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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Accessibility of Catering Service Venues and Adolescent Drinking in Beijing, ChinaLu, Shijun; Du, Songming; Ren, Zhoupeng; Zhao, Jing; Chambers, Christina; Wang, Jinfeng; Ma, Guansheng
20-Jun-2022Acute Water Supplementation Improved the Body Composition of Young Female Adults After Water Restriction of 12 h in Baoding, China: A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)Zhang, Jianfen; Zhang, Na; Du, Songming; Liu, Shufang; Ma, Guansheng
2016Alcoholic beverage preferences and associated drinking patterns by socioeconomic status among high-school drinkers in three metropolises of ChinaLu, Shijun; Du, Songming; Zhang, Qian; Hu, Xiaoqi; Chen, Siyu; Wang, Zhengyuan; Lu, Lixin; Ma, Guansheng
Nov-2023The Amount of Fluid Intake among Pregnant Women in China Increases with Pregnancy Progression: A Prospective Cohort StudySong, Yongye; Zhang, Fan; Wang, Xing; Lin, Guotian; He, Limin; Lin, Zhixiong; Zhang, Na; Ma, Guansheng
2019The amounts and contributions of total drinking fluids and water from food to total water intake of young adults in Baoding, ChinaZhang, Jianfen; Zhang, Na; Liang, Shuxin; Wang, Yan; Liu, Shuzhuo; Liu, Shufang; Du, Songming; He, Hairong; Xu, Yifan; Cai, Hao; Guo, Xiaohui; Ma, Lixin; Ma, Guansheng
5-Jan-2024Analysis on fluid intake and urination behaviors among the elderly in five cities in China: a cross-sectional studySong, Yongye; Zhang, Yue; Liu, Yan; Zhang, Jianfen; Lu, Junbo; Wang, Xing; Zhang, Na; Ma, Guansheng
14-Jun-2022The Association Between Family Environment and Adolescent Alcohol Drinking Behavior: A Cross-Sectional Study of Six Chinese CitiesChi, Ruixin; Lu, Shijun; Zhang, Na; Zhang, Man; Guo, Kaiwei; Du, Songming; Guo, Jing; Hu, Xiaoqi; Ma, Guansheng
Mar-2024The association between hydration state and the metabolism of phospholipids and amino acids among young adults: a metabolomic analysisLin, Yongwei; Zhang, Na; Zhang, Jianfen; Lu, Junbo; Liu, Shufang; Ma, Guansheng
Oct-2020Association between Neighborhood Food Environment and Body Mass Index among Older Adults in Beijing, China: A Cross-Sectional StudyZhang, Man; Guo, Wen; Zhang, Na; He, Hairong; Zhang, Yu; Zhou, Mingzhu; Zhang, Jianfen; Li, Muxia; Ma, Guansheng
2019Association between the content of intracellular and extracellular fluid and the amount of water intake among Chinese college studentsZhang, Na; Zhang, Jianfen; Du, Songming; He, Hairong; Yu, Xinyu; Ma, Guansheng
Jan-2023The Association between the School Environment and Adolescent Alcohol Drinking Behavior in Six Cities in ChinaChi, Ruixin; Lu, Shijun; Zhang, Na; Zhang, Man; Guo, Kaiwei; Du, Songming; Guo, Jing; Ma, Guansheng
7-Feb-2020Associations between hydration state and pregnancy complications, maternal-infant outcomes: protocol of a prospective observational cohort studyZhang, Na; Zhang, Fan; Chen, Su; Han, Feng; Lin, Guotian; Zhai, Yufei; He, Hairong; Zhang, Jianfen; Ma, Guansheng
2019Changes in Eating Behaviors of Pupils in China between 1998, 2008 and 2015Zhang, Man; Yan, Xinyu; Li, Yibin; Ma, Guansheng
2019Childhood Obesity in China: Challenges and OpportunitiesMa, Guansheng; Zhang, Na
Feb-2020The Clustering of Low Diet Quality, Low Physical Fitness, and Unhealthy Sleep Pattern and Its Association with Changes in Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in ChildrenShang, Xianwen; Li, Yanping; Xu, Haiquan; Zhang, Qian; Liu, Ailing; Ma, Guansheng
6-Jan-2021The comparison of water intake patterns and hydration biomarkers among young adults with different hydration statuses in Hebei, ChinaZhang, Jianfen; Zhang, Na; Liu, Shufang; Du, Songming; He, Hairong; Ma, Guansheng
2017Comprehensive school-based intervention to control overweight and obesity in China: a cluster randomized controlled trialXu, Haiquan; Li, Yanping; Zhang, Qian; Hu, Xiaoqi; Liu, Ailing; Du, Songming; Li, Tingyu; Guo, Hongwei; Li, Ying; Xu, Guifa; Liu, Weijia; Ma, Jun; Ma, Guansheng
23-Oct-2020Cost-utility and cost-benefit analyses of school-based obesity prevention programXu, Haiquan; Li, Yanping; Du, Songming; Zhang, Qian; Liu, Ailing; Sun, Junmao; Ma, Guansheng
2013The Costs and Cost-Effectiveness of a School-Based Comprehensive Intervention Study on Childhood Obesity in ChinaMeng, Liping; Xu, Haiquan; Liu, Ailing; van Raaij, Joop; Bemelmans, Wanda; Hu, Xiaoqi; Zhang, Qian; Du, Songming; Fang, Hongyun; Ma, Jun; Xu, Guifa; Li, Ying; Guo, Hongwei; Du, Lin; Ma, Guansheng
23-Sep-2022Dehydration and rehydration affect brain regional density and homogeneity among young male adults, determined via magnetic resonance imaging: A pilot self-control trialZhang, Na; Zhang, Jianfen; Du, Songming; Ma, Guansheng