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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Accountability in clinical and counseling psychology: News from mainland ChinaZhong, Jie; Qian, Mingyi; Yao, Ping; Xu, Kevin
2016Attention allocation in social anxiety during a speechLin, Muyu; Hofmann, Stefan G.; Qian, Mingyi; Kind, Shelley; Yu, Hongyu
2016Attentional biases in high social anxiety using a flanker taskChen, Siqi; Yao, Nisha; Qian, Mingyi; Lin, Muyu
2012Child maltreatment in an incarcerated sample in China: Prediction for crime types in adulthoodWang, Yuyin; Xu, Kaiwen; Cao, Guangjian; Qian, Mingyi; Shook, Jeffrey; Ai, Amy L.
2007Chinese Internet Addiction Inventory: Developing a measure of problematic Internet use for Chinese college studentsHuang, Zheng; Wang, Mo; Qian, Mingyi; Zhong, Jie; Tao, Ran
2013Chinese Version of Impulsive/Premeditated Aggression Scale: Validation and its Psychometric PropertiesChen, Frances Ruiyun; Yang, Yin; Qian, Mingyi
2008Continual training of attentional bias in social anxietyLi, Songwei; Tan, Jieqing; Qian, Mingyi; Liu, Xinghua
2012Counselling and psychotherapy services in more developed and developing regions in China: A comparative investigation of practitioners and current service deliveryQian, Mingyi; Chen, Ruiyun; Chen, Hong; Hu, Sherlyn; Zhong, Jie; Yao, Ping; Yi, Chunli
2006Development of internet relationship dependence inventory for Chinese college studentsQian, Mingyi; Zhang, Xiaoyun; Huang, Zheng; Zhang, Zhifeng; Nie, Jing
2015Does attention redirection contribute to the effectiveness of attention bias modification on social anxiety?Yao, Nisha; Yu, Hongyu; Qian, Mingyi; Li, Songwei
20-Jul-2020The Effect of Shame on Patients With Social Anxiety Disorder in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Randomized Controlled TrialWang, Haoyu; Zhao, Qingxue; Mu, Wenting; Rodriguez, Marcus; Qian, Mingyi; Berger, Thomas
2016Emerging Practices of Counseling and Psychotherapy in China: Ethical Dilemmas in Dual RelationshipsDeng, Jing; Qian, Mingyi; Gan, Yiqun; Hu, Sherlyn; Gao, Jun; Huang, Zheng; Zhang, Lili
2015Enhanced association between perceptual stimuli and trauma-related information in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder symptomsLin, Muyu; Hofmann, Stefan G.; Qian, Mingyi; Li, Songwei
Mar-2020The Influence of Intolerance of Uncertainty on Anxiety and Depression Symptoms in Chinese-speaking Samples: Structure and Validity of The Chinese Translation of The Intolerance of Uncertainty ScaleYao, Nisha; Qian, Mingyi; Jiang, Yi; Elhai, Jon D.
2019The influence of visual working memory representations on attention bias to threat in individuals with high trait anxietyYao, Nisha; Rodriguez, Marcus A.; He, Mengyao; Qian, Mingyi
2016Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety with and without Guidance Compared to a Wait List in China: A Propensity Score StudyKishimoto, Tomoko; Krieger, Tobias; Berger, Thomas; Qian, Mingyi; Chen, Huijing; Yang, Yin
May-2020An Internet-Based Intervention for Individuals With Social Anxiety and Different Levels of Taijin Kyofusho in ChinaLin, Ling-Yu; Wang, Kan; Kishimoto, Tomoko; Rodriguez, Marcus; Qian, Mingyi; Yang, Yin; Zhao, Qingxue; Berger, Thomas; Tian, Chenghua
2020Introduction to the Special Issue Psychological Assistance for Public during the Pandemic of COVID-19Qian, Mingyi; Goodyear, Rodney; Jiang, Guangrong; Ren, Zhihong
May-2020Predictors of treatment outcomes and adherence in internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety in ChinaChen, Huijing; Rodriguez, Marcus A.; Qian, Mingyi; Kishimoto, Tomoko; Lin, Muyu; Berger, Thomas