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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Acute toxicity of nano- and micro-scale zinc powder in healthy adult miceWang, B; Feng, WY; Wang, TC; Guang, J; Wang, M; Shi, JW; Zhang, F; Zhao, YL; Chai, ZF
2005Association analysis of dopamine beta-hydroxylase gene and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the Chinese Han populationZhang, F; Wang, Y; Li, J; Wang, L; Wang, B; Cubells, J; Tang, Y; Sham, P
2005Association between serotonin gene and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Chinese Han subjectsLi, J; Wang, Y; Zhou, R; Guan, L; Wang, B; Yang, L
2006Association between tryptophan hydroxylase gene polymorphisms and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Chinese Han populationLi, J; Wang, YF; Zhou, RL; Zhang, HB; Yang, L; Wang, B; Faraone, SV
2006Association of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder with serotonin 4 receptor gene polymorphisms in Han Chinese subjectsLi, J; Wang, YF; Zhou, RL; Wang, B; Zhang, HB; Yang, L; Faraone, SV
2005Association of norepinephrine transporter gene and monoamine oxidase A gene with methylphenidate responseYang, L; Wang, Y; Tang, Y; Wang, B; Cubells, JF; Faraone, SV
2005Association study between three polymorphisms of MAOA gene and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among the Chinese Han ethnicityZhang, H; Wang, Y; Li, J; Yang, L; Wang, B; Cubells, J; Tang, Y; Sham, P
2005Benzoxazinones from Acanthus ilicifoliusHuo, CH; Wang, B; Lin, WH; Zhao, YY
1998Construction and expression of a recombinant antibody-targeted plasminogen activator composed of a humanized monoclonal antibody against activated human platelets and a single-chain urokinaseLiu, ZH; Wan, HY; Wang, B; Li, PX; Ru, BG; Hu, MH; Ruan, CG
2006Contribution of 5-HT2A receptor gene-1438A > G polymorphism to outcome of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in adolescentsLi, J; Kang, CY; Wang, YF; Zhou, RL; Wang, B; Guan, LL; Yang, L; Faraone, SV
2006CYP2C9 Ile359Leu polymorphism, plasma irbesartan concentration and acute blood pressure reductions in response to irbesartan treatment in Chinese hypertensive patientsChen, G; Jiang, S; Mao, G; Zhang, S; Hong, X; Tang, G; Li, Z; Liu, X; Zhang, Y; Xing, H; Wang, B; Yu, Y; Xu, X
2004Design of a new dynamical core for global atmospheric models based on some efficient numerical methodsWang, B; Wan, H; Ji, ZZ; Zhang, X; Yu, RC; Yu, YQ; Liu, HT
2002Differential scanning calorimetric and circular dichroistic studies on plant antifreeze proteinsLu, M; Wang, B; Li, Z; Fei, Y; Wei, L; Gao, S
2005Dual constellations space-time modulationZou, L; Zhao, YP; Wang, B; Liang, QG; Xiang, H
2002The effects of adaptive modulation on the TCP performanceZou, L; Zhao, YP; Wang, B; Liang, QL
2002Effects of lesions of various brain areas on drug priming or footshock-induced reactivation of extinguished conditioned place preferenceWang, B; Luo, F; Ge, XC; Fu, AH; Han, JS
2004Experiences on computational program reuse with service mechanismChen, P; Wang, B; Xu, GS; Xu, ZQ
2003Family-based and case-control association studies of catechol-O-methyltransferase in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder suggest genetic sexual dimorphismQian, QJ; Wang, YF; Zhou, RL; Li, J; Wang, B; Glatt, S; Faraone, SV
2005Flavonoids from Millettia nitida var. hirsutissimaCheng, J; Zhao, YY; Wang, B; Qiao, L; Liang, H
2002Full-screen ultrafast video modes over-clocked by simple VESA routines and registers reprogramming under MS-DOSLiu, ZX; Wang, B