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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accurate displacement measurement via a self-adaptive digital image correlation method based on a weighted ZNSSD criterionYuan, Yuan; Huang, Jianyong; Peng, Xiaoling; Xiong, Chunyang; Fang, Jing; Yuan, Fan
1-Apr-2020Anisotropic stiffness gradient-regulated mechanical guidance drives directional migration of cancer cellsZhang, Haihui; Lin, Feng; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang
Aug-2022Bioinspired porous microspheres for sustained hypoxic exosomes release and vascularized bone regenerationGao, Yike; Yuan, Zuoying; Yuan, Xiaojing; Wan, Zhuo; Yu, Yingjie; Zhan, Qi; Zhao, Yuming; Han, Jianmin; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang; Cai, Qing
2012CD4+ T Cell Counting by Impedance Measurement on a Chip with Fluidic ElectrodesWang, Shanshan; Wei, Qiong; Zhu, Tao; Huang, Jianyong; Yu, Min; Sha, Yinlin; Xiong, Chunyang; Fang, Jing
2012Cell adhesion nucleation regulated by substrate stiffness: A Monte Carlo studyPeng, Xiaoling; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang; Fang, Jing
2009A cellular force microscopic system for cell mechanics investigationFang, Jing; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang
2012Cellular Traction Force Reconstruction Based on a Self-adaptive Filtering SchemeHuang, Jianyong; Deng, Hao; Peng, Xiaoling; Li, Shanshan; Xiong, Chunyang; Fang, Jing
2009Cellular traction force recovery: An optimal filtering approach in two-dimensional Fourier spaceHuang, Jianyong; Qin, Lei; Peng, Xiaoling; Zhu, Tao; Xiong, Chunyang; Zhang, Youyi; Fang, Jing
2019Chirality Controls Mesenchymal Stem Cell Lineage Diversification through MechanoresponsesWei, Yan; Jiang, Shengjie; Si, Mengting; Zhang, Xuehui; Liu, Jinying; Wang, Zheng; Cao, Cen; Huang, Jianyong; Huang, Houbing; Chen, Lili; Wang, Shutao; Feng, Chuanliang; Deng, Xuliang; Jiang, Lei
Mar-2022Construction of multifunctional cell aggregates in angiogenesis and osteogenesis through incorporating hVE-cad-Fc-modified PLGA/beta-TCP microparticles for enhancing bone regenerationZhang, Linxue; Wan, Zhuo; Yuan, Zuoying; Yang, Jun; Zhang, Yunfan; Cai, Qing; Huang, Jianyong; Zhao, Yuming
Oct-2022Controlled magnesium ion delivery system for in situ bone tissue engineeringYuan, Zuoying; Wan, Zhuo; Gao, Chenyuan; Wang, Yue; Huang, Jianyong; Cai, Qing
1-Oct-2020Ctenophore-inspired hydrogels for efficient and repeatable underwater specific adhesion to biotic surfacesSu, Xing; Luo, Yang; Tian, Zhuoling; Yuan, Zuoying; Han, Yiming; Dong, Runfeng; Xu, Liang; Feng, Yuting; Liu, Xiaozhi; Huang, Jianyong
May-2022Deep learning-based digital volume correlationDuan, Xiaocen; Huang, Jianyong
7-Jun-2022Deep-learning-based 3D cellular force reconstruction directly from volumetric imagesDuan, Xiaocen; Huang, Jianyong
2010Detection of bacterial cells by impedance spectra via fluidic electrodes in a microfluidic deviceZhu, Tao; Pei, Zhenhua; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang; Shi, Shenggen; Fang, Jing
2009Determination of Cellular Tractions on Elastic Substrate Based on an Integral Boussinesq SolutionHuang, Jianyong; Peng, Xiaoling; Qin, Lei; Zhu, Tao; Xiong, Chunyang; Zhang, Youyi; Fang, Jing
2017Digital image correlation based on a fast convolution strategyYuan, Yuan; Zhan, Qin; Xiong, Chunyang; Huang, Jianyong
Jan-2023Digital image correlation based on convolutional neural networksDuan, Xiaocen; Xu, Hongwei; Dong, Runfeng; Lin, Feng; Huang, Jianyong
2016Digital image correlation involves an inverse problem: A regularization scheme based on subset size constraintZhan, Qin; Yuan, Yuan; Fan, Xiangtao; Huang, Jianyong; Xiong, Chunyang; Yuan, Fan
2016Digital image correlation with gray gradient constraints: Application to spatially variant speckle imagesYuan, Yuan; Zhan, Qin; Huang, Jianyong; Fang, Jing; Xiong, Chunyang