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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Ammonium removal by a novel magnetically modified excess sludgeZhang, Li-Juan; Zhang, Xiao; Liang, Hong-Fei; Xie, Yong; Tao, Hu-Chun
2012Bioelectrochemical recovery of ammonia-copper(II) complexes from wastewater using a dual chamber microbial fuel cellZhang, Li-Juan; Tao, Hu-Chun; Wei, Xue-Yan; Lei, Tao; Li, Jin-Bo; Wang, Ai-Jie; Wu, Wei-Min
2015Biomass based activated carbon obtained from sludge and sugarcane bagasse for removing lead ion from wastewaterTao, Hu-Chun; Zhang, He-Ran; Li, Jin-Bo; Ding, Wen-Yi
2014Construction and optimization of a Pseudomonas putida whole-cell bioreporter for detection of bioavailable copperLi, Peng-Song; Peng, Zhi-Wen; Su, Jie; Tao, Hu-Chun
2011Copper reduction in a pilot-scale membrane-free bioelectrochemical reactorTao, Hu-Chun; Zhang, Li-Juan; Gao, Zhu-You; Wu, Wei-Min
2013Degradation of p-nitrophenol in a BES-Fenton system based on limoniteTao, Hu-Chun; Wei, Xue-Yan; Zhang, Li-Juan; Lei, Tao; Xu, Nan
Jan-2021Ecological and toxicological assessments of anthropogenic contaminants based on environmental metabolomicsZhang, Li-Juan; Qian, Lu; Ding, Ling-Yun; Wang, Lei; Wong, Ming Hung; Tao, Hu-Chun
2019Environmental and health impacts of geochemical cycles of persistent toxic substances in food productions systems: Editorial to the special issue for the 8th International Conference on Geochemistry in the Topics & Sub-tropics (GeoTrop 2017)Tao, Hu-Chun; Xu, Zhi-Hong; Rinklebe, Jorg; Huo, Xia
Dec-2020Highly efficient ammonium removal through nitrogen assimilation by a hydrogen-oxidizing bacterium, Ideonella sp. TH17Zhang, Li-Juan; Xie, Yong; Ding, Ling-Yun; Qiao, Xue-Jiao; Tao, Hu-Chun
2019Inhibitory effects of Skeletonema costatum on mercury methylation by Geobacter sulfurreducens PCADing, Ling-Yun; He, Ning-Ning; Yang, Sai; Zhang, Li-Juan; Liang, Peng; Wu, Sheng-Chun; Wong, Ming Hung; Tao, Hu-Chun
2019Magnetic chitosan/sodium alginate gel bead as a novel composite adsorbent for Cu(II) removal from aqueous solutionTao, Hu-Chun; Li, Shuo; Zhang, Li-Juan; Chen, Yi-Zhen; Deng, Li-Ping
2019Mercury methylation by Geobacter metallireducens GS-15 in the presence of Skeletonema costatumDing, Ling-Yun; Zhang, Yao-Yu; Zhang, Li-Juan; Fang, Fang; He, Ning-Ning; Liang, Peng; Wu, Sheng Chun; Wong, Ming Hung; Tao, Hu-Chun
2015A novel hybrid anion exchange membrane for high performance microbial fuel cellsTao, Hu-Chun; Sun, Xiao-Nan; Xiong, Ying
2013Optimizing cadmium and mercury specificity of CadR-based E-coli biosensors by redesign of CadRTao, Hu-Chun; Peng, Zhi-Wen; Li, Peng-Song; Yu, Tai-An; Su, Jie
2017Preparation of Palladium(II) Ion-Imprinted Polymeric Nanospheres and Its Removal of Palladium(II) from Aqueous SolutionTao, Hu-Chun; Gu, Yi-Han; Liu, Wei; Huang, Shuai-Bin; Cheng, Ling; Zhang, Li-Juan; Zhu, Li-Li; Wang, Yong
2012Recovery of silver from silver(I)-containing solutions in bioelectrochemical reactorsTao, Hu-Chun; Gao, Zhu-You; Ding, Hui; Xu, Nan; Wu, Wei-Min
2011Removal of copper from aqueous solution by electrodeposition in cathode chamber of microbial fuel cellTao, Hu-Chun; Liang, Min; Li, Wei; Zhang, Li-Juan; Ni, Jin-Ren; Wu, Wei-Min
2012Removal of estrogens in municipal wastewater treatment plants: A Chinese perspectiveXu, Nan; Xu, Yi-Feng; Xu, Shuo; Li, Jing; Tao, Hu-Chun
2012Removal of estrogens in municipal wastewater treatment plants: A Chinese perspectiveXu, Nan; Xu, Yi-Feng; Xu, Shuo; Li, Jing; Tao, Hu-Chun
2014Removal of heavy metals from fly ash leachate using combined bioelectrochemical systems and electrolysisTao, Hu-Chun; Lei, Tao; Shi, Gang; Sun, Xiao-Nan; Wei, Xue-Yan; Zhang, Li-Juan; Wu, Wei-Min