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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A 0.05pJ/p-mV 5th-derivative pulse generator for full-band IRUWB transceiver in 0.18m CMOSWang, X.; Fan, S.; Qin, B.; Lin, L.; Fang, Q.; Zhao, H.; Tang, H.; Liu, J.; Shi, Z.; Wang, A.; Yang, L.; Cheng, Y.
20090.5 V ultra-low power wideband LNA with forward body bias techniqueLiu, J.; Liao, H.; Huang, R.
20101.8 dB NF 3.6 mW CMOS active balun low noise amplifier for GPSJi, Y.; Wang, C.; Liu, J.; Liao, H.
201614,15-epoxyeicosatrienoic acid promotes production of brain derived neurotrophic factor from astrocytes and exerts neuroprotective effects during ischaemic injuryYuan, L.; Liu, J.; Dong, R.; Zhu, J.; Tao, C.; Zheng, R.; Zhu, S.
201014.4 nW fourth-order bandpass filter for biomedical applicationsYang, M.; Liu, J.; Xiao, Y.; Liao, H.
2013460 mu W 32 dB image rejection ratio second-order active-RC complex filter with improved power efficient opampWang, J.; Ye, L.; Chen, L.; Liu, J.; Liao, H.
2008Acceleration of macroscopic particle to hypervelocity by high intensity beamsLei, Y.A.; Liu, J.
2018Adaptive Batch Normalization for practical domain adaptationLi, Y.; Wang, N.; Shi, J.; Hou, X.; Liu, J.
2011Adiabatic geometric phase in the nonlinear coherent couplerZhang, L. D.; Fu, L. B.; Liu, J.
2017Aerosol and boundary-layer interactions and impact on air qualityLi, Z.; Guo, J.; Ding, A.; Liao, H.; Liu, J.; Sun, Y.; Wang, T.; Xue, H.; Zhang, H.; Zhu, B.
2014An-jun-ning, a traditional herbal formula, attenuates spontaneous withdrawal symptoms via modulation of the dopamine system in morphine-dependent ratsTu, A. S.; Gao, L. J.; Xu, S.; Liu, J.; Zhang, M. J.; Huang, Y.; Han, M.; Liang, H. J.
2014Analysis of transpacific transport of black carbon during HIPPO-3: implications for black carbon agingShen, Z.; Liu, J.; Horowitz, L. W.; Henze, D. K.; Fan, S.; Levy, H., II; Mauzerall, D. L.; Lin, J.T.; Tao, S.
2017Association of Epstein-Barr virus reactivation with the recovery of CD4/CD8 double-negative T lymphocytes after haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantationBian, Z.; Liu, J.; Xu, L-P; Chang, Y-J; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X-H; Huang, X-J
2006Association of preconceptional health care utilization and early initiation of prenatal careLiu, Y.; Liu, J.; Ye, R.; Li, Z.
2015Association of Resting Heart Rate with Infrarenal Aortic Diameter: A Cross Sectional Study in Chinese Hypertensive AdultsWei, R.; Liu, L. S.; Wang, L. W.; Li, Y. B.; Zhang, T.; Liu, J.; Zuo, S. W.; Jia, S. H.; Song, Y. X.; Wu, Z. Y.; Duan, C.; Ge, Y. Y.; Li, H. B.; Xiong, J.; Jia, X.; Wang, X.; Kong, W.; Xu, X. P.; Guo, W.; Huo, Y.
2013Asymmetric Molecular Imaging through Decoding Odd-Even High-Order HarmonicsChen, Y. J.; Fu, L. B.; Liu, J.
2013Atorvastatin overcomes gefitinib resistance in KRAS mutant human non-small cell lung carcinoma cellsChen, J.; Bi, H.; Hou, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, C.; Yue, L.; Wen, X.; Liu, D.; Shi, H.; Yuan, J.; Liu, J.; Liu, B.
2017Auto-colorization of 3D Models from ImagesLiu, J.; Lian, Z.; Xiao, J.
2015Average thermodynamic and spectral properties of plasma in and around dipolarizing flux bundlesRunov, A.; Angelopoulos, V.; Gabrielse, C.; Liu, J.; Turner, D. L.; Zhou, X.Z.
2011Berry phase and Hannay angle of an interacting boson systemLi, S. C.; Liu, J.; Fu, L. B.