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22-Nov-20230νββ-decay nuclear matrix elements in self-consistent Skyrme quasiparticle random-phase approximation: Uncertainty from pairing interactionLv, W. -L; Niu, Y. -F.; Fang, D. -L.; Yao, J. -M.; Bai, C. -L.; Meng, J.
2019Adherence to a healthy lifestyle and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Chinese adults: A 10-year prospective study of 0.5 million peopleZhu, N.; Liu, F.; Lu, Y.; Ma, L.; Tang, A.; Zhang, S.; Jin, J.; Liu, J.; Tang, Z.; Chen, N.; Huang, Y.; Li, M.; Chen, J.; Meng, J.; Pan, R.; Jiang, Q.; Lan, J.; Liu, Y.; Wei, L.; Zhou, L.; Wang, N.C.P.; Meng, F.; Qin, Y.; Chen, Z.; Wang, S.; Wu, X.; Zhang, N.; Chen, X.; Zhou, W.; Luo, G.; Li, J.; Zhong, X.; Liu, J.; Sun, Q.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Lv, J.; Ge, P.; Ren, X.; Dong, C.; Zhang, H.; Mao, E.; Wang, X.; Wang, T.; Zang, X.; Zhang, D.; Zhou, G.; Li, L.; Feng, S.; Chang, L.; Fan, L.; Gao, Y.; He, T.; Sun, H.; He, P.; Hu, C.; Zhang, X.; Wu, H.; Clarke, R.; Yu, M.; Hu, R.; Wang, H.; Qian, Y.; Wang, C.; Xie, K.; Chen, L.; Zhang, Y.; Pan, D.; Gu, Q.; Collins, R.; Huang, Y.; Chen, B.; Yin, L.; Liu, H.; Fu, Z.; Xu, Q.; Xu, X.; Zhang, H.; Long, H.; Li, X.; Peto, R.; Zhang, L.; Qiu, Z.; Walters, R.; Avery, D.; Yu, C.; Boxall, R.; Bennett, D.; Chang, Y.; Gilbert, S.; Hacker, A.; Hill, M.; Holmes, M.; Iona, A.; Kartsonaki, C.; Kerosi, R.; Guo, Y.; Kong, L.; Kurmi, O.; Lancaster, G.; Lewington, S.; Lin, K.; McDonnell, J.; Millwood, I.; Nie, Q.; Radhakrishnan, J.; Ryder, P.; Bian, Z.; Sansome, S.; Schmidt, D.; Sherliker, P.; Sohoni, R.; Stevens, B.; Turnbull, I.; Wang, J.; Wang, L.; Wright, N.; Yang, X.; Han, Y.; Han, X.; Hou, C.; Pei, P.; Liu, C.; Pang, Z.; Gao, R.; Li, S.; Wang, S.; Liu, Y.; Du, R.; Yang, L.; Yang, L.; Zang, Y.; Cheng, L.; Tian, X.; Zhang, H.; Zhai, Y.; Ning, F.; Sun, X.; Li, F.; Lv, S.; Wang, J.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y.; Hou, W.; Zeng, M.; Jiang, G.; Zhou, X.; Yang, L.; He, H.; Yu, B.; Li, Y.; Xu, Q.; Kang, Q.; Du, H.; Du, H.; Guo, Z.; Wang, D.; Hu, X.; Chen, J.; Fu, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wang, X.; Weng, M.; Guo, Z.; Wu, S.; Li, H.; Li, Y.; Fu, Z.; Wu, M.; Zhou, Y.; Zhou, J.; Tao, R.; Yang, J.; Su, J.; Zhang, J.; Hu, Y.
2009Analysis of Nuclear Quantum Phase TransitionsLi, Z. P.; Niksic, T.; Vretenar, D.; Meng, J.; Lalazissis, G. A.; Ring, P.
2016Anatomy of molecular structures in Ne-20Zhou, E. F.; Yao, J. M.; Li, Z. P.; Meng, J.; Ring, P.
2011Antimagnetic Rotation Band in Nuclei: A Microscopic DescriptionZhao, P. W.; Peng, J.; Liang, H. Z.; Ring, P.; Meng, J.
2008Application of the relativistic mean-field mass model to the r-process and the influence of mass uncertaintiesSun, B.; Montes, F.; Geng, L. S.; Geissel, H.; Litvinov, Yu. A.; Meng, J.
2014Asymptotic form of neutron Cooper pairs in weakly bound nucleiZhang, Y.; Matsuo, M.; Meng, J.
2015Band crossing and shape evolution in Ge-73Sun, J. J.; Xu, C.; Li, X. Q.; Hua, H.; Zhang, S. Q.; Xu, F. R.; Liang, W. Y.; Jiao, C. F.; Meng, J.; Wu, X. G.; Hu, S. P.; Zhang, H. Q.; Li, Z. H.; Ye, Y. L.; Jiang, D. X.; Cheng, Y. Y.; He, C.; Han, R.; Niu, C. Y.; Li, C. G.; Wang, C. G.; Li, Z. H.; Li, G. S.; He, C. Y.; Zheng, Y.; Li, C. B.; Li, H. W.; Wang, J. L.; Liu, J. J.; Wu, Y. H.; Luo, P. W.; Yao, S. H.; Yu, B. B.; Cao, X. P.; Sun, H. B.
2019Behavior of the collective rotor in nuclear chiral motionChen, Q. B.; Kaiser, N.; Meissner, Ulf-G; Meng, J.
2013beta-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei and matter flow in the r-processNiu, Z. M.; Niu, Y. F.; Liang, H. Z.; Long, W. H.; Niksic, T.; Vretenar, D.; Meng, J.
2013Beyond relativistic mean-field studies of low-lying states in neutron-deficient krypton isotopesFu, Y.; Mei, H.; Xiang, J.; Li, Z. P.; Yao, J. M.; Meng, J.
2009Beyond the relativistic mean-field approximation. III. Collective Hamiltonian in five dimensionsNiksic, T.; Li, Z. P.; Vretenar, D.; Prochniak, L.; Meng, J.; Ring, P.
Sep-2022Beyond-mean-field approaches for nuclear neutrinoless double beta decay in the standard mechanismYao, J. M.; Meng, J.; Niu, Y. F.; Ring, P.
2007Binding energy differences of mirror nuclei in a time-odd triaxial relativistic mean field approachChen, H.; Mei, H.; Meng, J.; Yao, J. M.
2009Candidate multiple chiral doublets nucleus Rh-106 in a triaxial relativistic mean-field approach with time-odd fieldsYao, J. M.; Qi, B.; Zhang, S. Q.; Peng, J.; Wang, S. Y.; Meng, J.
2011A case of destructive calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystal deposition disease of the temporomandibular joint: a diagnostic challengeMeng, J.; Guo, C.; Luo, H.; Chen, S.; Ma, X.
2007Chiral bands for a quasi-proton and quasi-neutron coupled with a triaxial rotorZhang, S. Q.; Qi, B.; Wang, S. Y.; Meng, J.
2018Chiral geometry and rotational structure for 130Cs in the projected shell modelChen, F.Q.; Meng, J.; Zhang, S.Q.
2017Chiral geometry in symmetry-restored states: Chiral doublet bands in Cs-128Chen, F. Q.; Chen, Q. B.; Luo, Y. A.; Meng, J.; Zhang, S. Q.
2008CHIRAL SYMMETRY IN ATOMIC NUCLEIMeng, J.; Qi, B.; Zhang, S. Q.; Wang, S. Y.