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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Accelerated Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers: An Optimal O(1/K) Nonergodic AnalysisLi, Huan; Lin, Zhouchen
Nov-2020Accelerated First-Order Optimization Algorithms for Machine LearningLi, Huan; Fang, Cong; Lin, Zhouchen
2015Accelerated proximal gradient methods for nonconvex programmingLi, Huan; Lin, Zhouchen
1-Dec-2021Accelerated Variance Reduction Stochastic ADMM for Large-Scale Machine LearningLiu, Yuanyuan; Shang, Fanhua; Liu, Hongying; Kong, Lin; Jiao, Licheng; Lin, Zhouchen
2019ADA-Tucker: Compressing deep neural networks via adaptive dimension adjustment tucker decompositionZhong, Zhisheng; Wei, Fangyin; Lin, Zhouchen; Zhang, Chao
2014Adaptive Partial Differential Equation Learning for Visual Saliency DetectionLiu, Risheng; Cao, Junjie; Lin, Zhouchen; Shan, Shiguang
2015Adaptive sharing for image classificationShen, Li; Sun, Gang; Lin, Zhouchen; Huang, Qingming; Wu, Enhua
1999An anisotropic diffusion PDE for noise reduction and thin edge preservationLin, Zhouchen; Shi, Qingyun
2019The Augmented Homogeneous Coordinates Matrix-Based Projective Mismatch Removal for Partial-Duplicate Image SearchZheng, Yan; Lin, Zhouchen
2016Automatic Design of Color Filter Arrays in the Frequency DomainBai, Chenyan; Li, Jia; Lin, Zhouchen; Yu, Jian
2017Automatic Design of High-Sensitivity Color Filter Arrays With Panchromatic PixelsLi, Jia; Bai, Chenyan; Lin, Zhouchen; Yu, Jian
2013Bases sorting: Generalizing the concept of frequency for over-complete dictionariesLi, Chun-Guang; Lin, Zhouchen; Guo, Jun
2017Bilevel Model-Based Discriminative Dictionary Learning for RecognitionZhou, Pan; Zhang, Chao; Lin, Zhouchen
2023Bilevel optimization for automated machine learning: a new perspective on framework and algorithmLiu, Risheng; Lin, Zhouchen
2018Bilinear Factor Matrix Norm Minimization for Robust PCA: Algorithms and ApplicationsShang, Fanhua; Cheng, James; Liu, Yuanyuan; Luo, Zhi-Quan; Lin, Zhouchen
2018Binary Multidimensional Scaling for HashingHuang, Yameng; Lin, Zhouchen
2020Boosted Histogram Transform for RegressionCai, Yuchao; Hang, Hanyuan; Yang, Hanfang; Lin, Zhouchen
2022CerDEQ: Certifiable Deep Equilibrium ModelLi, Mingjie; Wang, Yisen; Lin, Zhouchen
2022CerDEQ: Certifiable Deep Equilibrium ModelLi, Mingjie; Wang, Yisen; Lin, Zhouchen
2021Channel-Weighted Squeeze-and-Excitation Networks For Epileptic Seizure DetectionKe, Nan; Lin, Tong; Lin, Zhouchen