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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023BUS : Efficient and Effective Vision-language Pre-training with Bottom-Up Patch Summarization.Jiang, Chaoya; Xu, Haiyang; Ye, Wei; Ye, Qinghao; Li, Chenliang; Yan, Ming; Bi, Bin; Zhang, Shikun; Huang, Fei; Huang, Songfang
2021Combining Graph-Based Learning With Automated Data Collection for Code Vulnerability DetectionWang, Huanting; Ye, Guixin; Tang, Zhanyong; Tan, Shin Hwei; Huang, Songfang; Fang, Dingyi; Feng, Yansong; Bian, Lizhong; Wang, Zheng
2019Cross-language document summarization via extraction and ranking of multiple summariesWan, Xiaojun; Luo, Fuli; Sun, Xue; Huang, Songfang; Yao, Jin-ge
2018Encoding implicit relation requirements for relation extraction: A joint inference approachChen, Liwei; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Luo, Bingfeng; Zhao, Dongyan
2014Encoding relation requirements for relation extraction via joint inferenceChen, Liwei; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Qin, Yong; Zhao, Dongyan
2022From Dense to Sparse: Contrastive Pruning for Better Pre-trained Language Model CompressionXu, Runxin; Luo, Fuli; Wang, Chengyu; Chang, Baobao; Huang, Jun; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2014Joint inference for knowledge base populationChen, Liwei; Feng, Yansong; Mo, Jinghui; Huang, Songfang; Zhao, Dongyan
2018Marrying Up Regular Expressions with Neural Networks: A Case Study for Spoken Language UnderstandingLuo, Bingfeng; Feng, Yansong; Wang, Zheng; Huang, Songfang; Yan, Rui; Zhao, Dongyan
2015Noise-robust semi-supervised learning by large-scale sparse codingLu, Zhiwu; Gao, Xin; Wang, Liwei; Wen, Ji-Rong; Huang, Songfang
2022Probing Structured Pruning on Multilingual Pre-trained Models: Settings, Algorithms, and EfficiencyLi, Yanyang; Luo, Fuli; Xu, Runxin; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei; Wang, Liwei
2015Question Answering via Phrasal Semantic ParsingXu, Kun; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Zhao, Dongyan
2021Raise a Child in Large Language Model: Towards Effective and Generalizable Fine-tuningXu, Runxin; Luo, Fuli; Zhang, Zhiyuan; Tan, Chuanqi; Chang, Baobao; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2021Rethinking Denoised Auto-Encoding in Language Pre-TrainingLuo, Fuli; Yang, Pengcheng; Li, Shicheng; Ren, Xuancheng; Sun, Xu; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2015Semantic interpretation of superlative expressions via structured knowledge basesZhang, Sheng; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Xu, Kun; Han, Zhe; Zhao, Dongyan
2015Semantic relation classification via convolutional neural networks with simple negative samplingXu, Kun; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Zhao, Dongyan
2015Social image parsing by cross-modal data refinementLu, Zhiwu; Gao, Xin; Huang, Songfang; Wang, Liwei; Wen, Ji-Rong
2022Tuning: A Simple Cross-lingual Sub-network Tuning MethodXu, Runxin; Luo, Fuli; Chang, Baobao; Huang, Songfang; Huang, Fei
2015What is the longest river in the USA? Semantic parsing for aggregation questionsXu, Kun; Zhang, Sheng; Feng, Yansong; Huang, Songfang; Zhao, Dongyan