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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20043-Manifolds that admit knotted solenoids as attractorsJiang, BJ; Ni, Y; Wang, SC
2000Achirality and planarityJiang, BJ; Wang, SC
2002Achirality of knots and linksJiang, BJ; Lin, XS; Wang, SC; Wu, YQ
2002Any 3-manifold 1-dominates at most finitely many 3-manifolds of S-3-geometryHayat-Legrand, C; Wang, SC; Zieschang, H
2002Any 3-manifold 1-dominates at most finitely many geometric 3-manifoldsWang, SC; Zhou, Q
1999Boundary slopes of immersed surfaces in 3-manifoldsHass, J; Rubinstein, JH; Wang, SC
1999Covering degrees are determined by graph manifolds involvedYu, FC; Wang, SC
1996Degree-one maps onto lens spacesHayatLegrand, C; Wang, SC; Zieschang, H
2003The degrees of maps between manifoldsDuan, HB; Wang, SC
2006Embedding infinite cyclic covers of knot spaces into 3-spaceJiang, BJ; Ni, Y; Wang, SC; Zhou, Q
2001Embeddings of Kleinian groups with torsionWang, SC; Zhou, Q
1997A finite group acting on a rational homology 3-sphere with 0-dimensional fixed point set must be Z(2)Kobayashi, M; Luft, E; Wang, SC
2002Generalized hopfian property, a minimal Haken manifold, and epimorphisms between 3-manifold groupsReid, AW; Wang, SC; Zhou, Q
1997Graph manifolds with non-empty boundary are covered by surface bundlesWang, SC; Yu, FC
2001Homeomorphisms of 3-manifolds and the realization of Nielsen numberJiang, BJ; Wang, SC; Wu, YQ
1997Minimal Seifert manifoldsHayatLegrand, C; Wang, SC; Zieschang, H
1999Non-Haken 3-manifolds are not large with respect to mappings of non-zero degree.Reid, AW; Wang, SC
1996Non-zero degree maps and surface bundles over S-1Boileau, M; Wang, SC
2004Non-zero degree maps between 2n-manifoldsDuan, HB; Wang, SC
2002On finiteness of the number of boundary slopes of immersed surfaces in 3-manifoldsHass, J; Wang, SC; Zhou, Q