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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Cell-Surface Marker Signature for Enrichment of Ventricular Cardiomyocytes Derived from Human Embryonic Stem CellsVeevers, Jennifer; Farah, Elie N.; Corselli, Mirko; Witty, Alec D.; Palomares, Karina; Vidal, Jason G.; Emre, Nil; Carson, Christian T.; Ouyang, Kunfu; Liu, Canzhao; van Vliet, Patrick; Zhu, Maggie; Hegarty, Jeffrey M.; Deacon, Dekker C.; Grinstein, Jonathan D.; Dirschinger, Ralf J.; Frazer, Kelly A.; Adler, Eric D.; Knowlton, Kirk U.; Chi, Neil C.; Martin, Jody C.; Chen, Ju; Evans, Sylvia M.
20-Aug-2020Homozygous G650del nexilin variant causes in miceLiu, Canzhao; Spinozzi, Simone; Feng, Wei; Chen, Ze'e; Zhang, Lunfeng; Zhu, Siting; Wu, Tongbin; Fang, Xi; Ouyang, Kunfu; Evans, Sylvia M.; Chen, Ju
2017Loss-of-function mutations in co-chaperone BAG3 destabilize small HSPs and cause cardiomyopathyFang, Xi; Bogomolovas, Julius; Wu, Tongbin; Zhang, Wei; Liu, Canzhao; Veevers, Jennifer; Stroud, Matthew J.; Zhang, Zhiyuan; Ma, Xiaolong; Mu, Yongxin; Lao, Dieu-Hung; Dalton, Nancy D.; Gu, Yusu; Wang, Celine; Wang, Michael; Liang, Yan; Lange, Stephan; Ouyang, Kunfu; Peterson, Kirk L.; Evans, Sylvia M.; Chen, Ju
Sep-2021Mediator complex proximal Tail subunit MED30 is critical for Mediator core stability and cardiomyocyte transcriptional networkTan, Changming; Zhu, Siting; Chen, Zee; Liu, Canzhao; Li, Yang E.; Zhu, Mason; Zhang, Zhiyuan; Zhang, Zhiwei; Zhang, Lunfeng; Gu, Yusu; Liang, Zhengyu; Boyer, Thomas G.; Ouyang, Kunfu; Evans, Sylvia M.; Fang, Xi
2019Nexilin Is a New Component of Junctional Membrane Complexes Required for Cardiac T-Tubule FormationLiu, Canzhao; Spinozzi, Simone; Chen, Zia-Yu; Fang, Xi; Feng, Wei; Perkins, Guy; Cattaneo, Paola; Guimaraes-Camboa, Nuno; Dalton, Nancy D.; Peterson, Kirk L.; Wu, Tongbin; Ouyang, Kunfu; Fu, Xiang-Dong; Evans, Sylvia M.; Chen, Ju
Jul-2020Nexilin Is Necessary for Maintaining the Transverse-Axial Tubular System in Adult CardiomyocytesSpinozzi, Simone; Liu, Canzhao; Chen, Ze'e; Feng, Wei; Zhang, Lunfeng; Ouyang, Kunfu; Evans, Sylvia M.; Chen, Ju