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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Attentive interactive neural networks for answer selection in community question answeringZhang, Xiaodong; Li, Sujian; Sha, Lei; Wang, Houfeng
2020Estimating Minimum Operation Steps via Memory-based Recurrent Calculation NetworkSha, Lei; Shi, Chen; Chen, Qi; Zhang, Lintao; Wang, Houfeng
2014Event schema induction based on relational co-occurrence over multiple documentsJiang, Tingsong; Sha, Lei; Sui, Zhifang
2018Jointly Extracting Event Triggers and Arguments by Dependency-Bridge RNN and Tensor-Based Argument InteractionSha, Lei; Qian, Feng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2015Multi-label text categorization with joint learning predictions-as-features methodLi, Li; Chang, Baobao; Zhao, Shi; Sha, Lei; Sun, Xu; Wang, Houfeng
2018A Multi-View Fusion Neural Network for Answer SelectionSha, Lei; Zhang, Xiaodong; Qian, Feng; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2018Order-Planning Neural Text Generation From Structured DataSha, Lei; Mou, Lili; Liu, Tianyu; Poupart, Pascal; Li, Sujian; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2015Recognizing textual entailment using probabilistic inferenceSha, Lei; Li, Sujian; Jiang, Tingsong; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2018Table-to-Text Generation by Structure-Aware Seq2seq LearningLiu, Tianyu; Wang, Kexiang; Sha, Lei; Chang, Baobao; Sui, Zhifang
2017Topic Medical Concept Embedding: Multi-Sense Representation Learning for Medical ConceptQian, Feng; Gong, Chengyue; Liu, Lu-chen; Sha, Lei; Zhang, Ming