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2016Application of receiver operating characteristic curve in the assessment of the value of body mass index, waist circumference and percentage of body fat in the Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome in childbearing womenDou, Pan; Ju, Huiyan; Shang, Jing; Li, Xueying; Xue, Qing; Xu, Yang; Guo, Xiaohui
2018The association and mediating mechanism between poverty and poly-victimization of left-behind children in rural ChinaHu, Hongwei; Zhu, Xinran; Jiang, Haixia; Li, Yanyu; Jiang, Haochen; Zheng, Pianpian; Zhang, Chu; Shang, Jing
2019Association between serum estradiol level on the human chorionic gonadotrophin administration day and clinical outcomeLi, Xin; Zeng, Cheng; Shang, Jing; Wang, Sheng; Gao, Xue-Lian; Xue, Qing
15-Mar-2021BC and 1,4NQ-BC up-regulate the cytokines and enhance IL-33 expression in LPS pretreatment of human bronchial epithelial cellsGe, Jianhong; Chu, Hongqian; Xiao, Qianqian; Hao, Weidong; Shang, Jing; Zhu, Tong; Sun, Zhaogang; Wei, Xuetao
Sep-2021Black Carbon Induces Complement Activation via NLRP3 Inflammasome in Human Corneal Epithelial CellsLong, Qin; Wang, Liqiang; Shang, Jing; Liu, Ying; Chen, Chen
Nov-2020Changes in light absorption by brown carbon in soot particles due to heterogeneous ozone aging in a smog chamberKuang, Yu; Shang, Jing
2019Chemical characterization and source apportionment of PM2.5 personal exposure of two cohorts living in urban and suburban BeijingShang, Jing; Khuzestani, Reza Bashiri; Tian, Jingyu; Schauer, James J.; Hua, Jinxi; Zhang, Yang; Cai, Tianqi; Fang, Dongqing; An, Jianxiong; Zhang, Yuanxun
2019Chemical composition and health risk indices associated with size-resolved particulate matter in Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, ChinaFang, Dongqing; Huang, Wei; Antkiewicz, Dagmara S.; Wang, Yuqin; Khuzestani, Reza Bashiri; Zhang, Yang; Shang, Jing; Shafer, Martin M.; He, Lingyan; Schauer, James J.; Zhang, Yuanxun; Zhao, Shuo
2017Chinese vehicle emissions characteristic testing with small sample size: Results and comparisonCai, Tianqi; Zhang, Yang; Fang, Dongqing; Shang, Jing; Zhang, Yuanxun; Zhang, Yuanhang
2017Comparison of Connexin43 in Cumulus Cells Between Poor and Non-Poor Responders Undergoing in Vitro FertilizationZhang, Yangyang; Xu, Yang; Xue, Qing; Kuai, Yanrong; Wang, Sheng; Shang, Jing
2017Comparison of gene expression profiles induced by fresh or ozone-oxidized black carbon particles in A549 cellsAn, Jing; Zhou, Qian; Qian, Guangren; Wang, Tiantian; Wu, Meiying; Zhu, Tong; Qiu, Xinghua; Shang, Yu; Shang, Jing
2017Comparison of lung damage in mice exposed to black carbon particles and 1,4-naphthoquinone coated black carbon particlesChu, Hongqian; Shang, Jing; Jin, Ming; Chen, Yueyue; Pan, Yao; Li, Yuan; Tao, Xi; Cheng, Zhiyuan; Meng, Qinghe; Li, Qian; Jia, Guang; Zhu, Tong; Hao, Weidong; Wei, Xuetao
2016Comparison of lung damage in mice exposed to black carbon particles and ozone-oxidized black carbon particlesChu, Hongqian; Shang, Jing; Jin, Ming; Li, Qian; Chen, Yueyue; Huang, Hongpeng; Li, Yuan; Pan, Yao; Tao, Xi; Cheng, Zhiyuan; Meng, Qinghe; Jia, Guang; Zhu, Tong; Wei, Xuetao; Hao, Weidong
12-Dec-2021Comparison of the predictive value of progesterone-related indicators for pregnancy outcomes of women undergoing the short-acting GnRH agonist long protocol: a retrospective studyZhang, Yangyang; Xu, Yang; Wang, Yuqiong; Xue, Qing; Shang, Jing; Yang, Xiuli; Shan, Xuemin
Aug-2024Construction of a novel metal-free heterostructure photocatalyst PRGO/TP-COF for enhanced photocatalytic CO<sub>2</sub> reductionLiu, Yuhan; Wang, Yue; Shang, Jing; Peng, Jing; Zhu, Tong
2016Design and characterization of human exposure to generated sulfate and soot particles in a pilot chamber studyChen, Xi; Sun, Yitong; Zhao, Qian; Song, Xiaoming; Huang, Wei; Han, Yiqun; Shang, Jing; Zhu, Tong; Wu, Aihua; Luan, Shengji
2019Discordance between antral follicle counts and anti-Mullerian hormone levels in women undergoing in vitro fertilizationZhang, Yangyang; Xu, Yang; Xue, Qing; Shang, Jing; Yang, Xiuli; Shan, Xuemin; Kuai, Yanrong; Wang, Sheng; Zeng, Cheng
2019Dithiothreitol (DTT) activity of different fractions of fresh and ozonised soot and quantitative contributions of ozonised products of phenanthreneZhu, Jiali; Chen, Yueyue; Shang, Jing; Kuang, Yu; Zhu, Tong
2019The effect of luteal GnRH antagonist on moderate and severe early ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome during in vitro fertilization treatment: a prospective cohort studyZeng, Cheng; Shang, Jing; Jin, Ao-Ming; Wu, Pei-Li; Li, Xin; Xue, Qing
Mar-2022Effect of NLRP3 repression on NLRP3 inflammasome activation in human corneal epithelial cells with black carbon exposureXiao, Kang; Shang, Jing; Liu, Ying; Chen, Zhengyu; Wang, Liqiang; Long, Qin