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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Acid-labile, thermoresponsive (meth)acrylamide polymers with pendant cyclic acetal moietiesHuang, Xiao-Nan; Du, Fu-Sheng; Zhang, Bo; Zhao, Ing-Yi; Li, Zi-Chen
2015Acid-Sensitive Polypseudorotaxanes Based on Ortho Ester-Modified Cyclodextrin and Pluronic F-127Ji, Ran; Cheng, Jing; Song, Cheng-Cheng; Du, Fu-Sheng; Liang, De-Hai; Li, Zi-Chen
2011Aggregation-induced microgelation: a new approach to prepare gels in solutionYang, Xuyan; Tong, Yin-Yin; Li, Zi-Chen; Liang, Dehai
2009An all ATRP route to PMMA-PEO-PS and PMAA-PEO-PS miktoarm ABC star terpolymerDong, Yong-Quan; Dong, Bo-Tao; Du, Fu-Sheng; Meng, Jian-Qiang; Li, Zi-Chen
Jan-2023Alternating [1.1.1]Propellane-(Meth)Acrylate Copolymers: A New Class of Dielectrics with High Energy Density for Film CapacitorsCheng, Xiang-Yue; Feng, Qi-Kun; Dang, Zhi-Min; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
2010Aqueous Solution Properties of the Acid-Labile Thermoresponsive Poly(meth)acrylamides with Pendent Cyclic Orthoester GroupsDu, Fu-Sheng; Huang, Xiao-Nan; Chen, Guang-Tao; Lin, Shrong-Shi; Liang, Dehai; Li, Zi-Chen
2013Biocompatible acid-labile polymersomes from PEO-b-PVA derived amphiphilic block copolymersQiao, Zeng-Ying; Cheng, Jing; Ji, Ran; Du, Fu-Sheng; Liang, De-Hai; Ji, Shou-Ping; Li, Zi-Chen
2010Biocompatible Thermoresponsive Polymers with Pendent Oligo(ethylene glycol) Chains and Cyclic Ortho Ester GroupsQiao, Zeng-Ying; Du, Fu-Sheng; Zhang, Rui; Liang, De-Hai; Li, Zi-Chen
2009Block Copolymers of Poly(ethylene oxide) and Poly(vinyl alcohol) Synthesized by the RAFT MethodologyTong, Yin-Yin; Dong, Yong-Quan; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
9-Apr-2021Castor Oil-Based Bioplastics via Polyesterification: Synthesis, Characterization, and FunctionalizationPan, Jun-Lin; Xu, Chu-Ran; Zeng, Fu-Rong; Liang, Yang; Zhang, Tao; Xu, Jing; Li, Zi-Long; Li, Zi-Chen
Jul-2021A Cationic Micelle as In Vivo Catalyst for Tumor-Localized Cleavage ChemistryWang, Chunhong; Hong, Hanyu; Chen, Mengqi; Ding, Zexuan; Rui, Yuchen; Qi, Jianyuan; Li, Zi-Chen; Liu, Zhibo
2013Chemical Synthesis of Functional Poly(4-hydroxybutyrate) with Controlled Degradation via Intramolecular CyclizationZhang, Li-Jing; Deng, Xin-Xing; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
17-Feb-2023Citronella-based polyesters by organocatalyzed ring-opening polymerization and their recyclable crosslinked filmsQin, Kai-Xuan; Li, Shi-Si; Xu, Jing; Li, Zi-Long; Li, Zi-Chen; Cheng, Chunzu
24-May-2022Closed-Loop Recyclable Aliphatic Poly(ester-amide)s with Tunable Mechanical PropertiesGuo, Yu-Ting; Shi, Changxia; Du, Tian-Yi; Cheng, Xiang-Yue; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
2008Co-aggregation process of poly(ethylene oxide)-b-polybutadiene/poly(acrylic acid) based on evolution of interpolymer hydrogen bonding in solutionsBai, Yu; Gao, Wei-Ping; Yan, Jing-Jing; Ma, Yu-Guo; Liang, De-Hai; Li, Zi-Chen; Han, Bing-Yong; Yang, Wan-Tai; Chen, Er-Qiang
2014Combination of ATRA and ATRC for the Synthesis of Periodic Vinyl CopolymersWang, Chun-Hao; Song, Zi-Yuan; Deng, Xin-Xing; Zhang, Li-Jing; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
2014Combination of Orthogonal ABB and ABC Multicomponent Reactions toward Efficient Divergent Synthesis of Dendrimers with Structural DiversityDeng, Xin-Xing; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
2013Complexation of DNA with poly-(L-lysine) and its copolymers in dimethylformamideZhou, Jihan; Ke, Fuyou; Xia, Yuqiong; Sun, Jianbo; Xu, Ning; Li, Zi-Chen; Liang, Dehai
2014Concurrent Oxidation of Alcohols and the Passerini Three-Component Polymerization for the Synthesis of Functional Poly(ester amide)sKan, Xiao-Wei; Deng, Xin-Xing; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen
2010Controlling Polymer Topology by Atom Transfer Radical Self-Condensing Vinyl Polymerization of p-(2-Bromoisobutyloylmethyl)styreneDong, Bo-Tao; Dong, Yong-Quan; Du, Fu-Sheng; Li, Zi-Chen