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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Breakdown of QCD factorization for P-wave quarkonium production at low transverse momentumMa, J. P.; Wang, J. X.; Zhao, S.
2012Collinear factorization for single transverse-spin asymmetry in Drell-Yan processesMa, J. P.; Sang, H. Z.; Zhu, S. J.
2013Dynamic Evaluation of Intertidal Wetland Sediment Quality in a Bay SystemLei, L.; Sun, J. S.; Borthwick, A. G. L.; Fang, Y.; Ma, J. P.; Ni, J. R.
2017Evolution of chirality-odd twist-3 fragmentation functionsMa, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
2015Gauge invariance and QCD twist-3 factorization for single spin asymmetriesMa, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
2019Gluon GPDs and exclusive photoproduction of quarkonium in forward regionCui, Z. L.; Hu, M. C.; Ma, J. P.
2017Light-cone singularities and transverse-momentum-dependent factorization at twist-3Chen, A. P.; Ma, J. P.
5-Nov-2021Matching of fracture functions for SIDIS in target fragmentation regionChen, K. B.; Ma, J. P.; Tong, X. B.
2011N(N)over-bar scattering at next-to-leading order in an effective theoryChen, G. Y.; Ma, J. P.
2010Near threshold enhancement of p(p)over-bar system and p(p)over-bar elastic scatteringChen, G. Y.; Dong, H. R.; Ma, J. P.
2019A note on Pretzelosity TMD parton distributionChai, X. P.; Chen, K. B.; Ma, J. P.
10-Dec-2020On the singular behavior of the chirality-odd twist-3 parton distribution e(x)Ma, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
2008On two-body decays of a scalar glueballChao, K. T.; He, Xiao-Gang; Ma, J. P.
2018One-loop corrections of single spin asymmetries in semi-inclusive DISChen, A. P.; Ma, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
2017One-loop corrections to single spin asymmetries at twist-3 in Drell-Yan processesChen, A. P.; Ma, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
10-Sep-2021Parton interpretation and twist-4 parton distributionsMa, J. P.; Pa, Z. Y.; Zhang, G. P.
2009Physics at BES-IIIAsner, D. M.; Barnes, T.; Bian, J. M.; Bigi, I. I.; Brambilla, N.; Boyko, I. R.; Bytev, V.; Chao, K. T.; Charles, J.; Chen, H. X.; Chen, J. C.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y. Q.; Cheng, H. Y.; Dedovich, D.; Descotes-Genon, S.; Fu, C. D.; Garcia i Tormo, X.; Gao, Y.N.; He, K. L.; He, Z. G.; Hu, J. F.; Hu, H. M.; Huang, B.; Jia, Y.; Jin, H.Y.; Jin, S.; Kuang, Y. P.; Lacker, H.; Li, H. B.; Li, J. L.; Li, W. D.; Li, X. Y.; Liu, B. J.; Liu, H. H.; Liu, J.; Ma, H. L.; Ma, J. P.; Mao, Y. J.; Mo, X. H.; Olsen, S. L.; Pich, A.; Pineda, A.; Ping, R. G.; Qiao, C. F.; Qin, G
2008Production of X(3872) at PANDAChen, G. Y.; Ma, J. P.
2014QCD corrections of all structure functions in transverse momentum dependent factorization for Drell-Yan processesMa, J. P.; Zhang, G. P.
2013QCD evolutions of twist-3 chirality-odd operatorsMa, J. P.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, G. P.