiss, B.; Rajagopalan, S.; Sanz, J.; Dellagrottaglie, S.; Kariisa, M.; Tran, T.; West, J.; Unruh, M.; Keene, R.; Schlarb, J.; Chan, C.; McGrath-Chong, M.; Frome, R.; Higgins, H.; Ke, S.; Mandaci, O.; Owens, C.; Snell, C.; Eknoyan, G.; Appel, L.; Cheung, A.; Derse, A.; Kramer, C.; Geller, N.; Grimm, R.; Henderson, L.; Prichard, S.; Roecker, E.; Chertow, G.; James, S.; Tamura, M.; Hall, Y.; McCulloch, C.; Painter, P.; Gorodetskaya, I; Tichy, M.; Humphreys, M.; Luan, J.; Escalada, R.; Rodriquez, R.; Depner, T.; Kaysen, G.; Suter, M.; Sonico, J.; Anderson, S.; Ting, G.; Schiller, B.; Coplon, N.; Doss, S.; Rogers, J.; Dominguez, A.; Atwal, J.; Lemus, D.; Rastogi, A.; Nissenson, A.; Goodman, W.; Salusky, I; Schweitzer, S.; Rivas, M.; Smith, M.; Gayda, P.; Hernandez, A.; Rashid, M.; Mehta, R.; Pepas, J.; Bharti, B.; Nabali, A.; Manaster, R.; Mathew, R.; Shah, S.; Sanz, G.; Wei, J.; Ayus, J.; Achinger, S.; Gutierrez, M.; Levin, N.; Bay, W.; Carter, M.; Geronemus, R.; Kuhlmann, M.; Handelman, G.; Gotch, F.; Finkelstein, F.; Kimmel, P.; Lacson, E.; Ornt, D.; Greenwood, R.; Vassalotti, J.; Burrowes, J.; Kotanko, P.; Kaufman, A.; Winchester, J.; Meisels, I; Radbill, B.; Chang, J.; Fofie, Y.; Ramos, R.; Sergeyeva, O.; Callegari, J.; Arthur, B.; Tarallo, M.; Ulloa, D.; Apruzzese, R.; Lindsay, R.; Suri, R.; Garg, A.; Mazzorato, Bullas R. A.; Rocco, M.; Burkart, J.; Moossavi, S.; Mauck, V; Kaufman, T.; Coppley, A.; Schulman, G.; McLeroy, S.; Sika, M.; Leavell, E.; Miller, B.; Schussler, R.; Bardsley, J.; Skelton, R.; Riley, J.; Schuessler, R.; Lockridge, R.; Pipkin, M.; Peterson, C.; Hoy, C.; Fensterer, A.; Steigerwald, D.; Stokes, J.; Somers, D.; Hilkin, A.; Lilli, K.; Wallace, W.; Franzwa, B.; Waterman, E.; Copland, M.; Levin, A.; Sioson, L.; Cabezon, E.; Kwan, S.; Roger, D.; Champagne, J.; Bullas, R.; Mazzorato, A.; Spanner, E.; Pierratos, A.; Chan, W.; Regozo, K.; Kwok, S.
2018Effect of interface defects on the magnetoresistance in Bi4Ti3O12/(La, Sr)Mn1−xO3 heterostructuresHuang, H.; Zhai, X.; Wang, J.; Meng, D.; Yun, Y.; Ma, C.; Zheng, X.; Wu, L.; Pan, H.; Fu, Z.; Lu, Y.
2019Effects of spectral and temporal cues to Mandarin concurrent-vowels identification for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listenersFu, Z.; Wu, X.; Chen, J.
2007Evaluation of the clinical application value of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose metabolic imaging using single photon emission computed tomography with coincidence detecting in lymphomaWang, R.; Zhang, X.; Cen, X.; Zhang, C.; Fan, Y.; Fu, Z.
2012F-18-FDG PET for Evaluation of Bone Marrow Involvement in Non-Hodgkin LymphomaWang, R.; Zhang, J.; Fan, Y.; Fu, Z.; Zhang, X.; Liu, M.; Liao, X.; Wang, Y.
Oct-2021Gross Tumor Volume Contouring Variations in Radiation Therapy of Non-Small Cell Lung CancerLiu, Y.; Liu, J. L.; Tan, Z.; Jiang, X.; Wang, L.; Lu, Y.; Fu, X. L.; Song, Q.; Zhao, L.; Yuan, S.; Bi, N.; Xu, Y.; Zhu, Z.; Zhu, G.; Li, J.; Xie, C.; Ma, X.; Xiao, G.; Ge, H.; Liu, H.; Zhao, J.; Liang, J.; Shen, Q.; Xu, Q.; Liu, R.; Zhou, S.; Kong, W.; Zhong, W.; Jin, X.; Wang, Y.; Jiang, Y.; Fu, Z.; Xie, Y.; Cai, J.; Li, Z.; Machtay, M.; Curran, W.; Kong, F. M.
Dec-2021Layout dependent hot-carrier-injection-induced pLDMOS degradation from a non-destructive characterization viewpointZhao, D.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Pang, Z.; Fu, Z.; Zhou, Z.; Liu, F.; Dong, G.; He, Y.
2014Moyamoya syndrome with antiphospholipid antibodies: a case report and literature reviewWang, Z.; Fu, Z.; Wang, J.; Cui, H.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, B.
Nov-2021Occupational burnout among clinical research associates in ChinaFu, Z.; Yuan, Y.; Jiang, M.
2019Power-law behaviour of hourly precipitation intensity and dry spell duration over the United StatesYang, L.; Yang, L.; Franzke, C.L.E.; Franzke, C.L.E.; Fu, Z.
2019Spiral magnetic ordering of the Eu moments in EuNi2As2Jin, W. T.; Qureshi, N.; Bukowski, Z.; Xiao, Y.; Nandi, S.; Babij, M.; Fu, Z.; Su, Y.; Brueckel, Th
2006Study of the size effect on the optical mode frequencies of ZnO nanoparticles with nearly uniform sizeZhang, S. L.; Zhang, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wu, S. N.; Gao, M.; Liu, M.; Chen, J.; Niu, L.; Jiang, J. Z.; Ling, Y.; Wang, Q.; Chen, H.