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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A 0.8V CMOS bandgap voltage reference designZhang, Bolun; Cui, Xiaole; Zhang, Yifan; Yang, Chun; Xiao, Ying; Lin, Xinnan
2015A 250MHz Programmable Gain Amplifier for low power UWB receiversLi, Binbin; Cui, Xiaole; Wang, Hao; Xiao, Ying; Lin, Xinnan
20143-D Resistance Model for Phase-Change Memory CellChen, Yihan; Kwong, Kit Chu; Lin, Xinnan; Song, Zhitang; Chan, Mansun
20073-Dimensional integration for interconnect reduction in for nano-CMOS technologiesChan, Mansun; Zhang, Shengdong; Lin, Xinnan; Wu, Xusheng; Chan, Philip C.-H.
1-Aug-2021Abnormal threshold voltage shifts in p-channel low temperature polycrystalline silicon TFTs under deep UV irradiationCheng, Hong; Lin, Xinnan
5-May-2024Accelerating B-site cation ordering-disordering transition and improving dielectric properties of Ba(Co,Zn)<sub>1/3</sub>Nb<sub>2/3</sub>O<sub>3</sub> complex perovskite microwave ceramics by CuO dopingLi, Hao; Liu, Fei; Chang, Kuan-Chang; Lin, Xinnan; Liu, Shaojun
2015Accurate Description of Temperature Accelerated NBTI Effect Using the Universal Prediction ModelSun, Fu; Ma, Chenyue; Lin, Xinnan
2015Accurate description of temperature accelerated NBTI effect using the universal prediction modelSun, Fu; Ma, Chenyue; Lin, Xinnan
Jul-2021Achieving complementary resistive switching and multi-bit storage goals by modulating the dual-ion reaction through supercritical fluid-assisted ammoniationLi, Lei; Dai, Tianjiao; Liu, Kai; Chang, Kuan-Chang; Zhang, Rui; Lin, Xinnan; Liu, Heng-Jui; Lai, Ying-Chih; Kuo, Tzu-Peng
2016An Algorithm of Training Sample Selection for Integrated Circuit Device Modeling Based on Artificial Neural NetworksZhang, Zhiyuan; Cui, Xiaole; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Lining
1-Aug-2022All-HKMG-bounded SCR for advanced ESD protection in 14 nm FinFET technologyDu, Feibo; Xie, Tiantian; Wang, Jun; Chang, Kuan-Chang; Lin, Xinnan; Hou, Fei; Chen, Ruibo; Han, Aoran; Liu, Zhiwei
2016Analysis of 1/f Noise for Polycrystalline Silicon TFTs Considering Mobility Power-Law ParameterHe, Hongyu; Liu, Yuan; Wang, Hao; Lin, Xinnan; Zheng, Xueren; Zhang, Shengdong
2010Analytic modeling of BioFET as a pH sensorSong, Yuanyuan; Guan, Yan; Zhang, Jian; He, Jin; Zhang, Xing; Lin, Xinnan
2012An Analytical Charge Model for Double-Gate Tunnel FETsZhang, Lining; Lin, Xinnan; He, Jin; Chan, Mansun
2016Analytical Current Model for Long-Channel Junctionless Double-Gate MOSFETsLin, Xinnan; Zhang, Baili; Xiao, Ying; Lou, Haijun; Zhang, Lining; Chan, Mansun
2020Analytical Drain Current and Capacitance Model for Amorphous InGaZnO TFTs Considering Temperature CharacteristicsHe, Hongyu; Xiong, Chao; Yin, Junli; Wang, Xinlin; Lin, Xinnan; Zhang, Shengdong
2017Analytical Drain Current Model for Amorphous InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors at Different Temperatures Considering Both Deep and Tail Trap StatesHe, Hongyu; Liu, Yuan; Yan, Binghui; Lin, Xinnan; Zheng, Xueren; Zhang, Shengdong
2016Analytical Drain Current Model for Organic Thin-Film Transistors at Different Temperatures Considering Both Deep and Tail Trap StatesHe, Hongyu; Liu, Yuan; Yan, Binghui; Lin, Xinnan; Zheng, Xueren; Zhang, Shengdong
2014Analytical model of the subthreshold behavior in short-channel junctionless cylindrical surrounding-gate mosfetsZhang, Baili; Lou, Haijun; Li, Dan; Lin, Xinnan; Chan, Mansun
2010Analytical solution of subthreshold channel potential of gate underlap cylindrical gate-all-around MOSFETZhang, Lining; Ma, Chenyue; He, Jin; Lin, Xinnan; Chan, Mansun