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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Accuracy and Repeatability of Computer Aided Cervical Vertebra Landmarking in CephalogramChen, Lili; Lan, Zhicong; Xu, Xiangyang; Lin, Jiuxiang; Hu, Huaifei
Aug-2022Accuracy of integration of dental cast and cephalograms compared with cone-beam computed tomography: a comparative studyDai, Fanfan; Chen, Si; Feng, Tingting; Lu, Wenhsuan; Chen, Gui; Jiang, Jiuhui; Jiang, Ruoping; Lin, Jiuxiang; Han, Bing; Xu, Tianmin
Feb-2021Analysis of facial features and prediction of lip position in skeletal class III malocclusion adult patients undergoing surgical-orthodontic treatmentLu, Wenhsuan; Song, Guangying; Sun, Qiannan; Peng, Liying; Zhang, Yunfan; Wei, Yan; Han, Bing; Lin, Jiuxiang
2017Antibacterial Property of a Polyethylene Glycol-Grafted Dental MaterialPeng, Liying; Chang, Li; Liu, Xi; Lin, Jiuxiang; Liu, Hongliang; Han, Bing; Wang, Shutao
Feb-2022Apolipoprotein E is an effective biomarker for orthodontic tooth movement in patients treated with transmission straight wire appliancesZhang, Jieni; Sun, Bohui; Zhao, Huaxiang; Zhang, Ting; He, Danqing; Lin, Jiuxiang; Chen, Feng
2016Assessing the Interdental Septal Thickness in Alveolar Bone Grafting Using Cone Beam Computed TomographyLiu, Luwei; Ma, Lian; Lin, Jiuxiang; Zhang, Chunan; Jia, Yilin
2019Bioinspired Superhydrophobic Ni-Ti Archwires with Resistance to Bacterial Adhesion and Nickel Ion ReleaseLiu, Ruoxi; Liu, Xi; Zhou, Jie; Nie, Qiong; Meng, Jingxin; Lin, Jiuxiang; Wang, Shutao
4-Aug-2020Biological Safe Gold Nanoparticle-Modified Dental Aligner Prevents the Porphyromonas gingivalis Biofilm FormationZhang, Mengqi; Liu, Xiaomo; Xie, Yangzhouyun; Zhang, Qian; Zhang, Wei; Jiang, Xingyu; Lin, Jiuxiang
2013Changes in the surface roughness and friction coefficient of orthodontic bracket slots before and after treatmentLiu, Xiaomo; Lin, Jiuxiang; Ding, Peng
2012Changes of pharyngeal airway size and hyoid bone position following orthodontic treatment of Class I bimaxillary protrusionWang, Qingzhu; Jia, Peizeng; Anderson, Nina K.; Wang, Lin; Lin, Jiuxiang
2010Clinical study of frontal chewing patterns in various crossbite malocclusionsNie, Qiong; Kanno, Zuisei; Xu, Tianmin; Lin, Jiuxiang; Soma, Kunimichi
2019Comparison of TiN and CNx coatings on orthodontic stainless steel: Tribological and biological evaluationZhang, Mengqi; Liu, Xiaomo; Shang, Hongfei; Lin, Jiuxiang
2007Dental arch width stability after quadhelix and edgewise treatment in complete unilateral cleft lip and palateLi, Weiran; Lin, Jiuxiang
Sep-2021Dynamic Change in Oral Microbiota of Children With Cleft Lip and Palate After Alveolar Bone GraftingZhang, Kejia; Zhou, Xuan; Qin, Jinwei; Zhang, Weibing; Pan, Yongchu; Wang, Hua; Lin, Jiuxiang; Liu, Luwei; Jia, Yilin
2013Effects of bracket design on critical contact angleLiu, Xiaomo; Ding, Peng; Lin, Jiuxiang
2014Exosome Analysis: A Promising Biomarker System with Special Attention to SalivaZheng, Xiaowen; Chen, Feng; Zhang, Jieni; Zhang, Qian; Lin, Jiuxiang
2017Exploring the Genomic Diversity and Cariogenic Differences of Streptococcus mutans Strains Through Pan-Genome and Comparative Genome AnalysisMeng, Peiqi; Lu, Chang; Zhang, Qian; Lin, Jiuxiang; Chen, Feng
4-Jun-2020Functional Characterization of a Novel IRF6 Frameshift Mutation From a Van Der Woude Syndrome FamilyZhang, Mengqi; Zhang, Jieni; Zhao, Huaxiang; Ievlev, Vitaly; Zhong, Wenjie; Huang, Wenbin; Cornell, Robert A.; Lin, Jiuxiang; Chen, Feng
1-Jan-2021Functional identification of a rare vascular endothelial growth factor a (VEGFA) variant associating with the nonsyndromic cleft lip with/without cleft palateSun, Bohui; Liu, Yangjia; Huang, Wenbin; Zhang, Qian; Lin, Jiuxiang; Li, Weiran; Zhang, Jieni; Chen, Feng
26-Feb-2020Hydrogel-Coated Dental Device with Adhesion-Inhibiting and Colony-Suppressing PropertiesPeng, Liying; Chang, Li; Si, Mengting; Lin, Jiuxiang; Wei, Yan; Wang, Shutao; Liu, Hongliang; Han, Bing; Jiang, Lei