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201217 beta-Estradiol Attenuates Neural Cell Apoptosis Through Inhibition of JNK Phosphorylation in SCI Rats and Excitotoxicity Induced by Glutamate In VitroRong, Wei; Wang, Jun; Liu, Xiaoguang; Jiang, Liang; Wei, Feng; Zhou, Hua; Han, Xiaoguang; Liu, Zhongjun
20123D navigation and monitoring for spinal milling operation based on registration between multiplanar fluoroscopy and CT imagesLuan, Sheng; Wang, Tianmiao; Li, Weishi; Liu, Zhongjun; Jiang, Liang; Hu, Lei
2012Aggressive vertebral hemangioma of the thoracic spine without typical radiological appearanceDang, Lei; Liu, Chen; Yang, Shao Min; Jiang, Liang; Liu, Zhong Jun; Liu, Xiao Guang; Yuan, Hui Shu; Wei, Feng; Yu, Miao
2019Aromaticity versus regioisomeric effect of beta-substituents in porphyrinoidsYao, Yuhang; Rao, Yu; Liu, Yiwei; Jiang, Liang; Xiong, Jin; Fan, Ying-Jie; Shen, Zhen; Sessler, Jonathan L.; Zhang, Jun-Long
15-Aug-2020Association Between Radiographic Spinopelvic Parameters and Health-related Quality of Life in De Novo Degenerative Lumbar Scoliosis and Concomitant Lumbar Spinal StenosisGao, Ang; Wang, Yongqiang; Yu, Miao; Wei, Feng; Jiang, Liang; Liu, Zhongjun; Liu, Xiaoguang
2019Atypical Radiographic Features of Aggressive Vertebral HemangiomasWang, Ben; Zhang, Lihua; Yang, Shaomin; Han, Songbo; Jiang, Liang; Wei, Feng; Yuan, Huishu; Liu, Xiaoguang; Liu, Zhongjun
2012Bog Bilberry Anthocyanin Extract Improves Motor Functional Recovery by Multifaceted Effects in Spinal Cord InjuryWang, Jun; Ma, Chuan; Rong, Wei; Jing, Hao; Hu, Xing; Liu, Xiaoguang; Jiang, Liang; Wei, Feng; Liu, Zhongjun
2016Calcific discitis with giant thoracic disc herniations in adultsXu, Nanfang; Wei, Feng; Liu, Xiaoguang; Jiang, Liang; Liu, Zhongjun
Jun-2022CIC-NUTM1 Sarcomas Affecting the Spine A Subset of CIC-Rearranged Sarcomas Commonly Present in the Axial SkeletonYang, Shaomin; Liu, LiLi; Yan, Yu; Jiang, Liang; Han, Songbo; Shen, Danhua; Zhang, Bo
2015A circumferential decompression-based surgical strategy for multilevel ossification of thoracic posterior longitudinal ligamentHu, Panpan; Yu, Miao; Liu, Xiaoguang; Liu, Zhongjun; Jiang, Liang
2017A Cross-sectional Study on the Symptom Burden of Patients With Spinal Tumor: Validation of the Chinese Version of the MD Anderson Symptom InventorydSpine Tumor ModuleXu, Nanfang; Li, Zhehuang; Wei, Feng; Liu, Xiaoguang; Jiang, Liang; Meng, Na; Jiang, Ping; Yu, Miao; Wu, Fengliang; Dang, Lei; Zhou, Hua; Li, Yan; Liu, Zhongjun
22-Jan-2021Delayed postoperative radiotherapy increases the incidence of radiographic local tumor progression before radiotherapy and leads to poor prognosis in spinal metastasesGong, Yining; Zhuang, Hongqing; Chong, Shan; Shi, Qianyu; Wei, Feng; Liu, Zhongjun; Ouyang, Hanqiang; Liu, Xiaoguang; Jiang, Liang
2014Diagnosis and treatment of vertebral hemangiomas with neurologic deficit: a report of 29 cases and literature reviewJiang, Liang; Liu, Xiao Guang; Yuan, Hui Shu; Yang, Shao Min; Li, Jie; Wei, Feng; Liu, Chen; Dang, Lei; Liu, Zhong Jun
2015Different Approaches for Treating Multilevel Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy: A Retrospective Study of 153 Cases from a Single Spinal CenterLi, Xiumao; Jiang, Liang; Liu, Zhongjun; Liu, Xiaoguang; Zhang, Hua; Zhou, Hua; Wei, Feng; Yu, Miao; Wu, Fengliang
2010Differential Proteomic Profiling of Chordomas and Analysis of Prognostic FactorsZhou, Hua; Chen, Chang-Bao; Lan, Jie; Liu, Chao; Liu, Xiao-Guang; Jiang, Liang; Wei, Feng; Ma, Qing-Jun; Dang, Geng-Ting; Liu, Zhong-Jun
2019Do routine blood test results help in the diagnosis of spine tumors? A retrospective study of the significance of pretreatment neutrophil-to-lymphocyte and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratios from 503 spine tumor patientsLi, Yan; Wang, Ben; Zhou, Siyu; Jiang, Liang; Yang, Shaomin; Liu, Xiaoguang; Wei, Feng; Zhang, Hua; Wang, Yiyuan; Liu, Zhongjun
2007Double pedicle screw instrumentation in the osteoporotic spine - A biomechanical feasibility studyJiang, Liang; Arlet, Vincent; Beckman, Lorne; Steffen, Thomas
2019Efficacy and safety of different fractions in stereotactic body radiotherapy for spinal metastases: A systematic reviewGong, Yining; Xu, Lingyi; Zhuang, Hongqing; Jiang, Liang; Wei, Feng; Liu, Zhongjun; Li, Yan; Yu, Miao; Ni, Kaiwen; Liu, Xiaoguang
May-2020F-18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography in the evaluation of spinal giant cell tumorsSong, Le; Han, Songbo; Zhan, Weifang; Jiang, Liang
2013Fibrous Dysplasia of the Mobile Spine Report of 8 Cases and Review of the LiteratureWu, Feng Liang; Jiang, Liang; Liu, Chen; Yang, Shao Min; Wei, Feng; Dang, Lei; Liu, Xiao Guang; Liu, Zhong Jun