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2019Androgen upregulates the palmitoylation of eIF3L in human prostate LNCaP cellsCui, Luwei; Liu, Ming; Lai, Shicong; Hou, Huimin; Diao, Tongxiang; Zhang, Dalei; Wang, Miao; Zhang, Yaoguang; Wang, Jianye
2017Chronic penetrating renal trauma due to iron wire ingestion An unusual case reportGuo, Xiaoshuang; Lai, Shicong; Chen, Haixin; Tian, Meice; Zhang, Guan
6-May-2020Contasure-needleless single incision slings versus transobturator slings (TOT/TVT-O) for female patients with stress urinary incontinence: a systematic review and meta-analysisLuo, Zhenkai; Jiao, Binbin; Zhao, Hang; Liu, Hailong; Lai, Shicong; Zhang, Guan
2023Development and validation of a nomogram based on geriatric nutritional risk index for predicting prognosis and postoperative complications in surgical patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinomaWu, Pengjie; Liu, Jianyong; Wang, Xinhao; Lai, Shicong; Wang, Jiawen; Wang, Jianye; Wang, Jianlong; Zhang, Yaoguang; Hao, Qiang
Mar-2021Does Xylinas' nomogram accurately predict intravesical recurrence risk after radical nephroureterectomy for primary upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma when applied to Asian populations?Lai, Shicong; Wu, Pengjie; Diao, Tongxiang; Seery, Samuel; Liu, Jianyong; Hou, Huimin; Liu, Ming; Wang, Jianye
2019The efficacy of flexible ureteroscopy lithotripsy and miniaturized percutaneous nephrolithotomy for the treatment of renal and proximal ureteral calculi of 2 cm: A retrospective studyJiao, Binbin; Lai, Shicong; Xu, Xin; Zhang, Meng; Diao, Tongxiang; Zhang, Guan
2017The efficacy of retroperitoneal laparoscopic deroofing of simple renal cyst with perirenal fat tissue wadding technique A retrospective studyLai, Shicong; Xu, Xin; Diao, Tongxiang; Jiao, Binbin; Jiang, Zhaoqiang; Zhang, Guan
19-Sep-2020Immune signature driven by ADT-induced immune microenvironment remodeling in prostate cancer is correlated with recurrence-free survival and immune infiltrationLong, Xingbo; Hou, Huimin; Wang, Xuan; Liu, Shengjie; Diao, Tongxiang; Lai, Shicong; Hu, Maolin; Zhang, Shengqi; Liu, Ming; Zhang, Hong
18-Aug-2022Intravesical recurrence factors and outcome after radical nephroureterectomy for upper tract urothelial carcinoma: Multivariate analysis with propensity score matchingZhao, Hang; Jiao, Binbin; Liu, Kunpeng; Luo, Zhenkai; Ding, Zhenshan; Lai, Shicong; Ren, Jian; Zhang, Guan
Feb-2024A novel model of urosepsis in mice developed by ureteral ligation and injection of Escherichia coli into the renal pelvisHu, Haopu; Yan, Qiuxia; Tang, Xinwei; Lai, Shicong; Qin, Ziyu; Xu, Tao; Zhang, Hong; Hu, Hao
2019Renal cell carcinoma originating in the free wall of simple renal cyst Two unusual case reports with literature reviewLai, Shicong; Jiao, Binbin; Wang, Xiuhong; Xu, Xin; Zhang, Meng; Diao, Tongxiang; Zhang, Guan
2019Sacral Neuromodulation for Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Spinal Cord Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisHu, Maolin; Lai, Shicong; Zhang, Yaoguang; Liu, Ming; Wang, Jianye
Oct-2020Sexual Functions in Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence After Mid-Urethral Sling Surgery: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Prospective Randomized and Non-Randomized StudiesLai, Shicong; Diao, Tongxiang; Zhang, Wei; Seery, Samuel; Zhang, Zhipeng; Hu, Maolin; Meng, Lingfeng; Ma, Tianming; Liu, Xiaodong; Wang, Jianye; Zhang, Yaoguang
18-Dec-2020Single- versus Multiple-Tract Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in the Surgical Management of Staghorn Stones or Complex Caliceal Calculi: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisJiao, Binbin; Ding, Zhenshan; Luo, Zhenkai; Lai, Shicong; Xu, Xin; Chen, Xing; Zhang, Guan
Oct-2020A systematic review and meta-analysis of single- versus multiple-tract percutaneous nephrolithotomy in the surgical management of complex caliceal calculi or staghorn stonesJiao, Binbin; Luo, Zhenkai; Lai, Shicong; Zhang, Guan
2017A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects on Dutasteride Treatment for Reducing Surgical Blood Loss during Transurethral Resection of the ProstateRen, Jian; Lai, Shicong; Jiang, Zhaoqiang; Xu, Xin; Diao, Tongxiang; Thiruchelvam, Nikesh; Zhang, Guan
Mar-2021Tumor thrombus in abdominal aortaLai, Shicong; Diao, Tongxiang; Wang, Jian-Ye; Liu, Ming