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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-20202D/1D graphitic carbon nitride/titanate nanotubes heterostructure for efficient photocatalysis of sulfamethazine under solar light: Catalytic "hot spots" at the rutile-anatase-titanate interfacesJi, Haodong; Du, Penghui; Zhao, Dongye; Li, Si; Sun, Fengbin; Duin, Evert C.; Liu, Wen
Jun-2022Activation of peracetic acid by metal-organic frameworks (ZIF-67) for efficient degradation of sulfachloropyridazineDuan, Jun; Chen, Long; Ji, Haodong; Li, Peishen; Li, Fan; Liu, Wen
Mar-2021Activation of peroxydisulfate by V-Fe concentrate ore for enhanced degradation of carbamazepine: Surface equivalent to V(III) and equivalent to V(IV) as electron donors promoted the regeneration of equivalent to Fe(II)Lai, Leiduo; Ji, Haodong; Zhang, Heng; Liu, Rui; Zhou, Chenying; Liu, Wen; Ao, Zhimin; Li, Naiwen; Liu, Chao; Yao, Gang; Lai, Bo
1-Jan-2021Adsorptive removal of ciprofloxacin with different dissociated species onto titanate nanotubesJi, Haodong; Wang, Ting; Huang, Taobo; Lai, Bo; Liu, Wen
1-Nov-2023Advancing sustainable phosphorus removal and recovery with Metal-Organic frameworks (MOFs)Gao, Degui; Ji, Haodong; Li, Ruili; Munir, Muhammad Tajammal; Wu, Xiaofeng; Huang, Yuefei; Li, Bing
20-Jan-2022Application of Nanotechnology for Virus Inactivation in Water: Implications for Transmission over line Blocking of the Novel Coronavirus SARS over line CoV over line 2Ji, Haodong; Qi, Juanjuan; Zheng, Maosheng; Dang, Chenyuan; Chen, Long; Huang, Taobo; Liu, Wen
10-Jun-2022Application of Titanate Nanotubes for Photocatalytic Decontamination in Water: Challenges and ProspectsJi, Haodong; Ni, Jinren; Zhao, Dongye; Liu, Wen
15-Jan-2021Bifunctional Bi12O17Cl2/MIL-100(Fe) composites toward photocatalytic Cr(VI) sequestration and activation of persulfate for bisphenol A degradationZhao, Chen; Wang, Jiasheng; Chen, Xi; Wang, Zhihua; Ji, Haodong; Chen, Long; Liu, Wen; Wang, Chong-Chen
2019Co-adsorption of ciprofloxacin and Cu(II) onto titanate nanotubes: Speciation variation and metal-organic complexationXu, Xuming; Liu, Yuxin; Wang, Ting; Ji, Haodong; Chen, Long; Li, Si; Liu, Wen
1-Apr-2022Construction of Z-scheme Ag/AgVO3/carbon-rich g-C3N4 heterojunction for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethiadiazole: DFT calculation and mechanism studyLiu, Zhixin; Liu, Yongdi; Sun, Xianbo; Ji, Haodong; Liu, Wen; Cai, Zhengqing
1-Mar-2024Coupled homogeneous/heterogeneous Fenton-like system to enhance the synchronized decontamination of aqueous tetracycline and <i>Salmonella typhi</i>Yang, Xiaobing; Zeng, Xiangchu; Chen, Hanchun; Xin, Lei; Pan, Junjie; Ji, Haodong; Cheng, Kejun
15-Feb-2021Degradation of acetaminophen by activated peroxymonosulfate using Co (OH)(2) hollow microsphere supported titanate nanotubes: Insights into sulfate radical production pathway through CoOH+ activationChen, Long; Ji, Haodong; Qi, Juanjuan; Huang, Taobo; Wang, Chong-Chen; Liu, Wen
Apr-2020Efficient adsorption of europium (III) and uranium (VI) by titanate nanorings: Insights into radioactive metal speciesZheng, Maosheng; Ji, Haodong; Duan, Jun; Dang, Chenyuan; Chen, Xingmin; Liu, Wen
10-Apr-2024Efficiently Predicting Reaction Rates and Revealing Reactive Sites with a Molecular Image-Vision Transformer and Fukui Function ValidationDing, Wufan; Chen, Hanchun; Ji, Haodong
1-Mar-2022Eliminating tetracycline antibiotics matrix via photoactivated sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation process over the immobilized MIL-88A: Batch and continuous experimentsWang, Jia-Sheng; Yi, Xiao-Hong; Xu, Xingtao; Ji, Haodong; Alanazi, Amer M.; Wang, Chong-Chen; Zhao, Chen; Kaneti, Yusuf Valentino; Wang, Peng; Liu, Wen; Yamauchi, Yusuke
5-Sep-2020Enhanced activation of molecular oxygen and degradation of tetracycline over Cu-S-4 atomic clustersLi, Hui; Sun, Shoutian; Ji, Haodong; Liu, Wen; Shen, Zhurui
2019Enhanced immobilization of U(VI) using a new type of FeS-modified Fe-0 core-shell particlesDuan, Jun; Ji, Haodong; Liu, Wen; Zhao, Xiao; Han, Bing; Tian, Shuting; Zhao, Dongye
2023Enhanced Resonance for Facilitated Modulation of Large-Area Perovskite Films with Stable PhotovoltaicsXu, Ligang; Ji, Haodong; Qiu, Wei; Wang, Xin; Liu, Yan; Li, Yuanhao; Li, Jing; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Daiquan; Wang, Jiexue; Tao, Ye; Li, Meicheng; Chen, Runfeng
1-Sep-2021Experimental evidences and theoretical calculations on phenanthrene degradation in a solar-light-driven photocatalysis system using silica aerogel supported TiO2 nanoparticles: Insights into reactive sites and energy evolutionJi, Haodong; Liu, Wen; Sun, Fengbin; Huang, Taobo; Chen, Long; Liu, Yue; Qi, Juanjuan; Xie, Chenghan; Zhao, Dongye
2019Graphene modified anatase/titanate nanosheets with enhanced photocatalytic activity for efficient degradation of sulfamethazine under simulated solar lightLiu, Xiaona; Ji, Haodong; Li, Si; Liu, Wen