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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2021Charcoal evidence for environmental change ca. 3.5 ka and its influence on ancient people in the West Liao River Basin of northeastern ChinaJia, Xin; Wang, Shuzhi; Sun, Yonggang; Li, Yiyin; Jiao, Yanjing; Zhao, Zhijun; Lee, Harry F.
2019Ecology and hydrology of early rice farming: geoarchaeological and palaeo-ecological evidence from the Late Holocene paddy field site at Maoshan, the Lower YangtzeJin, Yuxiang; Mo, Duowen; Li, Yiyin; Ding, Pin; Zong, Yongqiang; Zhuang, Yijie
15-Feb-2022Influence of environmental factors on spatial and temporal variability of allergenic Artemisia pollen in Beijing, ChinaQin, Xiaoxin; Li, Yiyin
2010Palaeoecological records of environmental change and cultural development from the Liangzhu and Qujialing archaeological sites in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze RiverLi, Yiyin; Wu, Jing; Hou, Shufang; Shi, Chenxi; Mo, Duowen; Liu, Bin; Zhou, Liping
2015Pollen production estimates (PPEs) and fall speeds for major tree taxa and relevant source areas of pollen (RSAP) in Changbai Mountain, northeastern ChinaLi, Yiyin; Nielsen, Anne Birgitte; Zhao, Xueqin; Shan, Lingjun; Wang, Shengzhong; Wu, Jing; Zhou, Liping
2017Post-fire dispersal characteristics of charcoal particles in the Daxing'an Mountains of north-east China and their implications for reconstructing past fire activitiesLi, Yiyin; Xu, Xin; Zhao, Pengfei
2019Transport pathway and source area for Artemisia pollen in Beijing, ChinaQin, Xiaoxin; Li, Yiyin; Sun, Xu; Meng, Ling; Wang, Xiaoke