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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Anomaly based analysis of extreme heat waves in Eastern China during 1981-2013Chen, Yun; Hu, Qi; Yang, Yinming; Qian, Weihong
16-Apr-2022Anomaly Based Synoptic Analysis and Model Prediction of Six Dust Storms Moving From Mongolia to Northern China in Spring 2021Qian, Weihong; Leung, Jeremy Cheuk-Hin; Ren, Jingjing; Du, Jun; Feng, Yerong; Zhang, Banglin
2015An Anomaly-Based Method for Identifying Signals of Spring and Autumn Low-Temperature Events in the Yangtze River Valley, ChinaQian, Weihong; Chen, Yun; Jiang, Man; Hu, Qi
15-Aug-2021Anomaly-based synoptic analysis and model product application for 2020 summer southern China rainfall eventsQian, Weihong; Ai, Yang; Leung, Jeremy Cheuk-Hin; Zhang, Banglin
Apr-2020Anomaly-based synoptic analysis on the Heavy Rain Event of July 2018 in JapanAi, Yang; Qian, Weihong
Jun-2022Anomaly-based synoptic analysis to identify and predict meteorological conditions of strong ozone events in North ChinaQian, Weihong; Xu, Mengyang; Ai, Yang
2016Anomaly-Based Weather Analysis versus Traditional Total-Field-Based Weather Analysis for Depicting Regional Heavy Rain EventsQian, Weihong; Jiang, Ning; Du, Jun
2019Antarctic sea-ice variation associated with vertical geopotential height and temperature anomaliesQian, Weihong; Wu, Kaijun; Leung, Jeremy Cheuk-Hin
2012Application of a nanotechnology antimicrobial spray to prevent lower urinary tract infection: a multicenter urology trialHe, Wei; Wang, Dongmin; Ye, Zhangqun; Qian, Weihong; Tao, Yan; Shi, Xiaofeng; Liu, Ling; Chen, Jin; Qiu, Ling; Wan, Peng; Jia, Xiaojun; Li, Xia; Gao, Caixia; Ma, Xuexia; Wen, Biyan; Chen, Nianzhen; Li, Ping; Ren, Zhengzheng; Lan, Li; Li, Siyi; Zuo, Yi; Zhang, Hua; Ma, Liming; Zhang, Yueping; Li, Zhicong; Su, Weiping; Yang, Qing; Chen, Qingli; Wang, Xuejing; Ye, Zhenni; Chen, J. P.; Loo, Wings T. Y.; Chow, Louis W. C.; Yip, Adrian Y. S.; Ng, Elizabeth L. Y.; Cheung, Mary N. B.; Wang, Zhiping
2019Applying the anomaly-based weather analysis on Beijing severe haze episodesQian, Weihong; Huang, Jing
2016Arctic and Antarctic cells in the troposphereQian, Weihong; Wu, Kaijun; Liang, Haoyuan
2015The Arctic and Polar cells act on the Arctic sea ice variationQian, Weihong; Wu, Kaijun; Chen, Deliang
2009A bibliometric analysis of research related to ocean circulationZhang, Weiwei; Qian, Weihong; Ho, Yuh-Shan
2010Changes in hot days and heat waves in China during 1961-2007Ding, Ting; Qian, Weihong; Yan, Zhongwei
Feb-2021Characteristics, trend, and precursors of extreme cold events in northwestern North AmericaShi, Jian; Wu, Kaijun; Qian, Weihong; Huang, Fei; Li, Chun; Tang, Cong
2017Climatic anomalous patterns associated with the Arctic and Polar cell strength variationsQian, Weihong; Wu, Kaijun; Leung, Jeremy Cheuk-Hin
2007Climatic regime shift and decadal anomalous events in ChinaQian, Weihong; Lin, Xiang; Zhu, Yafen; Xu, Yuan; Fu, Jiaolan
2015A Comparison between a Generalized Beta-Advection Model and a Classical Beta-Advection Model in Predicting and Understanding Unusual Typhoon Tracks in Eastern China SeasHuang, Jing; Du, Jun; Qian, Weihong
2016A comprehensive approach from the raw and normalized anomalies to the analysis and prediction of the Beijing extreme rainfall on July 21, 2012Jiang, Ning; Qian, Weihong; Du, Jun; Grumm, Richard H.; Fu, Jiaolan
2016Connection between Anomalous Zonal Activities of the South Asian High and Eurasian Summer Climate AnomaliesShi, Jian; Qian, Weihong