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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Annealing characteristics of ultra-thin high-K HfO2 gate dielectricsHan, DD; Kang, JF; Lin, CH; Han, RQ
1998Anomalous resistance behavior observed across the interface of superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 and ferromagnetic La0.7Ca0.3MnO3Lian, GJ; Wang, ZH; Gao, J; Zhou, YQ; Kang, JF; Li, MY; Xiong, GC
2005Carrier effective mobilities in germanium MOSFET inversion layer investigated by Monte Carlo simulationXia, XL; Du, G; Liu, XY; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
1998The challenges for physical limitations in Si microelectronicsWang, YY; Han, RQ; Liu, XY; Kang, JF
2004Charactcristics of sub-1 nm CVID HfO2 gate dielectrics with HfN electrodcs for advanccd CMOS applicationsKang, JF; Yu, HY; Ren, C; Wang, XP; Li, MF; Chan, DSH; Liu, XY; Han, RQ; Wang, YY; Kwong, DL
2004Characteristics of 25nm MOSFETs with mechanical strain in the channelWu, T; Liu, XY; Du, G; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2001Characteristics of different structure sub-100nm MOSFETs with high-k gate dielectricsLiu, XY; Lou, SZ; Xia, ZL; Guo, DC; Zhu, HW; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2004Computational investigation of velocity overshoot effects in double gate MOSFETsHou, DQ; Xia, ZL; Du, G; Liu, XY; Wang, Y; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2001Crystal-orientation controlled epitaxial CeO2 dielectric thin films on Si(100) substrates using pulsed laser depositionKang, JF; Liu, XY; Lian, GJ; Zhang, ZH; Xiong, GC; Guan, XD; Han, RQ; Wang, YY
2003Direct tunneling current model for MOS devices with ultra-thin gate oxide including quantization effect and polysilicon depletion effectLiu, XY; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2004A dual-metal gate integration process for CMOS with sub-1-nm EOT HfO2 by using HfN replacement gateRen, C; Yu, HY; Kang, JF; Wang, XP; Ma, HHH; Yeo, YC; Chan, DSH; Li, MF; Kwong, DL
1996Effects of film thickness on colossal magnetoresistance in Pr0.7Sr0.3MnO3 filmsXiong, GC; Zhang, B; Wu, SC; Lu, ZX; Kang, JF; Lian, GJ; Dai, DS
2003Electrical properties of Al2O3 gate dielectricsLin, CH; Kang, JF; Han, DD; Tian, DY; Wang, W; Zhang, JH; Liu, M; Liu, XY; Han, RQ
1998Epitaxial growth of CeO2(1 0 0) films on Si(1 0 0) substrates by dual ion beams reactive sputteringKang, JF; Xiong, GC; Lian, GJ; Wang, YY; Han, RQ
2005Evaluations of scaling properties for Ge on insulator MOSFETs in nano-scaleDu, G; Liu, XY; Xia, ZL; Wang, YK; Hou, DQ; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2005Fabrication and characteristics of Ni-germanide Schottky contacts with GeHan, DD; Liu, XY; Kang, JF; Xia, ZL; Du, G; Han, RQ
2004Fabrication and characteristics of Ti- and Ni-germanide Schottky contacts on n-Ge(100) substratesHan, DD; Wang, X; Wang, Y; Tian, DY; Wang, W; Liu, XY; Kang, JF; Han, RQ
2004Fermi pinning-induced thermal instability of metal-gate work functionsYu, HY; Ren, C; Yeo, YC; Kang, JF; Wang, XP; Ma, HHH; Li, MF; Chan, DSH; Kwong, AL
2004Fermi-level pinning induced thermal instability in the effective work function of TaN in TaN/SiO2 gate stackRen, C; Yu, HY; Kang, JF; Hou, YT; Li, ME; Wang, WD; Chan, DSH; Kwong, DL
1998Growth dependencies of epitaxial oxide thin films prepared by pulsed laser depositionXiong, GC; Lian, GJ; Kang, JF; Li, MY