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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
200214.3-3 gamma proteins associate with phosphorylated GFAP and regulate IF dynamics in the astrocytesChen, J; Guo, Y; Lu, Z; Yu, A; Ding, M
2005Azimuthal asymmetry in unpolarized pi N Drell-Yan processLu, Z; Ma, BQ
1999Body size, body proportions and encephalization in the Jinniushan specimenRosenberg, KR; Lu, Z; Ruff, CB
2001Ecology - Giant pandas in a changing landscapeLoucks, CJ; Lu, Z; Dinerstein, E; Wang, H; Olson, DM; Zhu, CQ; Wang, DJ
2005A framework for testing Web services and its supporting toolHong, M; Lu, Z
2003The giant pandas of the Qinling Mountains, China: A case study in designing conservation landscapes for elevational migrantsLoucks, CJ; Lu, Z; Dinerstein, E; Wang, DJ; Fu, DL; Wang, H
2004Nonzero transversity distribution of the pion in a quark-spectator-antiquark modelLu, Z; Ma, BQ
2006On the cos 2 phi asymmetry in unpolarized leptoproductionBarone, V; Lu, Z; Ma, BQ
2001Patterns of genetic diversity in remaining giant panda populationsLu, Z; Johnson, WE; Menotti-Raymond, M; Yuhki, N; Martenson, JS; Mainka, S; Shi-Qiang, H; Zhihe, Z; Li, GH; Pan, WS; Mao, XR; O'Brien, SJ
2005Single-walled carbon nanotube-based coaxial nanowires: Synthesis, characterization, and electrical propertiesZhang, XT; Lu, Z; Wen, MT; Liang, H; Zhang, J; Liu, ZF
2004Sivers function in light-cone quark model and azimuthal spin asymmetries in pion electroproductionLu, Z; Ma, BQ
2002Synthesis and structural characterization of nonanuclear lanthanide complexesXu, G; Wang, ZM; He, Z; Lu, Z; Liao, CS; Yan, CH