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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2023The association between exposure to PM2.5 components from coal combustion and mortality in female breast cancer patientsSu, Mintao; Sun, Huimin; Qiao, Liying; Lin, Hai; Zhang, Yunjing; Qi, Meng; Yan, Ying; Kang, Weiwei; Xu, Lu; Liu, Guozhen; Wang, Mingyuan; Zhu, Dawei; Liang, Baosheng; Lv, Xiaozhen; Meng, Ruogu; Xi, Yunfeng; Wang, Shengfeng; Li, Jing; Zhang, Zhenyu
24-May-2021The Association Between Social Support, COVID-19 Exposure, and Medical Students' Mental HealthYin, Yi; Yang, Xingjie; Gao, Lan; Zhang, Suoyuan; Qi, Meng; Zhang, Ligang; Tan, Yunlong; Chen, Jingxu
2017Comparison of air pollutant emissions and household air quality in rural homes using improved wood and coal stovesDu, Wei; Shen, Guofeng; Chen, Yuanchen; Zhu, Xi; Zhuo, Shaojie; Zhong, Qirui; Qi, Meng; Xue, Chunyu; Liu, Guangqing; Zeng, Eddy; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
5-Aug-2021Depression, Anxiety, and Suicidal Ideation in Chinese University Students During the COVID-19 PandemicZhou, Shuang-Jiang; Wang, Lei-Lei; Qi, Meng; Yang, Xing-Jie; Gao, Lan; Zhang, Suo-Yuan; Zhang, Li-Gang; Yang, Rui; Chen, Jing-Xu
Oct-2020The Effect of Social Support on Mental Health in Chinese Adolescents During the Outbreak of COVID-19Qi, Meng; Zhou, Shuang-Jiang; Guo, Zhao-Chang; Zhang, Li-Gang; Min, Hong-Jie; Li, Xiao-Min; Chen, Jing-Xu
2015Efficacy of physical examination, ultrasound, and ultrasound combined with fine-needle aspiration for axilla staging of primary breast cancerFeng, Yu; Huang, Rui; He, Yingjian; Lu, Aiping; Fan, Zhaoqing; Fan, Tie; Qi, Meng; Wang, Xinguang; Cao, Wei; Wang, Xing; Xie, Yuntao; Wang, Tianfeng; Li, Jinfeng; Ouyang, Tao
2012Ethnic Difference of the Anterior Chamber Area and Volume and Its Association with Angle WidthWang, Dandan; Qi, Meng; He, Mingguang; Wu, Lingling; Lin, Shan
2017Exposure and health impact evaluation based on simultaneous measurement of indoor and ambient PM2.5 in Haidian, BeijingQi, Meng; Zhu, Xi; Du, Wei; Chen, Yilin; Chen, Yuanchen; Huang, Tianbo; Pan, Xuelian; Zhong, Qirui; Sun, Xu; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
2019Fluctuation in time-resolved PM2.5 from rural households with solid fuel-associated internal emission sourcesQi, Meng; Du, Wei; Zhu, Xi; Wang, Wei; Lu, Cengxi; Chen, Yuanchen; Shen, Guofeng; Cheng, Hefa; Zeng, Eddy Y.; Tao, Shu
Feb-2021Impacts of Chinese spring festival on household PM2.5 pollution and blood pressure of rural residentsDu, Wei; Wang, Jinze; Zhang, Shanshan; Fu, Nan; Yang, Fengqin; Wang, Gehui; Wang, Zhenglu; Mao, Kang; Shen, Guofeng; Qi, Meng; Liu, Shijie; Wu, Can; Chen, Yuanchen
2015Influences of ambient air PM2.5 concentration and meteorological condition on the indoor PM2.5 concentrations in a residential apartment in Beijing using a new approachHan, Yang; Qi, Meng; Chen, Yilin; Shen, Huizhong; Liu, Jing; Huang, Ye; Chen, Han; Liu, Wenxin; Wang, Xilong; Liu, Junfeng; Xing, Baoshan; Tao, Shu
15-Mar-2021Inhalation exposure to size-segregated fine particles and particulate PAHs for the population burning biomass fuels in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau areaHuang, Ye; Wang, Jinze; Fu, Nan; Zhang, Shanshan; Du, Wei; Chen, YuanChen; Wang, Zhenglu; Qi, Meng; Wang, Wei; Zhong, Qirui; Duan, Yonghong; Shen, Guofeng; Tao, Shu
2023Measuring Sleep Stages and Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea with a Wearable Multi-Sensor System in Comparison to PolysomnographyZhou, Shuang-Jiang; Yang, Rui; Wang, Lei-Lei; Qi, Meng; Yuan, Xiao-Fei; Wang, Ting-Ting; Song, Tian-He; Zhuang, Yun-Yue; Li, Hong -Juan; Tan, Yun-Long; Wang, Xue; Chen, Jing-Xu
17-Dec-2021The Mediating Effect of Self-Control on Depression and Tendencies of Eating Disorders in AdolescentsLi, Hong-Juan; Li, Jie; Qi, Meng; Song, Tian-He; Chen, Jing-Xu
Dec-2020PAHs emissions from residential biomass burning in real-world cooking stoves in rural ChinaDu, Wei; Yun, Xiao; Chen, Yuanchen; Zhong, Qirui; Wang, Wei; Wang, Lizhi; Qi, Meng; Shen, Guofeng; Tao, Shu
15-Feb-2022The Professional Identity and Career Attitude of Chinese Medical Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Survey in ChinaYang, Xingjie; Gao, Lan; Zhang, Suoyuan; Zhang, Libin; Zhang, Ligang; Zhou, Shuangjiang; Qi, Meng; Chen, Jingxu
Feb-2023Reliability and validity of the Chinese version of the Nightmare disorder index in adolescentsZhuang, Yun-Yue; Wang, Lei-Lei; Song, Tian-He; Dietch, Jessica R. R.; Wang, Ting-Ting; Qi, Meng; Liu, Jin-Meng; Zhou, Shuang-Jiang; Chen, Jing-Xu
2013Value of pre-treatment biomarkers in prediction of response to neoadjuvant endocrine therapy for hormone receptor-positive postmenopausal breast cancerYing, Min; He, Yingjian; Qi, Meng; Dong, Bin; Lu, Aiping; Li, Jinfeng; Xie, Yuntao; Wang, Tianfeng; Lin, Benyao; Ouyang, Tao
May-2020Variation of indoor and outdoor carbonaceous aerosols in rural homes with strong internal solid fuel combustion sourcesDu, Wei; Yun, Xiao; Fu, Nan; Qi, Meng; Wang, Wei; Wang, Lizhi; Chen, Yuanchen; Shen, Guofeng
2010Weekly paclitaxel improved pathologic response of primary chemotherapy compared with standard 3 weeks schedule in primary breast cancerQi, Meng; Li, Jin Feng; Xie, Yun Tao; Lu, Ai Ping; Lin, Ben Yao; Ouyang, Tao