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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-May-2021Colloidal stability and correlated migration of illite in the aquatic environment: The roles of pH, temperature, multiple cations and humic acidWei, Xiaoyan; Pan, Duoqiang; Xu, Zhen; Xian, Dongfan; Li, Xiaolong; Tan, Zhaoyi; Liu, Chunli; Wu, Wangsuo
2018Concentration and characterization of groundwater colloids from the northwest edge of Sichuan basin, ChinaWang, Kaifeng; Zhao, Yifan; Yang, Zhuanwei; Lin, Zhimao; Tan, Zhaoyi; Du, Liang; Liu, Chunli
2017Effect of humic acid on uranium(VI) retention and transport through quartz columns with varying pH and anion typeDu, Liang; Li, Shicheng; Li, Xiaolong; Wang, Ping; Huang, Zhaoya; Tan, Zhaoyi; Liu, Chunli; Liao, Jiali; Liu, Ning
Jun-2021Effect of pH on the formation of U(VI) colloidal particles in a natural groundwaterShi, Yanlin; Zhou, Wanqiang; Wang, Jingyi; Xian, Dongfan; Tan, Zhaoyi; Du, Liang; Li, Xiaolong; Pan, Duoqiang; Chen, Zongyuan; Wu, Wangsuo; Liu, Chunli
1-Nov-2021Mechanisms of bentonite colloid aggregation, retention, and release in saturated porous media: Role of counter ions and humic acidXu, Zhen; Niu, Zhiwei; Pan, Duoqiang; Zhao, Xiaodong; Wei, Xiaoyan; Li, Xiaolong; Tan, Zhaoyi; Chen, Ximeng; Liu, Chunli; Wu, Wangsuo
May-2021Multiple investigations of aqueous Eu(iii)-oxalate complexes: the reduction in coordination number and validation of spectral linear correlationXian, Dongfan; Zhou, Wanqiang; Wang, Jingyi; Pan, Duoqiang; Li, Xiaolong; Li, Yao; Shi, Yanlin; Wu, Wangsuo; Tan, Zhaoyi; Liu, Chunli
2018Rapid method for accurate determination of actinides (U, Th, Pu and Am) in water samples for emergency responseWang, Zhongtang; Lin, Jinxian; Li, Sixuan; Guo, Qiuju; Huang, Wenna; Wen, Wei; Dan, Guiping; Tan, Zhaoyi
Feb-2021Rapid method for sequential determination of Pu and Am in soil and sediment samples by sector-field inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryWang, Zhongtang; Xie, Yun; Lin, Jinxian; Li, Zejun; Tan, Zhaoyi
20-Sep-2020Stability Analysis of GMZ Bentonite Colloids: Aggregation Mechanism Transition and the Edge Effect in Strongly Alkaline ConditionsXian, Dongfan; Zhou, Wanqiang; Pan, Duoqiang; Du, Liang; Chang, Mingkai; Hu, Na; Wang, Jingyi; Wu, Wangsuo; Tan, Zhaoyi; Liu, Chunli