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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The 27-plet baryons with spin 3/2 under SU(3) symmetryZhou, Qihua; Ma, Bo-Qiang
Jul-2021Analyzing Transverse Momentum Spectra of Pions, Kaons and Protons in p-p, p-A and A-A Collisions via the Blast-Wave Model with FluctuationsLao, Hai-Ling; Liu, Fu-Hu; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2015Angular momentum decomposition from a QED exampleLiu, Tianbo; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2012Azimuthal asymmetries in lepton-pair production at a fixed-target experiment using the LHC beams (AFTER)Liu, Tianbo; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2011Azimuthal asymmetries in single polarized proton-proton Drell-Yan processesLu, Zhun; Ma, Bo-Qiang; Zhu, Jiacai
2011B-c meson rare decays in the light-cone quark modelWang, Teng; Liu, Tianbo; Zhang, Da-Xin; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2015Baryon properties from light-front holographic QCDLiu, Tianbo; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2014Baryon spectrum in a finite-temperature AdS/QCD modelLi, Zhi; Ma, Bo-Qiang
Jul-2021Boer-Mulders function of the pion and pretzelosity distribution of the proton in the polarized pion-proton Drell-Yan process at COMPASSLiu, Xiaonan; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2012Boer-Mulders function of the pion in the MIT bag modelLu, Zhun; Ma, Bo-Qiang; Zhu, Jiacai
2011Bose and Fermi gases in the early Universe with self-gravitational effectNiu, Yuezhen; Huang, Junwu; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2019Bounding the mass of graviton in a dynamic regime with binary pulsarsMiao, Xueli; Shao, Lijing; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2011The CDF dijet excess from intrinsic quarksHe, Xiao-Gang; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2011Collins effect in semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering process with a He-3 targetShe, Jun; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2019Consistent Lorentz violation features from near-TeV IceCube neutrinosHuang, Yanqi; Li, Hao; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2009Constraints on Lorentz invariance violation from gamma-ray burst GRB090510xiao, Zhi; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2012Correlating lepton mixing angles and mixing maxtrix with Wolfenstein parametersZhang, Xinyi; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2008cos2 phi asymmetries in unpolarized semi-inclusive DISZhang, Bing; Lu, Zhun; Ma, Bo-Qiang; Schmidt, Ivan
2007The cos2 phi asymmetry of Drell-Yan and J/psi production in unpolarized p(p)over-bar scatteringBarone, V.; Lu, Zhun; Ma, Bo-Qiang
2013The cos2 phi azimuthal asymmetry of unpolarized dilepton production in p(p)over-bar collisions around Z-resonanceLiu, Tianbo; Ma, Bo-Qiang